ARCA Midwest Tour – Elko Speedway (MN) – 9/23/17

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Dalton Zehr wins the 2017 Thunderstruck 93 at Elko (Speed 51 Photo)

Dalton Zehr wins the 2017 Thunderstruck 93 at Elko (Speed 51 Photo)












Feature Notebook:

-Dennis Prunty takes the early lead.

-Jonathan Eilen now leads 10 laps in.

-Eilen leads at lap 39 break followed by Goede, Zehr, J. Weinkauf, and Fredrickson.

-50 laps in, Eilen leads Majeski.

-Caution lap 65, Baker and Prunty make contact. Baker with heavy damage. Eilen leads Majeski by a slim margin.

-Majeski takes lead on lap 67.

-Lap 39 break: Majeski leads Zehr, Eilen, Fredrickson, and C. Weinkauf.

-Dalton Zehr takes lead from Majeski on lap 107.

-Caution lap 119. C. Weinkauf and Dan Fredrickson make contact.

Lap 125- Zehr wins the Thunderstruck 93 at Elko.

Pre-Feature Notebook: 

Chris Weinkauf was fastest overall in practice, then followed it up with the fastest time in time trials. Teams are allowed to switch the rear tires to the front, and front tires to the rear during the breaks at lap 39 and 93. No new tires are allowed.

Starting Lineup:

1 8 Billy Mohn
2 42 Dennis Prunty
3 7 John DeAngelis, Jr
4 77 Jonathan Eilen
5 72 Jacob Goede
6 35 Travis Dassow
7 62 John Heath
8 14 Austin Nason
9 9 Derek Kraus
10 76 Jason Weinkauf
11 91 Ty Majeski
12 119 Dalton Zehr
13 75 Chris Weinkauf
14 39 Andrew Morrissey
15 12 Nick Murgic
16 36 Dan Fredrickson
17 52 Ricky Baker
18 81 Bryan Keske
19 44 Justin Mondeik
20 18 Michael Ostdiek
21 27 Paul Paine
22 50 Steve Anderson
23 7s Paul Shafer, Jr

Time Trial Results: 

1 75W Chris Weinkauf 13.66
2 119 Dalton Zehr 13.719
3 91M Ty Majeski 13.725
4 76W Jason Weinkauf 13.742
5 9K Derek Kraus 13.744
6 14N Austin Nason 13.755
7 62H John Heath 13.776
8 35D Travis Dassow 13.782
9 72G Jacob Goede 13.793
10 77E Jonathan Eilen 13.805
11 7D John DeAngelis Jr. 13.808
12 42P Dennis Prunty 13.824
13 8M Billy Mohn 13.858
14 39M Andrew Morrissey 13.87
15 12M Nick Murgic 13.878
16 36F Dan Fredrickson 13.896
17 52B Ricky Baker 13.917
18 81S Bryan Syer-Keske 13.929
19 44M Justin Mondeik 13.935
20 27P Paul Paine 13.959
21 18O Michael Ostdiek 14.003
22 50A Steve Anderson 14.019
23 7S Paul Shafer Jr. 14.056
24 17Z Jerry Ziemiecki 14.811

Car Count: 


Entry List: 

7 John DeAngelis, Jr Hubertus WI
7S Paul Shafer, Jr Portage IN
8 Billy Mohn New Market MN
9 Derek Kraus Stratford WI
12 Nick Murgic Rosemount MN
14 Austin Nason Roscoe IL
18 Michael Ostdiek Lakeville MN
27 Paul Paine Mound MN
35 Travis Dassow West Bend WI
36 Dan Fredrickson Lakeville MN
39 Andrew Morrissey DeForest WI
42 Dennis Prunty Knowles WI
43 Matt Kocourek Franklin WI
44 Justin Mondeik Gleason WI
50 Steve Anderson Lakeville MN
52 Ricky Baker Plainfield IL
54 Rich Schumann, Jr Portage WI
62 John Heath Lakeville MN
72 Jacob Goede Carver MN
75 Chris Weinkauf Merrill WI
75T Joel Theisen Maple Grove MN
76 Jason Weinkauf Merrill WI
77 Jonathan Eilen Hampton MN
81 Bryan Keske Lakeville MN
91 Ty Majeski Seymour WI
119 Dalton Zehr Daytona Beach FL

Qualifying Format: 

Each car will get 2 timed laps. All cars who made the trip will be in the feature tonight barring any incidents or mechanical problems.

Event Schedule: 

12- 12:30 pm -First Practice
2- 2:30 pm -Final Practice
2:45 pm -On Track Autographs
4:30 pm -Time Trials Begin
6 pm -Opening Ceremonies

Who to Watch For:

In the last two years of ARCAMT at Elko, it has been Dan Fredrickson and Ty Majeski bringing home the trophy. Both will bring speed today, and will be the ones to watch.

Title Fight:

If Paul Shafer Jr. win the fast time today, the championship battle remains, but barely. If Shafer Jr. does not set the fast time, Ty Majeski has clinched the 2017 ARCA Midwest Tour championship.

The Track:

Elko Speedway is a high-banked 3/8 paved oval located near Elko, Minnesota. This is a wide race track that allows for two, and even three-wide racing.


Nobody told Elko that Fall started yesterday, as the temperatures will reach around 85 degrees today. It will be a beautiful day for racing nonetheless.

Next Series Race:

The final race for the ARCA Midwest Tour will take place in two weeks at La Crosse Speedway (WI) as part of the Oktoberfest festivities.

What Won the Race:

Dalton Zehr had the right setup in the car and played tire strategy just right to beat Ty Majeski for his second career ARCAMT victory.


The Finish: 

Pos No. Name Laps
1 119 Dalton  Zehr 125
2 91M Ty  Majeski 125
3 77E Jonathan Eilen 125
4 8M Billy Mohn 125
5 72G Jacob Goede 125
6 76W Jason Weinkauf 125
7 9K Derek Kraus 125
8 44M Justin Mondeik 125
9 81S Bryan Syer-Keske 125
10 14N Austin Nason 125
11 27P Paul Paine 125
12 7D John DeAngelis Jr. 125
13 35D Travis Dassow 125
14 18O Michael Ostdiek 125
15 36F Dan Fredrickson 125
16 75W Chris Weinkauf 125
17 7S Paul Shafer Jr. 125
18 42P Dennis Prunty 125
19 50A Steve Anderson 103
20 52B Ricky  Baker 65
21 39M Andrew Morrissey 51
22 12M Nick Murgic 39
23 62H John Heath 39
24 17Z Jerry Ziemiecki 16

The Skinny: 

Dalton Zehr and Ty Majeski had a great battle toward the end of the Thunderstruck 93, but it was clearly Zehr who had the fastest car.  After taking the lead on lap 107/125, he held off Majeski on a late race restart to pull into victory lane.

Winning Quote:

“I knew I had to hang on for a couple laps on the restart, and then we could pull away.”

On the Move:

After starting 12th, Dalton Zehr made the most out of the night and came all the way to a first place finish.

Biggest Loser:

Paul Shafer Jr, second in points, did not have a good night by any means with a 17th place finish. They appeared to lack speed, and Majeski clinched another championship.

Speed Central: ARCA Midwest Tour Thunderstruck 93 at Elko