Detjens Memorial – Super LM – State Park Speedway – 7/30/16

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What Won the Race:

Contact between MG Gajewski and Tim Sauter battling for the lead with 23 laps to go brought out the caution and sent both cars to the rear of the field.  That handed the lead to Derek Kraus, who held off chargers over three late-race restarts to take the checkered flag.


The Finish: 

1 9K    Derek Kraus
2 12M    Mark Mackesy
3 99S    Tim Sauter
4 40    Jeremy Lepak
5 44M    Justin Mondeik
6 23J    Jay Vandergeest
7 89E    Mike Egan
8 22    Mg Gajewski
9 23H    Ryan Hinner
10 78B    Wyatt Blashe
11 33M    Reagan May
12 1R    Mike Reichenberger
13 41S    Scott Stanchina
14 25B    Wyatt Brooks
15 711    Dalton Zehr
16 5    Travis Sauter
17 98    Brandon Selle
18 4    Natalie Decker
19 45    Jim Sauter
20 2T    Jordan Thiel
21 44L    Mike Lichtfeld

The Skinny: 

On two seperate occasions leaders were sent to the read of the field in the Newsline Nine Detjens Memorial 125 for bringing out the caution.  Early on Dalton Zehr paced the field, but contact with a lap car sent him to the back four laps before the scheduled break.  Tim Sauter ferociously worked his way through the field from his 10th starting position and looked to be the car to beat, however contact with MG Gajewski while trying ot take the lead, sent those two cars to the back, handing the lead to Kraus, who held on for the final 23 laps to become the youngest winner of the Detjens Memorial.


Winning Quote:

“It feels really good to win this race,” said Kraus.  “It’s one of the toughest tracks in the country, there’s little grip and it feels great to race against all these great people and win.”


Winning Chassis: 



Winning Shocks: 



Winning Engine: 



On the Move:

Multi-time State Park Speedway champion Mark Mackesy was involved in a caution early in the Newsline Nine Detjens Memorial 125 and restarted outside of the top-fifteen.  Over the next 100 laps he worked his way back to the front to bring home a runner-up finish.


Biggest Loser:

Dalton Zehr was the biggest loser.  He led the first 71 laps, but made contact with a lap car, sending him around in turn two, bringing out the caution and sending him to the rear of the field.  After that, his car never was as strong as it was early in the race.



Natalie Decker has been sick with the flu all day.  She has been getting fluids at her trailer, so keep an eye to see if she make can it 125 laps tonight.  She was the fast qualifier.

A Sauter has won the last three Newsline Nine Detjens Memorial events, the Sauter’s in the field tonight are Jim Sauter Jr., Tim Sauter and Travis Sauter.  Johnny, who won the event in 2015, is not able to defend his win.


Staring Lineup:

1 7-11 Dalton Zehr
2 44 Justin Mondeik
3 78 Wyatt Blashe
4 12 Mark Mackesy
5 23 Ryan Hinner
6 45 Jim Sauter Jr.
7 22 MG Gajewski
8 9 Derek Kraus
9 04 Natalie Decker
10 2 Jordan Thiel
11 99 Tim Sauter
12 44L Mike Litchfield
16 23v Jay VanDerGeest
13 33 Reagan May
14 5 Travis Sauter
15 89 Mike Egan
17 98 Brandon Selle
18 40 Jeremy Lepak
19 25 Wyatt Brooks
20 1 Mike Reichenberger
21 41 Scott Stanchina


Time Trial Results: 

1 04 Natalie Decker 13.782
2 9 Derek Kraus 13.740
3 22 MG Gajewski 13.743
4 45 Jim Sauter Jr. 13.752
5 23 Ryan Hinner 13.800
6 12 Mark Mackesy 13.853
7 78 Wyatt Blashe 13.870
8 44 Justin Mondeik 13.872
9 7-11 Dalton Zehr 13.874
10 2 Jordan Thiel 13.876
11 99 Tim Sauter 13.882
12 44L Mike Litchfield 13.909
16 23v Jay VanDerGeest 13.961
13 33 Reagan May 13.943
14 5 Travis Sauter 13.946
15 89 Mike Egan 13.949
17 98 Brandon Selle 13.988
18 40 Jeremy Lepak 14.042
19 25 Wyatt Brooks 14.077
20 1 Mike Reichenberger 14.117
21 41 Scott Stanchina 14.280


Heat Race Results:

Odd Heat

1 7-11 Dalton Zehr
2 99 Tim Sauter
3 04 Natalie Decker
4 22 MG Gajewski
5 23 Ryan Hinner
6 78 Wyatt Blashe


Even Heat

1 2 Jordan Thiel
2 44L Mike Litchfield
3 44 Justin Mondeik
4 45 Jim Sauter Jr.
5 9 Derek Kraus
6 12 Mark Mackesy



1 23v Jay VanDerGeest
2 33 Reagan May
3 40 Jeremy Lepak
4 5 Travis Sauter
5 89 Mike Egan
6 98 Brandon Selle
7 25 Wyatt Brooks
8 41 Scott Stanchina
9 1 Mike Reichenberger


Car Count: 

21 Super Late Models


Entry List: 

#04 Natalie Decker
#1 Mike Reichenberger
#2 Jordan Thiel
#5 Travis Sauter
#9 Derek Kraus
#12 Mark Mackesy
#22 MG Gajewski
#23 Ryan Hinner
#23v Jay VanDerGeest
#25 Jeff Storm
#25b Wyatt Brooks
#41 Scott Stanchina
#40 Jeremy Lepak
#44 Justin Mondeik
#44l Mike Litchfield
#45 JIm Sauter Jr.
#89 Mike Egan
#98 Brandon Selle
#99 Tim Sauter
#7-11 Dalton Zehr
Wyatt Blashe


Qualifying Format: 

Starting field will consist of twenty two(22) cars positions (1-12) will be from qualifying with an inversion of  six (6) plus the roll of the dice.

Positions (13-18) will come from the qualifying races, positions 19-20 will come from the last chance qualifier.  There will be two provisionals


Event Schedule: 

1:00 Pit Gate Opens

2:00-2:30pm SLM Practice

2:30-4:45pm Rotating Practice all divisions

5:00pm Fred Mueller Qualifying (Bandos, Mini-Stock, Mini-Mod, Pure Stock, LLM, SLM)

5:45 Opening Ceremonies

6:00 Racing Begins

Bandolero Heats – 8 Laps

Mini-Stock Heats – 8 Laps

Mini Mod Heats – 8 Laps

Pure Stock Heats – 8 Laps

Limited Late Model Heats – 8 Laps

Newsline Nine Detjens 125 SLM Heats /LCQ

Bandolero 15 lap feature


Mini Stock 25 lap feature

Mini Mod 25 lap feature

Pure Stock 25 lap feature

Limited Late Model 20 lap feature

Green Mill Super Late Models – Newsline Nine Detjens Memorial 125 10 min break at lap 75


Who to Watch For:

A Sauter has won the last three straight Detjens Memorial races.  Tim won back to back events in 2013 & 2014 and Johnny won in 2015.  Johnny will not be back to defend his win, but Tim has been stout at State Park Speedway the past three season, he will be a favorite to win.


Natalie Decker is the current Super Late Model point leader and has two wins at the track this year, expect her to have a strong run.


Multi-time State Park Speedway track champion Mark Mackesy looks for a record fourth Detjens Memorial win.  This race has special meaning to him, as he is married to Larry’s daugher, Margo.  Mackesy earned his first win at SPS in two years just two weeks ago and looks to ride some momentum into the Newsline Nine Detjens Memorial 125.


Title Fight:

Natalie Decker currently holds the Super Late Model point lead over Dalton Zehr by 9 points.  Decker has a pair of wins, while a win at SPS has eluded Zehr.  Jim Sauter Jr. is third in points 33 back of the leader.


The Track: 

State Park Speedway is a ¼ mile racing oval located just outside the city of Wausau in the Town of Rib Mountain.  State Park Speedway takes pride is its history.  For over 35 years guys like Dick Trickle, Dave Marcis, Bobby Allison, Mark Martin, Tom and Bryan Reffner, Jim Back, Marv Marzofka, and Scott and Chris Wimmer have all competed at the track.



The weather is beautiful.  Mid -70’s, sunny with just a few clouds in the sky.


Next Series Race:

The next race at State Park Speedway is Thursday, August 11th.




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