PASS North – White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) – 7/23/16

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Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. celebrates his first career PASS North win. (Photo credit: TJ Ingerson/VT Motor Mag)



















What Won the Race: Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. powered to the inside of Johnny Clark on lap 118 and pulled away on a late restart to score his first career Pro All Stars Series victory.


The Finish:

1 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 7L Glen Luce
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 35 Derek Ramstrom
5 14 Tracy Gordon
6 7 Travis Benjamin
7 15 Mike Hopkins
8 12 Derek Griffith
9 60 DJ Shaw
10 2qc Dany Poulin
11 01 Ronald “Sam” Gooden
12 24 Mike Rowe
13 4n Ben Rowe
14 09 Jeremy Davis
15 03 Joe Squeglia, Jr.
16 00 Bryan Kruczek
17 32 Nick Jenkins
18 55vt Brent Dragon
19 28 Greg Nanigian


The Skinny: Clark dominated the first 100 laps before Polewarczyk took the lead for the first time on lap 101.  Polewarczyk gave up the lead to Clark a few laps later before taking it back for the final time on lap 118.


On the Move: Glen Luce started 13th and made his way through the field to finish second, a gain of 11 positions.


Biggest Loser: Mike Rowe started from the outside of the front row and faded back to finish 12th, a loss of 10 positions.


Notebook: The Pro All Stars Series returns to White Mountain for the first time since May 31, 2014. DJ Shaw won in the series’ last visit to the track.


Todd Stone withdrew from the event after the race was postponed due to thunderstorms on Saturday night.


Starting Lineup:

1 54 Johnny Clark
2 24 Mike Rowe
3 12 Derek Griffith
4 09 Jeremy Davis
5 35 Derek Ramstrom
6 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
7 14 Tracy Gordon
8 55vt Brent Dragon
9 32 Nick Jenkins
10 00 Bryan Kruczek
11 60 DJ Shaw
12 4N Ben Rowe
13 7L Glen Luce
14 03 Joe Squeglia, Jr.
15 7 Travis Benjamin
16 2QC Dany Poulin
17 01 Ronald “Sam” Gooden
18 28 Greg Nanigian
19 15 Mike Hopkins


Heat Race Results:

Heat #1 Unofficial Results

1 60 DJ Shaw
2 54 Johnny Clark
3 12 Derek Griffith
4 35 Derek Ramstrom
5 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
6 00 Bryan Kruczek
7 55vt Brent Dragon
8 7 Travis Benjamin
9 01 Ronald “Sam” Gooden
10 15 Mike Hopkins


Heat #2 Unofficial Results

1 4n Ben Rowe
2 24 Mike Rowe
3 09 Jeremy Davis
4 7L Glen Luce
5 14 Tracy Gordon
6 32 Nick Jenkins
7 03 Joe Squeglia, Jr.
8 2qc Dany Poulin
9 28 Greg Nanigian


Practice Results: Johnny Clark led the way in the final scuff session over Derek Griffith and Travis Benjamin.


Car Count: 19 Super Late Models


Title Fight: D.J. Shaw leads Mike Hopkins by 25 points at the top of the PASS North point standings.


Event Schedule: Racing will begin at 3 p.m. ET. The American-Canadian Tour and Pro All Stars Series will each running qualifying races, as well as the Kids Trucks, Dwarf Cars and Tigers.


Who To Watch For: Points leader D.J. Shaw won in PASS North’s last visit to the track and considers White Mountain Motorsports Park to be one of his strongest tracks. After picking up his first win with the Petit Motorsports team, Travis Benjamin could also be a driver to watch as he and his new team begin to hit their stride.


Entry List:

00 Bryan Kruczek
01 Ronald “Sam” Gooden
2QC Dany Poulin
03 Joe Squeglia, Jr.
4n Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
7L Glen Luce
09 Jeremy Davis
12 Derek Griffith
14 Tracy Gordon
15 Mike Hopkins
24 Mike Rowe
28 Greg Nanigian
32 Nick Jenkins
35 Derek Ramstrom
54 Johnny Clark
55vt Brent Dragon
60 DJ Shaw
97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.


The Track: White Mountain Motorsports Park is a high-banked, quarter-mile oval located in North Woodstock, NH.


Weather: After thunderstorms forced the postponement of the race until Sunday, the weather forecast looks great for today’s race.


Next Series Race: PASS North returns to Oxford Plains Speedway for the series’ final tune up for the Oxford 250 next Sunday, July 31.



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