Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North – Lee USA Speedway (NH) – 8/4/17

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Glen Luce celebrates his PASS North victory at Lee. ( photo)
























What Won the Race: Glen Luce drove to the inside of Johnny Clark and took the lead on lap 111, never looking back on the way to his first ever win at Lee USA Speedway.


The Finish: 

1 7L Glen Luce
2 7 Travis Benjamin
3 94 Garrett Hall
4 54 Johnny Clark
5 60 DJ Shaw
6 12G Derek Griffith
7 35 Derek Ramstrom
8 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
9 4 Ben Rowe
10 09 Jeremy Davis
11 27 Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
12 18 Jeff Fagan
13 7oz Grant Aither
14 M32 Steve Murphy
15 03 Joe Squeglia
16 1X Todd Stone


The Skinny: Garrett Hall started from the pole and led the first 60 laps of the race before Johnny Clark took the lead away on a lap 61 restart. Clark showed the way until lap 111 when Glen Luce drove his hooked-up No. 7 to the inside to take away the lead. From there, it was all Luce en route to the checkered flag.


Winning Quote: “I loved the bottom; I could just cut down under everyone and had good bit off.  It’s good to finally beat this place because I haven’t had the best of luck back in the ACT days and in my Super Late Model days.” – Glen Luce


Winning Crew Chief: Seth Holbrook


Winning Chassis: Clattenburg Racing Fabrication


Winning Shocks: Seth Holbrook


On the Move: Glen Luce started 14th and drove his No. 7L to victory lane, a gain of 13 positions.


Biggest Loser: Joe Squeglia started fifth and contended in the top-five for much of the race before pulling off the track early and finishing 15th, a loss of 10 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-A brief rain shower wet the grounds just before the PASS North practice session. That will slightly push back on-track activity and have forced track officials to scratch all qualifying heats except for PASS Super Late Models, Super Modifieds and Late Model Sportsman.


-Ben Rowe went off the pace on lap 1 of the first PASS heat race with what appeared to be a flat left front tire.


-Mike Netishen won the 50-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Super Modified feature.


Starting Lineup:

1 94 Garrett Hall
2 09 Jeremy Davis
3 18 Jeff Fagan
4 54 Johnny Clark
5 03 Joe Squeglia
6 1X Todd Stone
7 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
8 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
9 7oz Grant Aither
10 M32 Steve Murphy
11 12G Derek Griffith
12 7 Travis Benjamin
13 35 Derek Ramstrom
14 7L Glen Luce
15 60 DJ Shaw
16 4 Ben Rowe


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 94 Garrett Hall
2 7 Travis Benjamin
3 09 Jeremy Davis
4 18 Jeff Fagan
5 03 Joe Squeglia
6 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
7 60 DJ Shaw
8 4 Ben Rowe


Heat 2 Unofficial Results

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 35 Derek Ramstrom
3 7L Glen Luce
4 54 Johnny Clark
5 1X Todd Stone
6 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
7 7oz Grant Aither
8 M32 Steve Murphy


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 94 Garrett Hall
2 09 Jeremy Davis
3 18 Jeff Fagan
4 4 Ben Rowe
5 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
6 7 Travis Benjamin
7 60 DJ Shaw
8 03 Joe Squeglia


Heat 2

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 7L Glen Luce
3 35 Derek Ramstrom
4 1X Todd Stone
5 M32 Steve Murphy
6 54 Johnny Clark
7 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
8 7oz Grant Aither


Car Count: 16 PASS Super Late Models


Entry List: 

1X Todd Stone
4 Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
7L Glen Luce
7oz Grant Aither
12G Derek Griffith
18 Jeff Fagan
23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
M32 Steve Murphy
35 Derek Ramstrom
54 Johnny Clark
60 DJ Shaw
94 Garrett Hall
03 Joe Squeglia
09 Jeremy Davis


Qualifying Format: There will be two qualifying races to set the field for tonight’s 150-lap race. Drivers who have won previous PASS events will not start better than 11th.


Event Schedule: Racing will begin with qualifying heats for the Late Model Sportsman, PASS Super Late Models and Super Modifieds. Features will be run for six divisions (Pure Stocks, Ironman, Late Model Sportsman, Super Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and PASS Super Late Models) with the 150-lap PASS North race ending the night.


Who to Watch For: Travis Benjamin has been on a roll as of late, winning the previous two PASS North races at Star Speedway (NH) and Oxford Plains Speedway (ME); it’s hard to bet against the hot hand.  DJ Shaw has also run strong at Lee USA Speedway (NH) in the past and could be a driver to keep an eye on.


Title Fight: Travis Benjamin leads Glen Luce by four points entering Friday night’s race at Lee.


The Track: Lee USA Speedway is a flat, 3/8-mile oval located in Lee, New Hampshire.


Weather: A brief rain shower hit the track earlier today, but the forecast from here on out looks clear with temperatures in the mid 70s.


Next Series Race: The next race for PASS North competitors will be the biggest of them all, the 44th Annual Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday, August 27.


Speed Central: Luce Powers to PASS Victory Lane at Lee