TQ Midgets “Battle at Trenton” Friday

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What Won the Race:


The Finish


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  • Early in Friday practice for the TQ Midgets. Drivers for the most part are working to get rubber into the upper groove of the track. Speed are expected to increase as the day goes on.
  • After the first two practice sessions for the TQ Midgets, only the outside groove has been rubbered in. Zane Zeiner was fastest at 7.63 seconds followed by Jimmy Blewett, Andy Jankowiak, Kyle Reinhardt, and Ryan Tidman.
  • Trouble for Anthony Sesely after the third practice with his fuel pump. Crew is replacing the pump.
  • Only 39 drivers particpated in the third practice after race officials moved in the tire stacks from the upper groove. Track is still slippery for a number of drivers.
  • With 2.5 hours left until time trials, Anthony Sesely continues to battle a misfire in the engine. Team still believes it may be fuel related.
  • Final practice is complete with the drivers putting in the fastest times of the day on a track similar to what they will qualifying on tonight. Erick Rudolph put in the fastest time, see below for the top practice speeds.
  • Dakota Kessler is out for the weekend after hitting the turn one wall with the nose of No. 449 TQ. He was assisted from the car and given a medical check but he is okay.
  • No big calamities for most teams as crews begin to line cars up for time trials. The only exception is Anthony Sesely with his team doing work on the electrics and replacing the spark plugs on car No. 16. Sesely still hopes to qualify.
  • Bit of a moment in TQ Time Trials as Jeff Strunk overdrives the car on his second qualifying lap and rolls over. He is okay and drives back to the pits.
  • Change of plans, after fluid from Matt Janisch’s car got all over the racing surface followed by an extensive cleanup, officials have decided to run the first Champ Kart heat race before completing TQ Time Trials.
  • All three Champ Kart heats are complete. Anthony Colandro, A.J. Jadacki, and Chris Daley are the winners. TQ Time Trials are being completed.
  • Another stop in Time Trials as Chad Jones hits the wall, he is okay, his car is not.
  • TQ Time Trials are complete. Erick Rudolph is the fast qualifier. The fields for Friday’s three qualifying races are set.
  • Early in the first TQ Qualifying race, Andy Jankowiak hops a wheel and slams the turn two wall with the right front. He is okay, but very disappointed.
  • After moving forward in the first qualifier, Anthony Sesely’s bad luck continues as he loses power on track.
  • In just his second career TQ Indoor event, Connecticut’s Nick Ladyga holds off Kyle Reinhardt and wins the first TQ Qualifying Race and is locked into Saturday’s A-Main.
  • Some rough moments in the second TQ Qualifier as Ted Christopher hits hard with the right front in the wall and Aaron Bartemy slides on his lid. Both drivers are okay.
  • A sensational final four laps in the second TQ Qualifier as Jimmy Blewett gets inside of Patrick Emerling and the two rub nerf bars and bang wheels all the way to the finish, with Blewett holding off Emerling for the win.
  • Chris Daley wins the 20-lap Champ Kart feature.
  • The third TQ Qualifier also presented some tough moments for points contenders as Erick Rudolph spun twice and Mike Lichty hit the wall with the right front corner.
  • Bob Baker went up and over in the third TQ Qualifier, he retired from the race, but was unhurt.
  • Ryan Susice finished Friday’s action with the win in the third TQ Qualifier.






Car Count:

66 TQ Midgets checked in to race this weekend.

Title Fight

Anthony Sesely leads the points standings by just one point over Mike Lichty. Allentown winner Erick Rudolph trails by six points in third and fourth place Jimmy Blewett trails by 13 points. These four drivers are the only four still in the title hunt.

Winning Chassis

Winning Engine:

Winning Shocks:


Starting Line-Up:


Consi Results:



Heat Race Results:



Qualifying Events:

Time Trials (Top Ten):

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 22 Erick Rudolph 7.045
2 76 Jimmy Blewett 7.045
3 49 Andy Jankowiak 7.049
4 38 Ryan Susice 7.118
5 7B Tim Buckwalter 7.184
6 46 Kyle Reinhardt 7.206
7 27 Andrew Krause 7.217
8 42 Tim Nye 7.239
9 9 Jon Reid 7.242
10 32 Shawn Nye 7.282

Friday Qualifying Race #1:

Pos. No. Driver
1 38N Nick Ladyga
2 46 Kyle Reinhardt
3 9 Jon Reid
4 43 Brandon Azzalina
5 711 Mike Iles
6 94K Scott Kreutter
7 48X Matt Roselli
8 21 Bobby Holmes
9 73B Brett Michalski
10 94 John Ivy
11 18F Ryan Fraser
12 93 Ryan Bartlett
13 27T Marc Rogers
14 6W Brandon McGough
15 71A Christopher Allen Jr
16 16 Anthony Sesely
17 94T Bruce Leote
18 1B Ryan Tidman
19 55 Steve Craig
20 98P Tim Proctor
21 49 Andy Jankowiak

TQ Qualifying Race #2:

Pos. No. Driver
1 76 Jimmy Blewett
2 07 Patrick Emerling
3 7B Tim Buckwalter
4 23 Zane Zeiner
5 8 Earl Paules
6 9D Josh Dalrymple
7 5 Joey Payne
8 5D Tony Dimattia
9 66N Andrew Nye
10 72 Jesse Maurer
11 25 Matt Remick
12 15A Avery Stohr
13 06 Chad Parks
14 16S Buddy Sload
15 B3 Aaron Bartemy
16 69K Steve Kemery
17 95 Jeff Kot
18 24R Ronnie Flaim
19 13 Ted Christopher
20 46V Rob Vivona
21 42 Tim Nye

TQ Qualifying Race #3:

Pos. No. Driver
1 38 Ryan Susice
2 32 Shawn Nye
3 77 Alex Bright
4 74 Rob Neely
5 51 Justin Bonsignore
6 28 Chad Jones
7 22 Erick Rudolph
8 27 Andrew Krause
9 75 Lou Cicconi Jr
10 461 Geoffry Sutton
11 98NY Tommy Catalano
12 44B Pat Bealer
13 6C Jack Conover
14 39 Ron Mullen
15 46H Lou Horvath
16 323 Neal Williams
17 31 Bob Baker
18 X Adam Bartemy
19 8L Kyle Lick
20 1 Mike Lichty

Practice Results:

Top 25:

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 22 Erick Rudolph 7.128
2 76 Jimmy Blewett 7.142
3 32 Shawn Nye 7.221
4 49 Andy Jankowiak 7.245
5 46 Kyle Reinhardt 7.251
6 23 Zane Zeiner 7.266
7 7B Tim Buckwalter 7.276
8 38 Ryan Susice 7.300
9 51 Justin Bonsignore 7.313
10 13 Ted Christopher 7.332
11 75 Lou Cicconi Jr 7.379
12 43 Brandon Azzalina 7.383
13 711 Mike Iles 7.398
14 27 Andrew Krause 7.399
15 1B Ryan Tidman 7.403
16 9 Jon Reid 7.420
17 1 Mike Lichty 7.425
18 94 John Ivy 7.438
19 44B Pat Bealer 7.443
20 94K Scott Kreutter 7.444
21 07 Patrick Emerling 7.450
22 98NY Tommy Catalano 7.452
23 28 Chad Jones 7.456
24 74 Rob Neely 7.459
25 8L Kyle Lick 7.460

Event Schedule:

Friday (Feb. 26)
1pm: TQ Practice
3pm: 1st Champ Kart Practice, Final TQ, Final Champ Kart
6:30pm: Grandstands Open
7:30pm TQ Time Trials
8pm: Racing Begins
Champ Kart Heats (3 Races, 8-laps)
TQ Last Chance Race (10-laps)
1st TQ Qualifying Race (20-laps)
Champ Kart B-Main (8-laps)
2nd TQ Qualifying Race (20-laps)
Champ Kart Feature (20-laps)
3rd TQ Qualifying Race (20-Laps)

Saturday (Feb. 27)

2pm TQ & Slingshot Practice6pm Grandstands Open
7pm Racing Begins;
TQ Heats (5 races, 10-laps)
Slingshot Heats (3 races, 8-laps)
TQ D-Main (10-laps)
Slingshot B-Main (10-laps)
TQ C-Main (10-laps)
TQ Dash (5-laps)
TQ B-Main (10-laps)
Slingshot A-Main (20-laps)
TQ A-Main (40-laps)

Who To Watch For:

Atlantic City winner Anthony Sesely and Allentown winner Erick Rudolph come in as two of the favorites along with fellow points contenders Mike Lichty and Jimmy Blewett. Andy Jankowiak, Justin Bonsingore, Zane Zeiner, and Ryan Tidman are drivers that have also shown speed in the first two Indoor Championship races.






Entry List:

No. Driver
1 Mike Lichty
1B Ryan Tidman
B3 Aaron Bartemy
5 Joey Payne
5D Tony Dimattia
6 Jack Conover
06 Chad Parks
7 Tim Buckwalter
07 Patrick Emerling
8 Earl Paules
8 Kyle Lick
9 Jonathan Reid
9 Josh Dalrymple
11 Mike Tidaback
13 Ted Christopher
15A Avery Stohr
16 Anthony Sesely
16 Buddy Sload
17 Patrick VanVarick
17V Shawn McCaughey
18 Ryan Fraser
21 Bobby Holmes
22 Erick Rudolph
23 Zane Zeiner
24 Ronnie Flaim
25 Matt Remick
27 Andrew Krause
27T Marc Rogers
28 Chad Jones
31 Bob Baker
38 Nick Ladyga
38 Ryan Susice
39 Ronald Mullen
42 Tim Nye
43 Brandon Azzalina
43 David Calabrese
44 Pat Bealer
45 Anthony Payne
46 Russ Gamster
46 Louis Horvath
46 Geoffry Sutton
46 Rob Vivona
48 Matt Janisch
49 Andy Jankowiak
51 Justin Bonsignore
51 Shawn Nye
53 John Ivy
55 Steve Craig
57 Thomas Fraschetta
60 DJ Shaw
66 Andrew Nye
66 Kyle Reinhardt
69K Steve Kemery
71 Christopher Allen Jr
72 Jesse Maurer
73B Brett Michalski
74 Rob Neely
75 Lou Cicconi Jr
76 Jimmy Blewett
77 Alex Bright
93 Ryan Bartlett
94 Scott Kreutter
94L Bruce Leote
95 Jeffery Kot
97 Luke Thomas
98 Tim Proctor
98 Matt Roselli
98 Tommy Catalano
126 Jeff Strunk
323 Neal Williams
449 Dakota Kessler
711 Mike Iles
X Adam Bartemy



The Track:

This race will be the third run on the 1/10th mile concrete arena floor of the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, NJ.



We are inside at the Sun National Bank Center, but it is cold outside in the high 20’s where a lot of teams are fueling and welding.


Next Series Race:

This is the 2016 season finale for the three-race Indoor Auto Racing Championship.


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