Granite State Pro Stock Series – White Mountain Motorsports Park – 7/22/17

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Todd Stone in Granite State Pro Stock Series victory lane for the first time. ( photo)
























What Won the Race: When leaders DJ Shaw and Luke Hinkley were involved in a vicious crash on lap 40, Todd Stone inherited the race lead and survived a number of restarts to score his first career Granite State Pro Stock Series win.


The Finish (Unofficial): 

1 1X Todd Stone
2 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
3 08 Mike O’Sullivan
4 60 DJ Shaw
5 29 Barry Gray
6 7 Cory Casagrande
7 39 Nick Lascuola
8 96 Wyatt Alexander
9 01 Sammy Gooden
10 1VT Jeremy Davis
11 7OZ Grant Aither
12 40 Mike Mitchell
13 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
14 72 Scott MacMichael
15 10 Jimmy Zullo
16 31NH Luke Hinkley
17 43 Devin O’Connell
18 93 Ryan Green
19 23 Glenn Martel


The Skinny: Wayne Helliwell, Jr. started from the pole position and led the opening 20 laps before DJ Shaw took over the lead. Shaw led until lap 40 when he and Luke Hinkley made contact following a restart. Todd Stone inherited the lead and held off a hard-charging Helliwell to score the victory.


Winning Quote: “My crew chief just kept saying you’ll be fine, just hit your laps, hit your laps.  I’ve had a lot of people in my rearview mirror; they don’t really rattle me.  You’ve just got to race your race.” – Todd Stone


On the Move: Cory Casagrande started shotgun on the field (21st) and charged to a sixth-place finish, a gain of 15 spots.


Biggest Loser: Luke Hinkley started second and finished 16th after a vicious wreck on lap 40, a loss of 14 positions.


Feature Notebook:

-Luke Hinkley went for a ride on lap 40 while battling for the lead with DJ Shaw. As the two raced side-by-side down the backstretch Shaw appeared to drift up the race track into Hinkley.  The contact resulted in Hinckley launching over Shaw’s right rear and sent his car down the pit access road before launching over a jersey barrier. Hinkley exited the car under his own power and was okay. Shaw suffered heavy damage as a result of the incident but rejoined the field after a visit to pit road.


-One lap after a red flag for Hinkley, another red flag was waved after Glenn Martel made hard contact with the outside wall in turn one. Martel was okay.


-Between laps 39 and 45 there were seven yellow flags that slowed the pace. There were a total of eight cautions during the 100-lap race.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Wayne Helliwell, Jr. is competing in his first Granite State Pro Stock Series race of the season tonight.


-DJ Shaw, Wayne Helliwell, Jr. and Mike O’Sullivan were fastest in practice earlier today.


-Jeremy Davis is behind the wheel of the Hallstrom No. 1 VT here tonight.


Starting Lineup:

1 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
2 31NH Luke Hinkley
3 1x Todd Stone
4 60 DJ Shaw
5 29 Barry Gray
6 08 Mike O’Sullivan
7 7oz Grant Aither
8 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
9 39 Nick Lascuola
10 1vt Jeremy Davis
11 72 Scott MacMichael
12 01 Sammy Gooden
13 10 Jimmy Zullo
14 43 Devin O’Connell
15 96 Wyatt Alexander
16 40 Mike Mitchell
17 23 Glenn Martel
18 93 Ryan Green
19 7 Cory Casagrande


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 29 Barry Gray
2 1x Todd Stone
3 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
4 7oz Grant Aither
5 39 Nick Lascuola
6 72 Scott MacMichael
7 10 Jimmy Zullo
8 96 Wyatt Alexander
9 23 Glenn Martel
10 7 Cory Casagrande


Heat 2

1 60 DJ Shaw
2 31NH Luke Hinkley
3 08 Mike O’Sullivan
4 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
5 1vt Jeremy Davis
6 01 Sammy Gooden
7 43 Devin O’Connell
8 40 Mike Mitchell
9 93 Ryan Green


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 29 Barry Gray
2 96 Wyatt Alexander
3 1x Todd Stone
4 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
5 7oz Grant Aither
6 39 Nick Lascuola
7 72 Scott MacMichael
8 7 Cory Casagrande
9 10 Jimmy Zullo
10 23 Glenn Martel


Heat 2

1 60 DJ Shaw
2 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
3 31NH Luke Hinkley
4 1vt Jeremy Davis
5 08 Mike O’Sullivan
6 01 Sammy Gooden
7 43 Devin O’Connell
8 40 Mike Mitchell
9 93 Ryan Green


Car Count: 19 Granite State Pro Stocks


Entry List: 

1vt Jeremy Davis
1x Todd Stone
4 Tommy O’Sullivan
7 Cory Casagrande
7oz Grant Aither
10 Jimmy Zullo
23 Glenn Martel
27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
29 Barry Gray
31nh Luke Hinkley
39 Nick Lascuola
40 Mike Mitchell
43 Devin O’Connell
60 DJ Shaw
72 Scott MacMichael
93 Ryan Green
96 Wyatt Alexander
01 Sammy Gooden
08 Mike O’Sullivan


Qualifying Format: There will be two qualifying heat races and a pill draw used to determine tonight’s starting lineup.


Event Schedule: Racing kicks off with qualifying heats at 6 p.m. ET. In addition to the Granite State Pro Stock Series, White Mountain Motorsports Park Late Models, Kid Trucks, Strictly Minis, Mini Cup Cars and Tigers will also be in action.


Who to Watch For: When Wayne Helliwell, Jr. shows up to a race track he’s a threat to win, and that will be no different tonight. Defending PASS North champion DJ Shaw has also had a lot of success at White Mountain and will be a threat to win.  If you’re looking for more of an “underdog,” keep an eye on former GSPSS champion Mike O’Sullivan as he was fast in practice earlier today.


Title Fight: Scott MacMichael leads Mike O’Sullivan by two markers in the championship standings. 


The Track: White Mountain Motorsports Park is a 1/4-mile high-banked oval located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire.


Weather: Temperatures early in the night will be in the low 80s before dropping to the mid 70s later in the evening with partly cloudy skies above the race track.


Next Series Race: The Granite State Pro Stock Series will make it’s way to Monadnock Speedway (NH) on Saturday, August 12.


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