NASCAR Late Model Stock Car – South Boston 200 (VA) – 7/1/16

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What Won the RaceLee Pulliam passed Timothy Peters in the final 10 laps to score his sixth win in the South Boston 200. Danny Willis Jr. led the first 100-laps, but got wrecked on a restart and was never a factor in the finish. Matt Bowling took the lead with 50-laps to go only to be spun from the top spot by Bobby McCarty.


The Finish

1 5 Lee Pulliam 200
2 12B Timothy Peters 200
3 6 Bobby McCarty 200
4 97 Greg Edwards 200
5 2B Brandon Pierce 200
6 55 Mark Wertz 200
7 2 Matt Waltz 200
8 83 Matt Bowling 200
9 91 Justin Carroll 200
10 26 Peyton Sellers 200
11 12 Austin Thaxton 200
12 03 Brenden Queen 200
13 9A Alex Brock 200
14 22 Eric Winslow 199
15 3 Nathan Crews 198
16 11 Jeff Oakley 173
17 10B Maddy Mulligan 159
18 19 Cameron Bowen 117
19 23 Danny Willis Jr. 103
20 9 Trey Crews 102
21 28 Jason Barnes 102
22 64 Charles Barnes 101
23 14 Dusty Ellington 101
24 29 Stuart Crews 99
25 26A Danny Edwards 26
26 04 C.E. Falk 7

Rest of finish pending


The Skinny: Lee Pulliam wins the SoBo 200 for the sixth-straight year.


Winning Quote: “This was the most exciting 200 win I have had,” said Pulliam.  “We had to come from ninth to the lead in the final 80 laps.  It was fun after I got ticked off a little bit.”


Winning Chassis: Marlowe

Winning Engine: Kowalski Racing Engines

Winning Crew Chief: Lee Pulliam


On the Move: TBD


Biggest Loser: TBD


Notebook:  Lee Pullman scores the win over Timothy Peters.  More to come in a few minutes. 

  • Ross “Boo Boo” Dalton won the 100-lap Limited Sportsman race.
  • Matt Bowling sets fast time for the SoBo 200.  Joey Throckmorton sets fast time for the Limited race.
  • C.E. Falk had mechanical problems on his time trial laps. They are done for the night as they have no back up car ready to go.
  • Timothy Peters had a family function and will start shotgun tonight on the field.
  • Tonight’s race is a four-tire event. There will be a break at lap 100, but teams can not change tires. They can swap tires, but they can’t add any new ones.  Officials have to be with a team to change a flat tire.
  • Trey Crews ran 109 laps of practice here on Thursday.
  • Former winners Lee Pulliam and Peyton Sellers are in the field.
  • Peyton Sellers led the first practice over Matt Waltz and Matt Bowling. The second practice was a combination of practice.  Lee Pullman topped the chart in round two as Sellers fell to second and Waltz third.  Matt Bowling was fourth and Austin Thaxton fifth.
  • On the Limited Sportsman side Joey Throckmorton has won all eight races this season and led the first practice round. Mike Jones led the second practice over Throckmorton.
  • Matt Bowling has been second twice in this race in 2013 and 2015.
  • With a pair of wins this season Austin Thaxton is the only driver other then Bowling to win more then once. Thaxton looks to better his 11th-place finish from a year ago.
  • Danny Willis Jr. has won in this event three times in the Limited ranks, but today he will look for his first LMSC 200 win when the sun goes down.
  • Charles Barnes spun at the end of the first practice and didn’t hit anything.
  • Kenny Mills won an entertaining Hornets race.



Car Count: 27 Late Model Stock Cars. We have 14 Limited Sportsman here for the 100-lap race.


Previous Winners:

LMSC 200

2015 Lee Pulliam

2014 Lee Pulliam

2013 Lee Pulliam

2012 Lee Pulliam

2011 Lee Pulliam

2010 Deac McCaskill

2009 Nick Smith

2008 Deac McCaskill

2007 Adam Barker

2006 Drew Herring

2005 Peyton Sellers

2004 Peyton Sellers


Last-Chance Race Results: There will be no Last-Chance race today.


Heat Race Results: There will be no Heat Races today.


Qualifying Results:  

1 83 Matt Bowling 15.909
2 23 Danny Willis Jr. 15.921
3 5 Lee Pulliam 15.932
4 26 Peyton Sellers 15.969
5 04 C.E. Falk 15.972
6 12 Austin Thaxton 15.974
7 2 Matt Waltz 15.982
8 6 Bobby McCarty 16.004
9 55 Mark Wertz 16.012
10 11 Jeff Oakley 16.020
11 2B Brandon Pierce 16.028
12 91 Justin Carroll 16.056
13 97 Greg Edwards 16.058
14 22 Eric Winslow 16.177
15 9 Trey Crews 16.180
16 26A Danny Edwards 16.192
17 9A Alex Brock 16.206
18 03 Brenden Queen 16.313
19 14 Dusty Ellington 16.344
20 19 Cameron Bowen 16.407
21 57 Kelly Kingery 16.413
22 28 Jason Barnes 16.443
23 10B Maddy Mulligan 16.449
24 3 Nathan Crews 16.487
25 64 Charles Barnes 16.504
26 29 Stuart Crews 16.625
27 12B Timothy Peters No Time

In Limited Joey Throckmorton sets fast time for the Limited race.


Event Schedule:

1:30pm Practice Hornets, Pure Stock, Limited Sportsman, Late Models (30 Minutes)

3:45pm Drivers Meeting

4:30pm Grandstands Open

4:30pm Time Trials, Pure Stock, Limited, Late Model (Eur0)

5:3opm-6:30pm Fan Appreciation Begins

7:00pm Green Flag

Hornets 15 Laps

Limited Sportsman 100 Laps

Pure Stocks 50 Laps

Late Model 200 Laps



Who To Watch For: Lee Pullman comes into this race having won the Late Model Stock 200 race for the last five years in a row.  Matt Bowling is the track’s point leader and the NASCAR Whelen All American series national point leader.  NASCAR Trucks Series driver Timothy Peters is here looking to pocket another Late Model win.  C.E. Falk, Austin Thaxton and Danny Willis, Jr. have all won races this season at SoBo.


Entry List:

03 Brenden Queen
04 C.E. Falk
10B Maddy Mulligan
11 Jeff Oakley
12 Austin Thaxton
12B Timothy Peters
14 Dusty Ellington
19 Cameron Bowen
2 Matt Waltz
22 Eric Winslow
23 Danny Willis Jr.
26 Peyton Sellers
26A Danny Edwards
28 Jason Barnes
29 Stuart Crews
2B Brandon Pierce
3 Nathan Crews
5 Lee Pulliam
55 Mark Wertz
57 Kelly Kingery
6 Bobby McCarty
64 Charles Barnes
83 Matt Bowling
9 Trey Crews
91 Justin Carroll
97 Greg Edwards
9A Alex Brock


The Track: South Boston Speedway or SoBo is a 4/10ths of a mile track located just outside of the Virginia town of South Boston. The track was opened in 1957.  The turns are banked at 12° and the straightaways are 10°.


Weather: Temps will hit the low 90’s with partly cloudy skies.  The forecast looks solid and dry.


Next Series Race: South Boston Speedway will be back in action on July 16 for Twin 75-lap races for the Late Model Stocks.




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