Granite State Pro Stock Series – Lee USA Speedway (NH) – 7/7/17

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Joe Squeglia, Jr. celebrates in victory lane at Lee. ( photo)


























What Won the Race: When Jeremy Davis suffered misfortune while leading on lap 85, Joe Squeglia took over the lead and pulled away from Derek Griffith on the ensuing restart.


The Finish: 

1 03 Joe Squeglia
2 12G Derek Griffith
3 18F Jeff Fagan
4 42CB Corey Bubar
5 72 Scott MacMichael
6 29 Barry Gray
7 7oz Grant Aither
8 31NH Luke Hinkley
9 21 Josh King
10 93 Ryan Green
11 39 Nick Lascuola
12 23 Glenn Martel
13 08 Mike O’Sullivan
14 44P Rusty Poland
15 09 Jeremy Davis
16 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
17 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
18 53 Tyler Fiscus
19 43 Devin O’Connell
20 66 Steve Pailer


The Skinny: Joe Squeglia jumped out to the early lead and led the first 37 laps before Jeremy Harclerode got by him on lap 38.  Harclerode led until lap 72 when Jeremy Davis took command.  Davis’ time out in front was short lived as he went up in smoke on lap 85, sending him into the turn four wall.  Squeglia took back the lead and pulled away late.


Winning Quote: “It was all oil on the track down in three and four.  We were lucky to get through that.” – Joe Squeglia on Jeremy Davis’ misfortune.


Winning Crew Chief: Dave Howard


Winning Chassis: Hamke


Winning Shocks: Roleau Racing


Winning Engine: Ilmor/Phil Harper


On the Move: Grant Aither started 20th after battling clutch problems after practice and charged to a seventh-place finish, a gain of 13 spots.


Biggest Loser: Jeremy Davis started fourth and led 13 laps but was relegated to a 15th-place finish, a loss of 11 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Devin O’Connell arrived at the race track just in time to catch the rear of his qualifying heat. O’Connell drove down to Jimmy Doyle’s shop in North Carolina and picked up a Super Late Model / Pro Stock to race here tonight after suffering major damage to his old car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  O’Connell told that the car hasn’t even been to his shop.  They set the car up at Doyle’s shop in Asheville, North Carolina and drove straight to New Hampshire for today’s race.


-Scott MacMichael is back in action after suffering a blown engine in the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last Saturday.


-Points leader Mike O’Sullivan suffered a punctured radiator hose during his qualifying heat race. The team repaired the part and he’s good to go for tonight’s feature race.


Starting Lineup:

1 03 Joe Squeglia
2 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
3 18F Jeff Fagan
4 09 Jeremy Davis
5 23 Glenn Martel
6 29 Barry Gray
7 31nh Luke Hinkley
8 39 Nick Lascuola
9 44p Rusty Poland
10 42cb Corey Bubar
11 12g Derek Griffith
12 93 Ryan Green
13 72 Scott MacMichael
14 21 Josh King
15 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
16 53 Tyler Fiscus
17 08 Mike O’Sullivan
18 43 Devin O’Connell
19 66 Steve Pailer
20 7oz Grant Aither


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1

1 03 Joe Squeglia
2 18F Jeff Fagan
3 23 Glenn Martel
4 31NH Luke Hinkley
5 44P Rusty Poland
6 12G Derek Griffith
7 72 Scott MacMichael
8 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
9 08 Mike O’Sullivan
10 66 Steve Pailer


Heat 2

1 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
2 09 Jeremy Davis
3 29 Barry Gray
4 39 Nick Lascuola
5 42cb Corey Bubar
6 93 Ryan Green
7 21 Josh King
8 53 Tyler Fiscus
9 43 Devin O’Connell
10 7oz Grant Aither


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 23 Glenn Martel
2 03 Joe Squeglia
3 31nh Luke Hinkley
4 18f Jeff Fagan
5 4 Tommy O’Sullivan
6 44P Rusty Poland
7 12G Derek Griffith
8 72 Scott MacMichael
9 08 Mike O’Sullivan
10 66 Steve Pailer


Heat 2

1 29 Barry Gray
2 21 Josh King
3 7oz Grant Aither
4 09 Jeremy Davis
5 39 Nick Lascuola
6 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
7 42cb Corey Bubar
8 53 Tyler Fiscus
9 93 Ryan Green
10 43 Devin O’Connell


Car Count: 20 Granite State Pro Stocks


Entry List: 

# Driver
03 Joe Squeglia
4 Tommy O’Sullivan
7oz Grant Aither
08 Mike O’Sullivan
09 Jeremy Davis
12G Derek Griffith
18F Jeff Fagan
21 Josh King
23 Glenn Martel
29 Barry Gray
31NH Luke Hinkley
39 Nick Lascuola
42cb Corey Bubar
43 Devin O’Connell
44P Rusty Poland
51NH Jeremy Harclerode
53 Tyler Fiscus
66 Steve Pailer
72 Scott MacMichael
93 Ryan Green


Qualifying Format: There will be two 12-lap qualifying heats and a pill draw to set the starting grid for tonight’s 100-lap feature.


Event Schedule: Heat races are scheduled to begin at 6:45 p.m. The feature schedule is below:

-Ironman (20 laps)

-Pure Stocks (15 laps)

-Hobby Stock (25 laps)

-Classic Lites (20 laps)

-Late Model Sportsman (30 laps)

-Super Modified (30 laps)

-Granite State Pro Stock Series (100 laps)


Who to Watch For: Jeremy Davis has been dominant in Granite State Pro Stock Series action at Lee and will look to sweep the 2017 events at the track tonight.  Derek Griffith and Joe Squeglia each have Pro All Stars Series (PASS) wins at the track and will also be in contention.


Title Fight: Mike O’Sullivan leads Cory Casagrande by eight points in the championship standings.


The Track: Lee USA Speedway is a 3/8-mile oval located in Lee, New Hampshire.


Weather: It’s a great night for racing with temperatures in the low 70s and a zero percent chance of rain.


Next Series Race: The Granite State Pro Stock Series will visit White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday, July 22.


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