PASS South & More at Caraway Speedway 4/16/16

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What Won the Race:  Matt Craig overcame losing two laps with a car that would not fire early in the race to take the lead on a restart with nine laps to go.  From there, he cruised to his first career PASS South victory.

The Finish:
PASS South Finish

Pos. No. Driver
1 54 Matt Craig
2 116 Jared Fryar
3 45 Kodie Conner
4 98 Jody Measamer
5 4 Brandon Lynn
6 12 Trey Jarrell
7 16 Vinnie Miller
8 4M Kyle McCallum
9 88 Kyle DeSouza
10 71 Jimmy Doyle
11 4X Mike Pilla
12 74 Ryan Moore
13 15 Ron Young
14 24 JP Josiasse


Mid-Atlantic Limited Late Model Finish

Pos. No. Driver
1 27 Coy Beard
2 16 Mack Little
3 63 Josh Lowder
4 35 Carl Auman
5 18 Kenny Bost
6 7 Gene Kepley
7 21 Jimmy Wallace
8 00 Jordan Smith
9 33 Criag West
10 46 Thad Moffitt
11 44 Michael Kitchen
12 1 Dean Lowder
13 56 Allen Vance
14 25 Shaun Mangum
15 77G Lexi Gay


Winning Quote:  “I just drove my tail off.  They were telling me to save my stuff and to wait for a caution, but I didn’t listen very much.  I knew I had a car that good.  The cautions fell our way at the end and we had a great car.”


Notebook:  Matt Craig picked up his first career PASS South victory over Jared Fryar and Kodie Conner.  After the race, there was an altercation on pit road between Brandon Lynn’s crew and Ryan Moore’s. will have more on this, plus video highlights, coming soon.


Craig got the jump on the final restart with nine laps to go over Fryar.  Fryar then had to hold off Conner for second.  With 10 laps to go, it was Craig over Fryar, Conner, Measamer and Lynn.


On the restart, Fryar cleared Lynn to hold the lead, opening the door for Moore to challenge for second.  Moore and Lynn make contact for second.  Moore took the second spot, then was tagged from the rear by Lynn on lap 111.  Moore got into the outside wall and suffered heavy rear-end damage.  The ensuing restart was then Fryar, Craig, Lynn, Conner and Jarrell.


The yellow flag flew again on lap 109 for a spin by Pilla in turn four after some contact trying to pass Miller.


On the restart, Fryar and Lynn made contact, sending Lynn up the track.  Fryar held the lead over Lynn and Moore.  That also opened the door for Craig to move to fifth.


Moore got by Measamer to take third on lap 91.  Jarrell followed to fourth.  At lap 98, the yellow flew again when Michael Pilla spun off turn four.  On this yellow, Matt Craig earned his second-straight free pass and got back on the lead lap after an earlier pit stop when the car fell off the pace.  Also, Measamer pitted after falling in the standings over the course of the previous run.


On the ensuing restart from the McCallum spin, Lynn got a good jump on the outside and cleared Measamer to lead lap 77.  Just two laps later, on lap 79, Jared Fryar scooted past on the high side to take the lead for the first time.


Lap 76 saw the second yellow of the night as McCallum went for a spin after some contact with Doyle.


At halfway, Measamer led Lynn by just a car length.  Moore, Fryar and Young.  At lap 70, the top three were single file and nose to tail with Measamer leading Lynn and Moore.


At lap 50 of 125, Measamer led Lynn, Fryar, Moore and Jarrell.  Lap 50 saw  battle between Fryar and Jarrell get physical, as they door slammed and puffed smoke from tires rubbing in turns one and two.  Both continued unscathed.


The first yellow flag of the race flew at lap 35 for second-place points runner Matt Craig, who slowed to a stop on the back stretch.  Twenty-five laps into the 125 green-flag-lap race, Lynn led Measmer, Craig, Fryar and Moore.  On the restart, Jody Measamer got a good jump and was the leader at lap 37.


Brandon Lynn opened the race up with the lead from the outside pole.  It took fast qualifier Ryan Moore only two laps to move from ninth to sixth.  He was into fifth at lap 10.


Michael Pilla pulled onto pit road on the pace laps and the crew went under the hood.  He returned on track in time for the green flag.


Ryan Moore earned his second-career PASS South fast-qualifying award, but drew the ninth starting spot in the post-qualifying re-draw.  Jared Fryar and Brandon Lynn made up the front row..  Ron Young dropped a bunch of fluid in qualifying, but drove his car to pit road.  The crew is working on the issue before the race.  JP Josiasse also had engine issues in practice and limped around in on a one-lap qualifying effort.


Fifteen cars practiced Saturday afternoon for the 125-lap PASS South event.  Scroll down further for practice results.  There was one driver who developed problems and will not compete tonight.  Lee Tissot, a longtime Late Model competitor throughout the Southeast, developed engine issues in practice and will not start tonight’s race.


The Mid-Atlantic Limited Late Model Series is on hand at Caraway as well, with 15 cars present.  Coy Beard set fast time.


Car Count: Fifteen (15) PASS South Super Late Models are on hand for today’s event.


Title Fight:  Kodie Conner, a young driver from Kannapolis, North Carolina, leads the PASS South standings heading into tonight’s event at Caraway.  Conner leads fellow K-Town resident Matt Craig by six markers.  Tate Fogleman, Kyle Desouza and JP Josiasse are third through fifth in the standings.


Starting Line-Up: Following a top-10 redraw from qualifying:

Pos. No. Driver
1 16F Jared Fryar
2 4 Brandon Lynn
3 4M Michael Pilla
4 54 Matt Craig
5 98 Jody Measamer
6 12 Trey Jarrell
7 88 Kyle Desouza
8 45 Kodie Connor
9 74 Ryan Moore
10 71 Jimmy Doyle
11 16 Vinnie Miller
12 4M Kyle McCallum
13 24 JP Josiasse
14 15 Ron Young


Last-Chance Race Results:  There will be no last-chance race tonight for the PASS Super Late Models.


Heat Race Results:  There are no heat races, only time trials for the Super Late Models.


Qualifying Results:

PASS Qualifying Results

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 74 Ryan Moore 16.454
2 98 Jody Measamer 16.515
3 16F Jared Fryar 16.530
4 54 Matt Craig 16.610
5 4 Brandon Lynn 16.656
6 45 Kodie Conner 16.670
7 12 Trey Jarrell 16.838
8 88 Kyle Desouza 16.847
9 4X Mike Pilla 16.906
10 71 Jimmy Doyle 16.920
11 16 Vinnie Miller 16.932
12 4M Kyle McCallum 16.952
13 24 JP Josiasse 19.973
14 15 Ron Young No Time
15 88T Lee Tissot No Time


Mid-Atlantic Limited Late Model Qualifying Results 

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 27 Coy Beard 17.656
2 16 Mack Little 17.854
3 56 Allen Vance 17.982
4 18 Kenny Bost 18.001
5 35 Carl Auman 18.004
6 63 Josh Lowder 18.022
7 21 Jimmy Wallace 18.058
8 7 Gene Kepley 18.063
9 46 Thad Moffitt 18.113
10 33 Craig West 18.115
11 1 Dean Lowder 18.143
12 44 Michael Kitchen 18.362
13 00 Jordan Smith 18.424
14 25 Shaun Mangum 18.475
15 77G Lexi Gay 19.012



Qualifying Events:  The field will be set by time trials.  The top-10 qualifiers will re-draw for their starting positions during the pre-race drivers meeting.


Practice Results:


Pos. No. Driver Time
1 98 Jody Measamer 16.704
2 74 Ryan Moore 16.850
3 16F Jared Fryar 16.990
4 54 Matt Craig 17.044
5 15 Ron Young 17.059
6 45 Kodie Conner 17.163
7 12 Trey Jarrell 17.214
8 16 Vinnie Miller 17.228
9 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.243
10 24 JP Josiasse 17.723



Pos. No. Driver Time
1 98 Jody Measamer 16.698
2 15 Ron Young 16.912
3 45 Brandon Lynn 16.914
4 16F Jared Fryar 16.915
5 54 Matt Craig 17.007
6 12 Trey Jarrell 17.104
7 45 Kodie Conner 17.133
8 4M Kyle McCallum 17.148
9 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.214
10 4X Mike Pilla 17.279
11 88 Kyle Desouza 17.349
12 74 Ryan Moore 17.367
13 24 JP Josiasse 17.433
14 88T Lee Tissot 17.668
15 16 Vinnie Miller No Time



Pos. No. Driver Time
1 4 Brandon Lynn 16.562
2 54 Matt Craig 16.640
3 98 Jody Measamer 16.704
4 74 Ryan Moore 16.897
5 16F Jared Fryar 16.919
6 15 Ron Young 16.971
7 45 Kodie Conner 17.070
8 88 Kyle Desouza 17.119
9 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.130
10 16 Vinnie Miller 17.157
11 4M Kyle McCallum 17.181
12 24 JP Josiasse 17.518



Pos. No. Driver Time
1 74 Ryan Moore 16.598
2 98 Jody Measamer 16.778
3 54 Matt Craig 16.857
4 4 Brandon Lynn 16.891
5 12 Trey Jarrell 17.045
6 88 Kyle Desouza 17.067
7 16 Vinnie Miller 17.206
8 4M Kyle McCallum 17.259
9 116 Jared Fryar 17.317
10 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.325
11 4X Mike Pilla 17.481
12 24 JP Josiasse 19.701



Event Schedule: Tonight’s PASS South event is part of a full card of racing, which also includes the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour – Click here for NWSMT coverage.

5pm – PASS Qualifying
6:30pm – Feature Racing
Chargers (25 Laps)
Mini Stocks (20 Laps)
PASS South (125 Laps)
Mid-Atlantic Limited Late Models (50 Laps)
NWSMT ( 150 Laps)
Southern Outlaw Streets (40 Laps)
Hornets (12 Laps)


Who To Watch For:  The PASS South regulars will likely prove tough to beat, including Jody Measamer, Matt Craig, point leader Kodie Conner and more, but there are plenty of non-regulars who are in the field and will likely contend.  One of those “invaders” will be former PASS North-South Shootout winner here at Caraway Ryan Moore.  Also, Jared Fryar is the defending winner of this PASS event here at Caraway.


Entry List:

4 Brandon Lynn
4M Kyle McCallum
4X Mike Pilla
12 Trey Jarrell
15 Ron Young
16 Vinnie Miller
16F Jared Fryar
24 JP Josiasse
45 Kodie Conner
54 Matt Craig
71 Jimmy Doyle
74 Ryan Moore
88 Kyle Desouza
88T Lee Tissot
98 Jody Measamer


The Track: Caraway Speedway is a .455-mile banked asphalt oval located in Sophia, North Carolina, just outside Asheboro.


Weather:  It is a perfect evening for racing as the temperatures are in the mid-60’s and only a few white, wispy clouds are overhead.


Next Series Race:  May 22 at Concord Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.

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Speed Central: PASS South Super Late Models at Caraway