Opening Night at Wiscasset Speedway (ME) – 4/23/16

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What Won the Race: Andy Saunders held off Nick Hinkley on a lap 34 restart and pulled away to win the season opener for the Pro Stocks.


The Finish:

1 01 Andy Saunders 40
2 15 Nick Hinkley 40
3 13 Nate Tribbett 40
4 1m Mike Moody 40
5 12 Thomas True 40
6 29 Kevin Morse 40
7 05 James Osmond 40
8 23 Brandon Sprague 40
9 91 Mike Orr 40
10 99 Ajay Picard 33
11 96 Wyatt Alexander 33
12 28 Ken Beasley 26
13 72 Charlie Colby 17
14 19 John Rideout 16


The Skinny: Defending Pro Stock champion Andy Saunders started from the pole and led every lap of the 40-lap race on Saturday afternoon. Nick Hinkley mounted the biggest challenge on lap 34 restart, but Saunders was able to pull away.


Winning Quote: “It’s very strong.  We’re going to need to work on the long run a little bit.  It’s always quick for 10 laps and not so much after that.” – Andy Saunders


Notebook: Fans are packing the grandstands early for opening day here at Wiscasset Speedway.  The parking lot was already packed at 12 p.m. ET, two hours prior to the first green flag.  Wiscasset has established a unique admission system charging just $5 for every person that walks through the front gate.


Veteran Maine racer Andy Saunders was the 2015 Pro Stock champion at Wiscasset Speedway after scoring two wins.  Jeff Burgess picked up four wins, Scott Chubbuck won three and Wyatt Alexander recorded the biggest win of the year in the Bosshog 100.


Eleven-year-old Connor Weinners won the first of two N.E. 4 Cylinder Pro qualifying heat races.


Jason Curtis won the Super Street qualifying heat in a nail biter over Adam Chadbourne.


Nicholas Naugle and Austin Teras picked up NELCAR Legends qualifying heat race wins.


Thunder 4 Mini heat race wins went to Shaun Hinkley and Travis Poulliot.


Bosshog 100 winner Wyatt Alexander went up in smoke on lap 7 of the second Pro Stock qualifying heat race.  He went straight to the pit area and did not return to the race track.


Andy Saunders and James Osmond picked up Pro Stock qualifying heat race victories.


Track promoter and long-time announcer Ken Minott is celebrating a birthday on opening day today.  From all of us at, happy birthday Ken.


Kam Knowles (N.E. 4-Cylinder Pros), David Vaughn (Super Streets), Shaun Hinkley (Thunder 4 Minis) and Nicholas Naugle (NELCAR Legends) have scored feature wins thus far today.


Car Count: 15 Pro Stocks are in the pit area for today’s 40-lap feature.  There are 13 4-Cylinder Pros, 12 Super Streets, 18 NELCAR Legends and 17 Thunder Minis.


Title Fight: This is the first race of the season for Wiscasset Speedway’s “bi-weekly” warriors.


Winning Chassis: Distance Racing

Winning Engine: 604 Crate Engine from Thayers

Winning Shocks: Penske

Winning Crew Chief: Alan Perkins


On the Move: Brandon Sprague started 13th and finished eighth to gain a total of five positions.


Biggest Loser: Ajay Picard and Charlie Colby each lost six spots during the race. Picard started 4th and finished 10th, while Colby started 7th and finished 13th.


Starting Line-Up:

1 01 Andy Saunders
2 05 James Osmond
3 1 Mike Moody
4 99 Ajay Picard
5 15H Nick Hinkley
6 13 Nate Tribbett
7 72 Charlie Colby
8 12 Thomas True
9 29 Kevin Morse
10 91 Mike Orr
11 19 John Rideout
12 96 Wyatt Alexander
13 23 Brandon Sprague
14 28 Ken Beasley


Heat Race Results:

Pro Stock Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 01 Andy Saunders
2 1 Mike Moody
3 15H Nick Hinkley
4 72 Charlie Colby
5 29 Kevin Morse
6 19 John Rideout
7 23 Brandon Sprague


Pro Stock Heat 2 Unofficial Results

1 05 James Osmond
2 99 Ajay Picard
3 13 Nate Tribbett
4 12 Thomas True
5 91 Mike Orr
6 96 Wyatt Alexander
7 28 Ken Beasley


Qualifying Events: Since this is the first race of the season, qualifying heat race lineups will be determined by a draw. Results from the qualifying heats will then set the grid for each feature event.


Event Schedule: Qualifying heat races for all divisions will kick off at 2 p.m. ET.  Four-cylinder Pros, Super Streets, NELCAR Legends, Thunder 4 Minis and Pro Stocks will all be in action.  There will then be a brief intermission before feature action for each division.


N.E. 4-Cylinder Pros – 35 Laps

Super Streets – 25 Laps

NELCAR Legends – 25 Laps

Thunder 4 Minis – 20 Laps

Pro Stocks – 40 Laps


Who To Watch For: Fifteen-year-old Wyatt Alexander will be a driver to watch all season long in the state of Maine.  Many people throughout the state believe that he has the potential to be a future star of the sport.


Defending Pro Stock champion Andy Saunders will also be a driver to watch as he looks to start 2016 on top.


Entry List: 

01 Andy Saunders
1m Mike Moody
05 Jasmes Osmond
12 Thomas True
13 Nate Tribbett
15 Nick Hinkley
19 John Rideout
23 Brandon Sprague
28 Ken Beasley
29 Kevin Morse
72 Charlie Colby
78 Ivan Kaffel
91 Mike Orr
96 Wyatt Alexander
99 Ajay Picard


The Track: Wiscasset Speedway is a 3/8-mile oval located in Wiscasset, Maine.  The track carries the moniker of “Maine’s fastest oval.”  Today will kick off the fourth straight year for track owners Richard and Vanessa Jordan.


Weather: Temperatures are expected to be in the low 60’s when the first green flag waves at 2 p.m. ET.  There is a slight coastal breeze at the track but nothing that will keep fans away from kicking off the 2016 season at Wiscasset.


Next Race: Group #2 consisting of Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Streets, Outlaw Minis, NAPA Modifieds and NELCAR Legends will open their season on Saturday, April 30.


Speed Central: Saunders Wins Pro Stock Opener at Wiscasset