Intimidator 100 at Kalamazoo Speedway

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What Won the Race:

Tyler Roahrig and Doug True duked it out side by side for three laps before Roahrig was able to take over the lead.

The Finish:

On lap 100 Tyler Roahrig ran his fastest lap of the night.

The Skinny:

Doug True started fourth in the field and quickly found his way up to the lead. He had a substantial lead over the field until lapped traffic started to play a factor.

Jeff Ganus who was in the runner up spot was able to close the gap on True as the back of the back bunched up in front of the leaders. This also allowed Roahrig to close in on Ganus.

Roahrig was able to get around Ganus and went to work on the leader. Roahrig and True battled door to door for about three laps before the no. 24 machine was finally able to complete the pass and give Tyler Roahrig his first Intimidator 100 win.




The fast qualifier goes to Rick Senneker with a 12.776.

2) Brian Bergakker 12.820

3) Tyler Roahrig 12.896

4) Mark Shook 12.916

5) Phil Bozell 12.924


Tonight 16 of the 27 cars are locked into tonight’s Intimidator 100, the remaining 11 cars will fight their way in during a last chance qualifier for the four remaining positions.


16 in the inversion for tonight. It will be good racing tonight as all of the fast cars are starting deep in the field.


Jacob Maynard wins the last chance race, putting him in the 17th starting spot for the Intimidator 100. Jerry Pierman, Jeff Carper, Jeff Bozell will make up the remainder of the field.


Jacob Maynard goes around in turn two on lap 20. Doug True leads the race 1/5th of the way in.


Caution lap 29: Bill Tomlinson takes a spin at the entrance of turn four.


Jeff Ganus has moved into the second spot on the track at the half way mark. He has just over a second and a half to make it to the back bumper of leader Doug True.


One of the favorites, Tyler Roahrig has climbed to the third spot after starting from deep in the field in the 14th spot.


Lap 73- Jeff Ganus and Tyler Roahrig are able to close the gap on the leader of True as they attempt to make their way around lapped traffic. In the lap Roahrig gets around Ganus for the runner up position on the track.


Just 13 laps remain and Roahrig is attempting a pass for the lead. The top two drivers have raced side by side for the past three laps. But with now 12 remaining Roahrig gets the lead position.


Car Count:

27 Outlaw Late Models

Title Fight:

Winning Chassis:

Senneker Performance Chassis

Winning Engine:

Engine support by Stan Roahrig and Gaerte Engines

Winning Shocks:

Winning Crew Chief:

Tyler is a driver who not only jumps in the car and drives, but spends day in and day out on his car to make sure it is in tip top shape. With that being said, Tyler builds his own shocks, as well as does all of the set up on his own.

On the Move:

Tyler Roahrig

Biggest Loser:

Bill Tomlinson

Starting Line-Up:

1 3 Bill Tomlinson
2 7 Justin Claucherty
3 84 Mike Brooks
4 93 Doug True
5 4 Adam Terry
6 21 Billy Shannon
7 25 JR Roahrig
8 97 Matt Frazier
9 5 Jeff Ganus
10 83 Andy Bozell
11 82 Tom Thomas
12 8 Phil Bozell
13 14 Mark Shook
14 24 Tyler Roahrig
15 12 Brian Bergakker
16 57 Rick Senneker
17 23 Jacob Maynard
18 15 Jerry Pierman
19 32 Jeff Carper
20 11 Jeff Bozell

Last-Chance Race Starting Line Up:

4  drivers will transfer into the 100 lap event this evening

20 laps will be the distance

32G Chris Garrett
40 Jameson Russell
88 Andrew DeVreese
23 Jacob Maynard
15 Jerry Pierman
11 Jeff Bozell
16 Brandon Zachary
22 Rich Boal
18 Tyler Heeney
90 Brandon Miller
32 Jeff Carper

Last Chance Race Results:

1 23 Jacob Maynard
2 15 Jerry Pierman
3 32 Jeff Carper
4 11 Jeff Bozell

Qualifying Results:

1 57 Rick Senneker 12.776
2 12 Brian Bergakker 12.820
3 24 Tyler Roahrig 12.896
4 14 Mark Shook 12.916
5 8 Phil Bozell 12.924
6 82 Tom Thomas 12.950
7 83 Andy Bozell 12.957
8 5 Jeff Ganus 12.985
9 97 Matt Frazier 13.013
10 25 JR Roahrig 13.038
11 21 Billy Shannon 13.055
12 4 Adam Terry 13.062
13 93 Doug True 13.067
14 84 Mike Brooks 13.073
15 7 Justin Claucherty 13.114
16 3 Bill Tomlinson 13.192
17 32G Chris Garrett 13.223
18 40 Jameson Russell 13.235
19 88 Andrew DeVreese 13.240
20 23 Jacob Maynard 13.244
21 15 Jerry Pierman 13.254
22 11 Jeff Bozell 13.303
23 16 Brandon Zachary 13.354
24 22 Rich Boal 13.697
25 18 Tyler Heeney 13.710
26 90 Brandon Miller 13.750
27 32 Jeff Carper 13.813

Qualifying Events:

Qualifying tonight is in the fashion of group qualifying

Event Schedule:


7:30 Racing
Intimidator 100 Last Chance Race
Flip Flop Cyber Stock Feature 15 laps
Outlaw Cyber Stock Feature 20 laps
SW Michigan Mini Stock Feature 25 laps
Pro Stock Feature 30 laps
Super Stock Feature 30 laps
Intimidator 100 100 laps

Who To Watch For:

Tyler Roahrig- Tyler is one of the best in the business when it comes to Outlaw Late Models no matter where he takes his no. 24 machine.

Brian Bergakker- Brian was the 2015 winner of the Intimidator 100, and he is the fastest on the charts so far during qualifying.

Entry List:

12 Brian Bergakker
24 Tyler Roahrig
14 Mark Shook
8 Phil Bozell
82 Tom Thomas
83 Andy Bozell
5 Jeff Ganus
97 Matt Frazier
25 JR Roahrig
21 Billy Shannon
4 Adam Terry
93 Doug True
84 Mike Brooks
7 Justin Claucherty
3 Bill Tomlinson
32G Chris Garrett
40 Jameson Russell
88 Andrew DeVreese
23 Jacob Maynard
15 Jerry Pierman
11 Jeff Bozell
16 Brandon Zachary
22 Rich Boal
18 Tyler Heeney
90 Brandon Miller
32 Jeff Carper

The Track:

Kalamazoo Speedway, Kalamazoo, Michigan


It is a chilly 52 degrees here in Kalamazoo, but that hasn’t turned away fans. The stands are filling up quickly for the opening night of racing at ‘The Zoo’.

Next Race:

Kalamazoo Speedway runs weekly throughout the summer months, beginning with tonight. One of the most notable races for ‘The Zoo’ is the annual Kalamazoo Klash featuring the Outlaw Late Models as well as the ARCA/CRA Super Series. This year the Klash will take place on Wednesday August 10th.

Speed Central: Intimidator 100 at Kalamazoo Speedway