PASS North Firecracker 200 – Spud Speedway (ME) – 7/3/18

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With water and steam coming out of the overflow, Derek Griffith celebrates his Firecracker 200 victory. ( photo)



















What Won the Race: Derek Griffith powered around DJ Shaw on Lap 170 and hung on in the closing laps as water sprayed out of the overflow.


The Finish: 

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 60 DJ Shaw
3 13 Cassius Clark
4 17 Eddie MacDonald
5 15 Mike Hopkins
6 54 Johnny Clark
7 96 Wyatt Alexander
8 7 Travis Benjamin
9 94 Garrett Hall
10 14 Scott McDaniel
11 28 Kirk Thibeau
12 4 Ben Rowe
13 29 Greg Fahey
14 42 Kyle Reid
15 97 Chris Duncan
16 53 Cole Butcher
17 32 Nick Jenkins
18 23 Lonnie Sommerville
19 57 Austin Theriault
20 02 Tharren MacDougal
21 10 Kyle Desouza


The Skinny: Polesitter Garrett Hall jumped out to the early lead before Ben Rowe took over the top spot on Lap 10.  Contact between the two drivers resulted in a cut tire on Rowe’s No. 4. Hall retook the lead on Lap 12 before a hard-charging DJ Shaw took the lead on Lap 61.  Derek Griffith claimed the lead from Shaw on Lap 127, but Shaw took it back on Lap 133.  Shaw kept control of the lead until Lap 170 when Griffith took the lead and held onto it for the remainder of the race.


With the win, Griffith earned a guaranteed starting spot in the PASS Commonwealth Classic at Richmond Raceway (VA) later this year.


Winning Quote: “(The crew) said keep that thing to the f’ing floor, don’t worry about it.  That’s what I did.  I held it wide open and ran the thing hard.  Old faithful held up.” – Derek Griffith


Winning Crew Chief: Louie Mechalides


Winning Chassis: Lefthander/Hanley


Winning Shocks: Penske


Winning Engine: 604 Crate


On the Move: DJ Shaw started from the 14th position and charged to a runner-up finish, a gain of 12 spots.


Biggest Loser: Kyle Reid started from the outside of the front row but was involved an on-track incident that relegated him to a 14th-place finish, a loss of 12 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Kyle Desouza went for a wild ride during the second round of PASS North practice. Desouza ended up on his roof in turn one before safely being flipped back onto four wheels. He was able to exit the car under his own power and was okay.


-2017 ARCA Racing Series champion Austin Theriault is here tonight for his first race since winning the ARCA championship last year.


-For many drivers, tonight’s race at Spud Speedway will be their first time around the 1/3-mile oval.


-Derek Griffith, who is making his first career start at Spud tonight, described the track as “goofy” but said that he likes it and is getting acclimated with the track.


-Austin Theriault was not able to make the call for his heat race as his team is replacing the clutch on car No. 57. He will start from the rear for tonight’s main event.


-Scott McDaniel went for a ride over the banking in turn one after taking the checkered flag in his qualifying heat. McDaniel was okay, but his status for tonight’s feature race is questionable.

Starting Lineup:

1 94 Garrett Hall
2 42 Kyle Reid
3 4 Ben Rowe
4 29 Greg Fahey
5 96 Wyatt Alexander
6 17 Eddie MacDonald
7 28 Kirk Thibeau
8 15 Mike Hopkins
9 13 Cassius Clark
10 54 Johnny Clark
11 12G Derek Griffith
12 7 Travis Benjamin
13 53 Cole Butcher
14 60 DJ Shaw
15 14 Scott McDaniel
16 97 Chris Duncan
17 32 Nick Jenkins
18 02 Tharren MacDougal
19 23 Lonnie Sommerville
20 57 Austin Theriault


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 94 Garrett Hall
3 60 DJ Shaw
4 17 Eddie MacDonald
5 13 Cassius Clark
6 97 Chris Duncan
7 57 Austin Theriault


Heat 2 Unofficial Results

1 7 Travis Benjamin
2 42 Kyle Reid
3 29 Greg Fahey
4 28 Kirk Thibeau
5 54 Johnny Clark
6 32 Nick Jenkins
7 23 Lonnie Sommerville


Heat 3 Unofficial Results

1 53 Cole Butcher
2 4 Ben Rowe
3 96 Wyatt Alexander
4 15 Mike Hopkins
5 14 Scott McDaniel
6 02 Tharren MacDougal
7 10 Kyle Desouza


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 94 Garrett Hall
3 97 Chris Duncan
4 57 Austin Theriault
5 17 Eddie MacDonald
6 13 Cassius Clark
7 60 DJ Shaw


Heat 2

1 42 Kyle Reid
2 29 Greg Fahey
3 28 Kirk Thibeau
4 7 Travis Benjamin
5 32 Nick Jenkins
6 23 Lonnie Sommerville
7 54 Johnny Clark


Heat 3

1 4 Ben Rowe
2 53 Cole Butcher
3 14 Scott McDaniel
4 96 Wyatt Alexander
5 15 Mike Hopkins
6 10 Kyle Desouza
7 02 Tharren MacDougal


Car Count: 21 PASS North Super Late Models


Entry List: 

02 Tharren MacDougal
4 Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
10 Kyle Desouza
12G Derek Griffith
13 Cassius Clark
14 Scott McDaniel
15 Mike Hopkins
17 Eddie MacDonald
23 Lonnie Sommerville
28 Kirk Thibeau
29 Greg Fahey
32 Nick Jenkins
42 Kyle Reid
53 Cole Butcher
54 Johnny Clark
57 Austin Theriault
60 DJ Shaw
94 Garrett Hall
96 Wyatt Alexander
97 Chris Duncan

Qualifying Format: 
There will be three PASS North qualifying heats to set the field for tonight’s 200-lap feature race.


Event Schedule: Racing begins at 7 p.m. There will be qualifying heat races for the PASS North Super Late Models and Street Stocks prior to feature racing. Features will include the PASS North Firecracker 200, Street Stocks and Enduros.


Who to Watch For: It’s tough to pick one driver to keep an eye on considering that the PASS North Super Late Models last visited Spud Speedway in 2010; however, one driver with plenty of experience at the track is defending ARCA champion Austin Theriault.  He’ll be a driver that many fans will have their eye on throughout Tuesday night’s race.


Title Fight: DJ Shaw leads Travis Benjamin by a single point entering tonight’s race.


The Track: Spud Speedway is a 1/3-mile asphalt oval located in Caribou, Maine. The track has not held a stock car race since the 2015 season.


Weather: It’s a warm night for racing in Northern Maine with temperatures in the mid to high 80s, but those temperatures will decrease throughout the night.


Next Series Race: Next up for the PASS North Super Late Models will be a trip to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 7.


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