Summer Broiler 75 – Big-Block Dirt Modifieds – Rolling Wheels Raceway Park (NY) – 8/25/16

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Tim Fuller captured the win in tonight’s Summer Broiler 75 at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. ( Photos)



























The Finish: 

1) 19 Tim Fuller

2) 9s Matt Sheppard

3) 27j Danny Johnson

4) 84 Gary Tomkins

5) 14j Alan Johnson

6) 93 Danny Varin

7) 38 Ryan Susice

8) 7m Mike Maresca

9) 3e Tim Schneider Jr

10) 33m Mike Mahaney

11) 48t Dave Rauscher

12) 63 Adam Roberts

13) 3L L.J. Lombardo

14) 31m James Maier

15) 77 Dan Weisner

16) 32c Vic Coffey

17) 88 Dave Allen

18) 3 Justin Hears

19) 99b Chuck Bower

20) 16 Aaron Jacobs

21) 91 Billy Decker


Feature Notebook:

  • Billy Decker brings out the first caution on lap 1 with a broken right-front shock and will load the 91 onto the hauler.
  • L.J. Lombardo brings out caution #2 on the backstretch on lap 2.
  • Great battle at the front of the field the first 20 laps between Danny Johnson and Tim Fuller for the lead.
  • Matt Sheppard up to 4th from an 8th place starting spot early in the event.
  • Pole Sitter Adam Roberts lapped by Danny Johnson on lap 23.
  • Late race caution will give Sheppard a chance at the lead battle with Fuller.
  • Nobody can stop Tim Fuller tonight, the 19 is on rails and takes the victory.


What Won the Race:

Tim Fuller outdueled “The Doctor” Danny Johnson to grab the lead in the first 20 laps of the 75-lap feature event and put enough distance between himself, Johnson, and Matt Sheppard to control the rest of the A-main.


 The Skinny:

The “A-train” Adam Roberts and “The Doctor” Danny Johnson led the field to the green flag for the Summer Broiler 75.  The action quickly got hot at the front of the field with an epic battle between Johnson and the 19 of Tim Fuller for the race lead.  Fuller finally prevailed, making the pass on Johnson and setting a blistering pace around the 5/8 mile Rolling Wheels Raceway Park.   Fuller quickly got into lap traffic which kept the top 3 within striking distance.  Matt Sheppard moved up from the 8th starting position and got by Johnson for position number two.   A late race yellow would wave and give Sheppard a shot at Fuller for the race lead, but Fuller had the 19 dialed in tonight and outdistanced the field to bring home the $7500.00 payday.  Sheppard finished second, Danny Johnson third, Gary Tomkins fourth, and Alan Johnson rounding out the top five.


Winning Quote:

“That battle there with Danny was something.  Danny doesn’t lay down and he is going to make you earn every bit of it.”  – Tim Fuller


Winning Chassis:

Bicknell Racing Products


Winning Shocks:

Integra Racing Shocks


Winning Engine:

Enders Racing Engine


On the Move:

Ryan Susice was the “man on the move” in tonight’s feature event gaining 8 positions from his 15th starting position to bring home a 7th place finish.


Biggest Loser:

Adam Roberts was tonight’s biggest loser dropping 11 spots from his pole position starting spot to a 12th place finish at the checkers.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

  • 22 Big Block Dirt Modifieds in action tonight at Rolling Wheels Raceway
  • Super DIRTcar regulars in action tonight include Danny Johnson, Tim Fuller, Gary Tomkins, Matt Sheppard, Vic Coffey, Billy Decker, Alan Johnson, and Mike Mahaney.
  • Matt Sheppard has a brand new car at tonight’s event.
  • Mike Maresca wins heat race #1
  • Matt Sheppard scores the win in heat race #2
  • Tim Fuller captures the victory in heat race #3.
  • No consolation race for the Big Block Modifieds
  • Adam Roberts draws the pole position for tonight’s Summer Broiler 75


Staring Lineup:

1) 63 Adam Roberts

2) 27j Danny Johnson

3) 3e Tim Schneider Jr.

4) 19 Tim Fuller

5) 7m Michael Maresca

6) 84 Gary Tomkins

7) 77 Dan Weisner

8) 9s Matt Sheppard

9) 3 Justin Haers

10) 32c Vic Coffey

11) 91 Billy Decker

12) 14j Alan Johnson

13) 93 Danny Varin

14) 33m Mike Mahaney

15) 38 Ryan Susice

16) 99b Chuck Bower

17) 88 Dave Allen

18) 3L L.J. Lombardo

19) 31m James Maier

20) 16 Aaron Jacobs

21) 48t Dave Rauscher

22) 85 Bob Sparker


Heat Race Results:

Heat Race #1 Results:

1) 7m Michael Maresca

2) 77 Dan Weisner

3) 27j Danny Johnson

4) 32c Vic Coffey

5) 93 Danny Varin

6) 99b Chuck Bower

7) 31m James Maier


Heat Race #2 Results:

1) 9s Matt Sheppard

2) 63 Adam Roberts

3) 3e Tim Schneider Jr.

4) 91 Billy Decker

5) 33m Mike Mahaney

6) 88 Dave Allen

7) 16 Aaron Jacobs


Heat Race #3 Results:

1) 19 Tim Fuller

2) 84 Gary Tomkins

3) 3 Justin Haers

4) 14j Alan Johnson

5)  38 Ryan Susice

6) 3L L.J. Lombardo

7) 48t Dave Rauscher

8) 85 Bob Sparker


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat #1 Lineup:

1) 77 Dan Weisner

2) 7m Mike Maresca

3) 27j Danny Johnson

4) 99b Chuck Bower

5) 93 Danny Varin

6) 31m James Maier

7) 32c Vic Coffey


Heat #2 Lineup:

1) 9s Matt Sheppard

2) 63 Adam Roberts

3) 3e Tim Schneider Jr.

4) 33m Mike Mahaney

5) 88 Dave Allen

6) 91 Billy Decker

7) 16 Aaron Jacobs


Heat #3 Lineup:

1) 19 Tim Fuller

2) 14j Alan Johnson

3) 84 Gary Tomkins

4) 3L L.J. Lombardo

5) 3 Justin Haers

6) 38 Ryan Susice

7) 85 Bob Sparker

8) 48t Dave Rauscher


Car Count:

 22 Big Block Modifieds are on hand at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park for the Summer Broiler 75.


Entry List: 

3 Justin Haers

3e Tim Schneider Jr.

3L LJ Lombardo

7m Mike Maresca

9s Matt Sheppard

14j Alan Johnson

16 Aaron Jacobs

19 Tim Fuller

27j Danny Johnson

31m James Maier

32c Vic Coffey

33m Mike Mahaney

38 Ryan Susice

48t Dave Rauscher

63 Adam Roberts

77 Dan Weisner

84 Gary Tomkins

85 Bob Sparker

88 Dave Allen

91 Billy Decker

93 Danny Varin

99b Chuck Bower


Qualifying Format: 

Three heat races will set the starting lineup for tonight’s Big Block Dirt Modified Summer Broiler 75.  The top 3 finishers from each heat race will redraw to set the top nine starting positions for tonight’s Summer Broiler 75.


Event Schedule:

6:30pm Hot Laps

Late Models



7:25pm National Anthem

7:30 Heats

Late Models 8 Laps

Sportsman 8 Laps

Modifieds 8 Laps


Consi’s if needed


Late Models 20 Laps

Sportsman 30 Laps

Modifieds 75 Laps



Who to Watch For:

Danny Johnson, Matt Sheppard, Tim Fuller, Billy Decker will all be guys to keep an eye on tonight during the Summer Broiler 75.


Title Fight:

 There is no Title Fight tonight, but there is a $7,500 winners purse up for grabs.


The Track: 

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park is a 5/8 mile clay oval located at 8310 Grant Avenue Rd., Elbridge, New York.



It is a beautiful night here at the Rolling Wheels Raceway, mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid 70’s.




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