Modified Touring Series – Riverhead Raceway – 6/17/17

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Preece celebrates with Eddie & Connie Partridge. ( photo)

















What Won the Race: Ryan Preece charged to the lead after a Lap 56 pitstop, taking it from Dillon Steuer. It is the second MTS win of 2017 for Preece.


The Finish: 

1 6 Ryan Preece
2 11 Dillon Steuer
3 29 Jon McKennedy
4 58 Eric Goodale
5 52 Woody Pitkat
6 19 David Schneider
7 25 Rowan Pennink
8 97 John Fortin
9 7NY Donny Lia
10 15CT Chris Pasteryak
11 15NH TJ Bleau
12 35 Andrew Molleur
13 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
14 74 CJ Lehmann



The Skinny: Dillon Steuer got the lead early on from polesitter Woody Pitkat. Steuer held the lead after a toe to toe battle with Eric Goodale early on in the race. Preece came into the picture after pitting on Lap 56, after slicing through the leaders, he made quick work of Steuer, who held off Jon McKennedy for second.


Winning Quote: On winning at Riverhead: “It’s a little extra special. Eddie and Connie (Partridge) give us everything we need to win races.”


Winning Crew Chief: Jeff Preece


Winning Chassis: Troyer


Winning Shocks: Earnest Performance


Winning Engine: Robert Yates


On the Move: After drawing ninth starting spot, Preece was patient the first half of the race and made his move to the win after a pitstop.


Biggest Loser: TJ Bleau drew the outside pole, but could not keep a leader’s pace, finishing 11th.


Feature Notebook:

-125 Lap Race Distance

-Teams allowed one fresh tire


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

– Islip 300 winner Dillon Steuer was fastest in practice at 12.353 seconds.

-Eric Goodale was second and Riverhead regular CJ Lehmann was third.

-Ryan Preece & Rowan Pennink rounded the top five in practice.

-Jon McKennedy and Carl Medieros were to New England drivers who not happy in practice.

-After an accident Wednesday night at Thompson Speedway, Tommy Baldwin Racing got the car back together for Donny Lia to compete in tonight.

-David Schneider got a backup car from the shop after blowing his engine in practice.


Starting Lineup:

1 52 Woody Pitkat
2 15NH TJ Bleau
3 11 Dillon Steuer
4 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
5 25 Rowan Pennink
6 19 David Schneider
7 29 Jon McKennedy
8 58 Eric Goodale
9 6 Ryan Preece
10 15CT Chris Pasteryak
11 7NY Donny Lia
12 97 John Fortin
13 35 Andrew Molleur
14 74 CJ Lehmann



Heat Race Results:

Heat One

1 58 Eric Goodale
2 6 Ryan Preece
3 15CT Chris Pasteryak
4 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
5 11 Dillon Steuer
6 7NY Donny Lia
7 35 Andrew Molleur


Heat Two

1 25 Rowan Pennink
2 29 Jon McKennedy
3 52 Woody Pitkat
4 15NH TJ Bleau
5 19 David Schneider
6 97 John Fortin
7 74 CJ Lehmann



Heat Race Lineups:

Heat One

1 58 Eric Goodale
2 15CT Chris Pasteryak
3 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
4 6 Ryan Preece
5 19 David Schneider
6 7NY Donny Lia
7 35 Andrew Molleur

Heat Two

1 15NH TJ Bleau
2 25 Rowan Pennink
3 52 Woody Pitkat
4 29 Jon McKennedy
5 74 CJ Lehmann
6 97 John Fortin
7 11 Dillon Steuer


Car Count: 14 MTS Modifieds


Entry List: 

6 Ryan Preece
7NY Donny Lia
11 Dillon Steuer
15CT Chris Pasteryak
15NH TJ Bleau
19 David Schneider
25 Rowan Pennink
29 Jon McKennedy
35 Andrew Molleur
50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
52 Woody Pitkat
58 Eric Goodale
74 CJ Lehmann
97 John Fortin


Qualifying Format: 

Two heat races will set the lineup. There will be a redraw of the Top Ten during an autograph session.


Event Schedule: 

Practice: 2:30-3:30

Heats: 5:30

Redraw & Autographs: 6:30

Race: 7:45


Who to Watch For: Dillon Steuer and CJ Lehmann are Riverhead regulars. Ryan Preece and Eric Goodale have plenty of Riverhead experience.


Title Fight: Ryan Preece, Jon McKennedy, and Tommy Barrett, Jr are currently locked into the Quest for the Cup.


The Track: Riverhead Raceway (1/4 mile), Riverhead, Long Island (NY)


Weather: Cloudy and humid in the 70’s


Next Series Race: Monadnock Speedway (NH), Saturday, July 1




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