PASS South – Caraway Speedway (NC) – 5/5/17

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Matt Craig picked up a PASS South win at Caraway last season. (LW Photos)
























What Won the Race: Matt Craig took the lead from David Farrington, Jr. on a early race restart and never looked back.


The Finish: 

Pos # Driver
1 54 Matt Craig
2 55 Tanner Thorson
3 45 Kodie Connor
4 7F David Farrington, Jr
5 98 Jody Measmer
6 7 Tyler Church
7 99 Sarah Cornett-Ching
8 24J J.P. Josiasse
9 15 Roy Hayes
10 8 Tate Fogleman
11 15x Christian Eckes
12 11 Jordan McCallum
13 71 Jimmy Doyle
14 37 Charles Barnes
15 4M Kyle McCallum


The Skinny: Matt Craig dominated once he took the lead, Tate Fogleman stayed within striking distance for the majority of the race but a part failure took him out of the race with 10 laps to go.


Winning Quote: “I don’t know how far up my butt this horseshoe is, but I like it.” – Matt Craig


Winning Chassis: Hamke Chassis


On the Move: Tanner Thorson drove up from 10th to second, and contended for the win on the final restart.


Biggest LoserJordan McCallum started third and finished 12th after having mechanical issues during the race.


Feature Notebook: 

-There were a total of three cautions amongst 125 laps.

-Christian Eckes qualified third and redrew to start seventh. He drove up to the top five and then broken shock mount took him out of the race around lap 90.

-Matt Craig goes back to back at Caraway in the PASS South Super Late Model series after winning here last year.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

 Ryan Moore crashed out in the first practice after a rear end part failure. He will not race tonight at Caraway.

Also involved in an incident was Kyle McCallum, he spun out during his qualifying lap and made substantial contact with the outside wall.

Matt Craig is looking for his third win in the 2017 PASS South season

Tanner Thorson picks up his first career provisional pole in the PASS South Super Late Models


Starting Lineup:

Pos # Driver
1 7 Tyler Church
2 15 Roy Hayes
3 11 Jordan McCallum
4 98 Jody Measmer
5 45 Kodie Connor
6 54 Matt Craig
7 15X Christian Eckes
8 8 Tate Fogleman
9 7F David Farrington, Jr
10 55 Tanner Thorson
11 71 Jimmy Doyle
12 99 Sarah Cornett-Ching
13 24J J.P. Josiasse
14 4M Kyle McCallum
15 37 Charles Barnes


Time Trial Results: 

0 # Driver Fast Lap
1 55 Tanner Thorson 16.620
2 8 Tate Fogleman 16.711
3 15X Christian Eckes 16.714
4 54 Matt Craig 16.780
5 7F David Farrington, Jr 16.786
6 98 Jody Measmer 16.787
7 45 Kodie Connor 17.144
8 15 Roy Hayes 17.178
9 11 Jordan McCallum 17.191
10 7 Tyler Church 17.208
11 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.229
12 99 Sarah Cornett-Ching 17.429
13 24J J.P. Josiasse 17.780
14 4M Kyle McCallum 19.070
15 37 Charles Barnes 20.188


Final Practice Results: 

Pos # Driver
1 54 Matt Craig
2 55 Tanner Thorson
3 15X Christian Eckes
4 8 Tate Fogleman
5 7F David Farrington, Jr
6 98 Jody Measmer
7 15 Roy Hayes
8 45 Kodie Connor
9 7 Tyler Church
10 71 Jimmy Doyle
11 37 Charles Barnes
12 4M Kyle McCallum
13 11 Jordan McCallum
14 12 Mark Reedy
15 24J J.P. Josiasse
16 99 Sarah Cornett-Ching



Car Count: 17 PASS South Super Late Models


Entry List: 

Car # Driver
4M Kyle McCallum
7 Tyler Church
7F David Farrington, Jr
11 Jordan McCallum
12 Mark Reedy
8 Tate Fogleman
15 Roy Hayes
15X Christian Eckes
45 Kodie Connor
24J J.P. Josiasse
54 Matt Craig
55 Tanner Thorson
37 Charles Barnes
99 Sarah Cornett-Ching
71 Jimmy Doyle
74 Ryan Moore
98 Jody Measmer



Qualifying Format: Single car time trials, each car gets two laps. There will be a redraw for the top ten.


Event Schedule: Qualifying will begins at 6:45 P.M. ET and the race is scheduled to get the green flag at 8:15 P.M. ET.


Who to Watch ForMatt Craig  has been the driver to beat so far in the 2017 PASS South Season. After picking up a big win at the Orange Blossom back in March and a win a Southern National, he has been on a war path to continue winning races this season.


Title Fight: Matt Craig holds a 28 point lead over Tate Fogleman in second, and Tanner Thorson is third.


The Track: Caraway Speedway is a 1/5 mile oval located in Sophia, North Carolina.


Weather: Temperatures are in the mid 60’s with a slight overcast. No chance of rain.


Next Series Race: The PASS South Super Late Models will run the  Old Glory 125 at Concord Speedway on May 26th.

Speed Central: Craig Dominates PASS South at Caraway (NC)