Memorial Day Classic- Late Models – Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT) – 5/29/16 

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What Won the Race: Tyler Cahoon held off Scott Dragon’s charge to win his first career Late Model feature at Thunder Road.


The Finish:

1 38VT Tyler Cahoon
2 16VT Scott Dragon
3 66VT Jason Corliss
4 85VT Trampas Demers
5 88VT Nick Sweet
6 68VT Brooks Clark
7 26VT John Donahue
8 27VT Kyle Pembroke
9 42VT Matt White
10 99VT Cody Blake
11 11NH Brett Gervais
12 14VT Phil Scott
13 2VT Mike Bailey
14 13VT Boomer Morris
15 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
16 44VT Richard Lowrey III
17 40VT Eric Chase
18 31VT Shawn Fleury
19 3VT Rick Roberts
20 98NH Walt Hammond, Jr.
21 64VT Christopher Pelkey
22 17VT Darrell Morin
23 25VT David Whitcomb
24 46NH Jeremy Zullo
25 79VT Mike Foster
26 72VT Scott Coburn
27 15ME Brian Tarbell
28 04VT Eric Badore
29 29VT Jason Allen


The Skinny: Tyler Cahoon started third and took the lead from Matt White on lap 5 of the Memorial Day Classic.  He then held off two separate charges from Scott Dragon through lapped traffic to win the 100-lap race.


Winning Quote: “All I heard in my ear was, ‘pulling away.’  I never would have thought that.  First win ever here for myself, I started racing here in 1997 and for it to be the Mekkelsen RV 100 and to get my name on the granite up on the hill… words just can’t express how I feel.” – Tyler Cahoon


Notebook: Eric Chase is driving a former championship car driven by two-time Thunder Road champion Nick Sweet. Sweet works full-time for Chase preparing race cars in the team’s shop.


Multi-time White Mountain Motorsports Park Late Model champion Tyler Cahoon will be running a full season at Thunder Road in 2016.


Car Count: 29 ACT-type Late Models are in the pit area for today’s Labor Day Classic.


Title Fight: The Memorial Day Classic was the first event of the Thunder Road Late Model schedule and Tyler Cahoon will take the point lead heading into the next event.


Winning Chassis: RPM


Winning Engine: RPM Engines


Winning Shocks: KONI


Winning Crew Chief: Pat Cahoon


On the Move: Trampas Demers started 14th and made his way up to fourth, a gain of 10 positions.


Biggest Loser: Eric Badore started on outside of the front row but mechanical gremlins on the first lap relegated him to a 28th-place finish, a loss of 26 spots.


Starting Line-Up:

1 42VT Matt White
2 04VT Eric Badore
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon
4 11NH Brett Gervais
5 68VT Brooks Clark
6 16VT Scott Dragon
7 25VT David Whitcomb
8 40VT Eric Chase
9 2VT Mike Bailey
10 46NH Jeremy Zullo
11 66VT Jason Corliss
12 88VT Nick Sweet
13 26VT John Donahue
14 85VT Trampas Demers
15 14VT Phil Scott
16 99VT Cody Blake
17 27VT Kyle Pembroke
18 17VT Darrell Morin
19 31VT Shawn Fleury
20 86VT Marcel Gravel
21 13VT Boomer Morris
22 98NH Walt Hammond
23 44VT Richard Lowrey
24 72VT Scott Coburn
25 3VT Rick Roberts
26 79VT Mike Foster
27 15ME Brian Tarbell
28 29VT Jason Allen
29 64VT Christopher Pelkey


Consolation Race Results:

1 16VT Scott Dragon
2 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
3 25VT Dave Whitcomb
4 17VT Darrell Morin
5 46NH Jeremy Zullo
6 13VT Boomer Morris
7 98NH Walt Hammond, Jr.
8 44VT Richard Lowrey III
9 72VT Scott Coburn
10 3VT Ricky Roberts
11 79VT Mike Foster
12 15ME Brian Tarbell
13 29VT Jason Allen
14 64VT Christopher Pelkey


Heat Race Results:

Qualifying Heat #1 Unofficial Finish

1 66VT Jason Corliss +1
2 40VT Eric Chase +2
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon +3
4 04VT Eric Badore +4
5 31VT Shawn Fleury -3
6 16VT Scott Dragon +3
7 86VT Marcel Gravel -4
8 46NH Jeremy Zullo +2
9 44VT Rich Lowrey, III. -2
10 72VT Scott Coburn -5


Qualifying Heat #2 Unofficial Finish

1 88VT Nick Sweet +1
2 85VT Trampas Demers +1
3 42VT Matt White +4
4 2VT Mike Bailey +2
5 11VT Brett Gervais +3
6 17VT Darrell Morin -2
7 25VT Dave Whitcomb +3
8 3VT Rick Roberts +1
9 13VT Boomer Morris -4
10 98NH Walt Hammond -9


Qualifying Heat #3 Unofficial Finish

1 26VT John Donahue +1
2 14VT Phil Scott +1
3 27VT Kyle Pembroke -2
4 99VT Cody Blake +1
5 68VT Brooks Clark +3
6 29VT Jason Allen +1
7 64VT Christopher Pelkey -1
8 15ME Brian Tarbell -4
9 79VT Mike Foster -8


Qualifying Events: There will three 15-lap qualifying heats qualifying five to the plus/minus and a 15-lap consolation race qualifying five to the plus/minus. The rest of the starting lineup will be determined by results in the consi.


Practice Results:

1 66vt Jason Corliss 13.515
2 14vt Phil Scott 13.667
3 27vt Kyle Pembroke 13.714
4 99vt Cody Blake 13.723
5 25vt Dave Whitcomb 13.748
6 42vt Matt White 13.760
7 85vt Trampas Demers 13.768
8 29vt Jason Allen 13.773
9 11nh Brett Gervais 13.783
10 68vt Brooks Clark 13.784
11 86vt Marcel Gravel 13.791
12 13vt Boomer Morris 13.796
13 2vt Mike Bailey 13.809
14 26vt John Donahue 13.812
15 17vt Darrell Morin 13.856
16 31vt Shawn Fleury 13.857
17 3vt Ricky Roberts 13.867
18 04vt Eric Badore 13.919
19 38vt Tyler Cahoon 13.927
20 44vt Richard Lowrey III 13.927
21 16vt Scott Dragon 13.929
22 64vt Christopher Pelkey 13.948
23 46nh Jeremy Zullo 14.002
24 15me Brian Tarbell 14.204
25 76vt Mike Foster 14.245
26 72vt Scott Coburn 14.297
27 98nh Walt Hammond 15.068


Event Schedule: Racing is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. ET. Each division will have qualifying heats and consolation races (if needed) before feature action begins. PASS North Super Late Models, Late Models, PASS Modifieds, Tiger Sportsman and Street Stocks are all in action.


Who To Watch For: Nick Sweet will be the driver many fans have an eye on based on his previous performance in Thunder Road’s crown jewel events.  He most recently won the Merchants Bank 150 earlier this month.


Entry List:

2VT Mike Bailey
3VT Rick Roberts
11NH Brett Gervais
13VT Boomer Morris
14VT Phil Scott
15ME Brian Tarbell
16VT Scott Dragon
17VT Darrell Morin
25VT David Whitcomb
26VT John Donahue
27VT Kyle Pembroke
29VT Jason Allen
31VT Shawn Fleury
38VT Tyler Cahoon
40VT Eric Chase
42VT Matt White
44VT Richard Lowrey III
46NH Jeremy Zullo
64VT Christopher Pelkey
66VT Jason Corliss
68VT Brooks Clark
72VT Scott Coburn
79VT Mike Foster
85VT Trampas Demers
86VT Marcel Gravel
88VT Nick Sweet
98NH Walt Hammond, Jr.
99VT Cody Blake
04VT Eric Badore

The Track: Thunder Road International Speedbowl is a high-banked 1/4-mile oval famous for the “widowmaker,” a wall that sticks out off of turn four.


Weather: It’s a beautiful day for racing in Vermont with temperatures in the low 80’s.


Next Series Race: The weekly racing will continue at Thunder Road on Sunday, June 12.


What Won the Race:


The Finish:


The Skinny:


Winning Quote:


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