PASS North – Lee USA Speedway (NH) – 8/12/16

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Griffith won the battle with Ramstrom at Lee. ( photo)























What Won the Race: Derek Griffith took the lead from Derek Ramstrom on a lap 127 restart and pulled away for his first PASS North win.


The Finish: 

1 12 Derek Griffith
2 35 Derek Ramstrom
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 7 Travis Benjamin
5 09 Jeremy Davis
6 60 DJ Shaw
7 4 Ben Rowe
8 15 Mike Hopkins
9 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
10 24 Mike Rowe
11 7L Glen Luce
12 88 Kyle Desouza
13 1x Todd Stone
14 14 Tracy Gordon
15 03 Joe Squeglia
16 00 Bryan Kruczek
17 98 Steve Dickey


The Skinny: Derek Ramstrom jumped out to the early lead and led until Derek Griffith took the lead for the first time on lap 57.  Ramstrom took back the lead from Griffith just before the halfway mark and led until a lap 126. Griffith used the momentum on the outside to roll around Ramstrom and never looked back.


Winning Quote: “I’ve finally won a PASS race. I’m speecheless.” – Derek Griffith


Winning Crew Chief: Louie Mechalides


Winning Chassis: Lefthander/Hanley


Winning Shocks: Penske


Winning Engine: 604 Crate


On the Move: Travis Benjamin started 16th on the grid and worked his way up to fourth, a gain of 12 positions.


Biggest Loser: Todd Stone started from the pole positions and faded to finish 13th, a loss of 12 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

Lee USA Speedway track officials have taken to social media to tell the drivers, crews and fans attending tonight’s event to stay hydrated. It’s a very hot day in New Hampshire with the “feels like” temperature over 100 degrees.


Today’s race is the final race for the Pro All Stars Series before the 43rd annual Oxford 250.


Tracy Gordon is behind the wheel of the Matt Frahm No. 14 tonight.


Tonight’s race has been moved up the program and will now be after the NE Classic Lites.


Staring Lineup:

1 1x Todd Stone
2 35 Derek Ramstrom
3 09 Jeremy Davis
4 12 Derek Griffith
5 00 Bryan Kruczek
6 14 Tracy Gordon
7 24 Mike Rowe
8 88 Kyle Desouza
9 98 Steve Dickey
10 54 Johnny Clark
11 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
12 4 Ben Rowe
13 7L Glen Luce
14 15 Mike Hopkins
15 03 Joe Squeglia
16 7 Travis Benjamin
17 60 DJ Shaw


Heat Race Results:

Heat #1 Unofficial Results

1 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 1x Todd Stone
3 35 Derek Ramstrom
4 12 Derek Griffith
5 15 Mike Hopkins
6 7 Travis Benjamin
7 24 Mike Rowe
8 60 DJ Shaw
9 54 Johnny Clark


Heat #2 Unofficial Results

1 4 Ben Rowe
2 7L Glen Luce
3 09 Jeremy Davis
4 00 Bryan Kruczek
5 03 Joe Squeglia
6 14 Tracy Gordon
7 88 Kyle Desouza
8 98 Steve Dickey



Practice Results: 

Final Practice

1 15 Mike Hopkins 15.133
2 7 Travis Benjamin 15.158
3 35 Derek Ramstrom 15.196
4 00 Bryan Kruczek 15.210
5 54 Johnny Clark 15.223
6 12 Derek Griffith 15.228
7 60 DJ Shaw 15.239
8 7L Glen Luce 15.259
9 03 Joe Squeglia 15.275
10 09 Jeremy Davis 15.326
11 4 Ben Rowe 15.347
12 97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 15.363
13 98 Steve Dickey 15.380
14 1x Todd Stone 15.395
15 88 Kyle Desouza 15.439
16 14 Tracy Gordon 15.467
17 24 Mike Rowe 15.511


Car Count: 17 Super Late Models


Entry List: 

00 Bryan Kruczek
1x Todd Stone
03 Joe Squeglia
4 Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
7L Glen Luce
09 Jeremy Davis
12 Derek Griffith
14 Tracy Gordon
15 Mike Hopkins
24 Mike Rowe
35 Derek Ramstrom
54 Johnny Clark
60 DJ Shaw
88 Kyle Desouza
97 Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
98 Steve Dickey


Qualifying Format: There will be two qualifying heat races to set the field for tonight’s 150-lap race.


Event Schedule: Qualifying races begin at 6:30 p.m. ET. A full slate of racing including seven divisions is on tap tonight at Lee. The Northeast Classic Lits, Ironman, Late Model Sportsman, Super Modifieds, PASS Modifieds and Hobby Stocks will join the Pro All Stars Series. The PASS 150 will be the sixth event on the schedule.


Who to Watch For: Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. has been on a hot streak as of late and will look to make it three wins in a row at a track that he’s had success at.  With his dominating performance at Lee earlier this year, it will be hard to ignore Joe Squeglia as well.  And of course, you can’t count out points leader DJ Shaw at Lee.


Title Fight: DJ Shaw currently sits at the top of the PASS North standings by 50 points over Mike Hopkins.


The Track: Lee USA Speedway is a 3/8-mile asphalt oval located in Lee, New Hampshire. The track is known for its abrasive surface that forces competitors to think a lot about tire strategy.


Weather: It’s one of the hottest days of the year in New Hampshire with temperatures in the mid 90s and the “feels like” temperature over 100 degrees. Temperatures are expected to drop throughout the night, but if you’re at the race track be sure to drink plenty of fluids.


Next Series Race: The next one is the big one, the 43rd annual Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway.  With over $25,000 on the line, drivers from all over North America will flock to the Oxford, Maine track for a chance at the history books.




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