PASS North – Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT) – 5/28/16 

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What Won the Race: Glen Luce powered around Wayne Helliwell, Jr. on a lap 119 restart and pulled away to win the 150-lap race.


The Finish:

1 7L Glen Luce
2 27nh Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
3 7 Travis Benjamin
4 35 Derek Ramstrom
5 4 Ben Rowe
6 12G Derek Griffith
7 54 Johnny Clark
8 60 DJ Shaw
9 24 Mike Rowe
10 37 Scott Payea
11 16me Travis Stearns
12 49 Brent Dragon
13 15 Mike Hopkins
14 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
15 09 Jeremy Davis
16 2m Matt Matheson
17 00 Bryan Kruczek
18 1X Todd Stone


The Skinny: Travis Benjamin led the first 101 laps before giving up the lead to Jeremy Davis on lap 102.  Davis led until lap 118 when he lost power under the hood of his No. 09 during a caution.  Wayne Helliwell, Jr. inherited the lead for the restart but would give it up to Glen Luce. From there, Luce didn’t look back en route to victory lane.


Winning Quote: “This is unbelievable for me.  It’s hard to describe, some people don’t understand how hard it is.  I lost a good friend of mine that I met over here that I met racing in Vermont to cancer.  It was just emotional for me to see all the friends, they’re from another state and they’re cheering for me just as much as the guy next door.” – Glen Luce


Notebook: Bryan Kruczek is back in action with the Pro All Stars Series after missing the last two races. He told powered by JEGS that he decided to skip out on Speedway 95 due to a poor weather forecast and missed Speedway 95 due to a wedding.


Derek Ramstrom has raced at a lot of race track up and down the East Coast, but he has never competed at Thunder Road before.  Today marks his first career start in any type of car at “the nation’s site of excitement.”


Garrett Hall, a two-time PASS North winner already in 2016, did not make the trip to Thunder Road.  Defending race winner Joey Doiron, who had a rough start to the season, is also not in the pit area.


Car Count: 18 Super Late Models are in the pit area.


Title Fight: Mike Hopkins enters Sunday’s event with a two point lead over DJ Shaw in the PASS North standings.


Winning Chassis: Kyle Busch Motorsports


Winning Engine: Butler MacMaster


Winning Shocks: Seth Holbrook Motorsports


Winning Crew Chief: Seth Holbrook


On the Move: Wayne Helliwell, Jr. started shotgun on the field after having to swap out a leaking tire after qualifying heats.  He charged from 18th on the grid to finish second, a gain of 16 positions.


Biggest Loser: Jeremy Davis led from lap 102 to lap 118 but was forced to retire early after a clutch line broke, causing damage to the distributor. He started second and finished 15th, a loss of 13 positions.


Starting Line-Up:

1 7 Travis Benjamin
2 09 Jeremy Davis
3 16me Travis Stearns
4 7L Glen Luce
5 97 Joey Polewarczyk
6 12G Derek Griffith
7 35 Derek Ramstrom
8 37 Scott Payea
9 24 Mike Rowe
10 27nh Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
11 4 Ben Rowe
12 15 Mike Hopkins
13 60 DJ Shaw
14 54 Johnny Clark
15 1x Todd Stone
16 49 Brent Dragon
17 00 Bryan Kruczek
18 2m Matt Matheson


Heat Race Results:

Qualifying Heat #1 Unofficial Results

1 7 Travis Benjamin
2 4 Ben Rowe
3 16me Travis Stearns
4 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
5 35 Derek Ramstrom
6 60 DJ Shaw
7 27 Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
8 1x Todd Stone
9 00 Bryan Kruczek


Qualifying Heat #2 Unofficial Results

1 09 Jeremy Davis
2 15 Mike Hopkins
3 7L Glen Luce
4 12 Derek Griffith
5 37 Scott Payea
6 24 Mike Rowe
7 54 Johnny Clark
8 49 Brent Dragon
9 2 Matt Matheson


Qualifying Events: Two qualifying heats will set the grid for today’s 150-lap main event.


Practice Results:

1 7 Travis Benjamin 12.693
2 16me Travis Stearns 12.707
3 4 Ben Rowe 12.707
4 60 DJ Shaw 12.708
5 27nh Wayne Helliwell, Jr. 12.747
6 1X Todd Stone 12.750
7 12G Derek Griffith 12.753
8 54 Johnny Clark 12.761
9 15 Mike Hopkins 12.769
10 09 Jeremy Davis 12.856
11 35 Derek Ramstrom 12.887
12 97 Joey Polewarczyk 12.903
13 24 Mike Rowe 12.906
14 49 Brent Dragon 12.911
15 7L Glen Luce 12.916
16 37 Scott Payea 12.965
17 00 Bryan Kruczek 12.983
18 2m Matt Matheson 13.091


Event Schedule: Racing is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. ET. Each division will have qualifying heats and consolation races (if needed) before feature action begins. PASS North Super Late Models, Late Models, PASS Modifieds, Tiger Sportsman and Street Stocks are all in action.


Who To Watch For: Mike Rowe is the driver in the field with the most experience at Thunder Road.  Fans will also want to keep an eye on Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. who has many laps around the track in an ACT Late Model.


Entry List:

00 Bryan Kruczek
1X Todd Stone
2M Matt Matheson
4 Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
7L Glen Luce
09 Jeremy Davis
12G Derek Griffith
15 Mike Hopkins
16ME Travis Stearns
24 Mike Rowe
27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
35 Derek Ramstrom
37 Scott Payea
49 Brent Dragon
54 Johnny Clark
60 DJ Shaw
97 Joey Polewarcyk, Jr.


The Track: Thunder Road International Speedbowl is a high-banked 1/4-mile oval famous for the “widowmaker,” a wall that sticks out off of turn four.


Weather: It’s a beautiful day for racing in Vermont with temperatures in the low 80’s.


Next Series Race: The Pro All Stars Series North will make a stop at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday, June 11.


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