ACT Invitational – New Hampshire Motor Speedway – 9/24/16

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Eddie MacDonald drives to the front. ( Ibsen photo)

Eddie MacDonald drives to the front. ( Ibsen photo)























What Won the Race: Eddie MacDonald made a bold inside pass on a restart with 5 laps to go, going three-wide with Jimmy Hebert and Bobby Therrien to win the ACT Invitational.


The Finish: 

1 17MA Eddie MacDonald
2 58VT Jimmy Hebert
3 48QC Alex Labbe
4 5CT Dillon Moltz
5 5VT Bobby Therrien
6 5MA Tom Carey III
7 28ME Rowland Robinson Jr.
8 07MA Woody Pitkat
9 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
10 17RI Ray Parent
11 21QC Jean-Francois Dery
12 11NY Josh Masterson
13 93CT Ray Christian III
14 19QC Dany Trepanier
15 54VT Mike Ziter
16 31ME John Donahue
17 03MA Joel Monahan
18 97MA Adam Gray
19 9NH Kyle Welch
20 32NH Jeff Marshall
21 38VT Tyler Cahoon
22 5QC Patrick Cliché
23 26NH Bucky Demers
24 49NH Matt Anderson
25 15ME Brian Tarbell
26 59QC Jean-Pierre Ouimet
27 6QC Simon Roussin
28 77MA James Linardy
29 3VT Ricky Roberts
30 10VT Jim Zullo II
31 4VT Chris Riendeau
32 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
33 15NH Brad Babb
34 29NH Aaron Fellows
35 3MA Brian Tagg
36 22RI Mark Jenison
37 61NH Ryan Olson
38 40VT Nick Sweet
39 78NH Quinny Welch
40 80QC Donald Theetge
41 91QC Patrick Laperle


The Skinny: Jimmy Hebert dominated the race, leading the first 45 of the 50 green flag laps. Eddie MacDonald used the six yellow flags to leap frog from his 30th starting position up to the front. After making his three-wide pass, MacDonald claimed his fifth win in the ACT Invitational.


Winning Quote: “Lucky for cautions, that’s the only way that we even had a chance to be able to contend for the win.” – Eddie MacDonald


Winning Crew Chief: Rollie Lachance


Winning Chassis: Dale Shaw Racecars


Winning Shocks: Koni


Winning Engine: Butler McMaster


On the Move: Eddie MacDonald was also the biggest mover in the race, picking up 30 spots to the race win.


Biggest Loser: Ryan Olson had a solid starting postion of sixth, but car trouble took him out of the race with Olson loosing 31 spots and finishing 37th.



Feature Notebook:

The race was marred by six caution periods, with four leaders and four lead changes.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Jean-Francois Dery and Donald Theetge both lost engines practice this morning, both are changing engines.

2014 ACT Invitational winner Wayne Helliwell, Jr. was on the original entry list, but has been feeling under the weather and did not make the trip to Loudon.


Starting Lineup:

1 9NH Kyle Welch
2 58VT Jimmy Hebert
3 31ME John Donahue
4 5VT Bobby Therrien
5 32NH Jeff Marshall
6 61NH Ryan Olson
7 38VT Tyler Cahoon
8 78NH Quinny Welch
9 4VT Chris Riendeau
10 11NY Josh Masterson
11 93CT Ray Christian III
12 07MA Woody Pitkat
13 5MA Tom Carey III
14 49NH Matt Anderson
15 28ME Rowland Robinson Jr.
16 3MA Brian Tagg
17 29NH Aaron Fellows
18 54VT Mike Ziter
19 97MA Adam Gray
20 26NH Bucky Demers
21 19QC Dany Trepanier
22 15NH Brad Babb
23 91QC Patrick Laperle
24 21QC Jean-Francois Dery
25 17RI Ray Parent
26 5CT Dillon Moltz
27 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
28 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
29 40VT Nick Sweet
30 48QC Alex Labbe
31 17MA Eddie MacDonald
32 3VT Ricky Roberts
33 15ME Brian Tarbell
34 59QC Jean-Pierre Ouimet
35 22RI Mark Jenison
36 10VT Jim Zullo II
37 77MA James Linardy
38 6QC Simon Roussin
39 03MA Joel Monahan
40 5QC Patrick Cliché
41 80QC Donald Theetge


Practice Results: 

1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 31.486
2 17MA Eddie MacDonald 31.555
3 5CT Dillon Moltz 31.579
4 40VT Nick Sweet 31.635
5 17RI Ray Parent 31.670
6 15NH Brad Babb 31.671
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert 31.700
8 19QC Dany Trepanier 31.721
9 48QC Alex Labbe 31.730
10 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette 31.747
11 29NH Aaron Fellows 31.759
12 5VT Bobby Therrien 31.793
13 11NY Josh Masterson 31.868
14 91QC Patrick Laperle 31.879
15 5MA Tom Carey III 31.924
16 28ME Rowland Robinson Jr. 31.964
17 07MA Woody Pitkat 31.965
18 26NH Bucky Demers 31.988
19 54VT Mike Ziter 31.995
20 4VT Chris Riendeau 32.042
21 22RI Mark Jenison 32.093
22 03MA Joel Monahan 32.133
23 49NH Matt Anderson 32.152
24 9NH Kyle Welch 32.155
25 61NH Ryan Olson 32.225
26 93CT Ray Christian III 32.232
27 3MA Brian Tagg 32.343
28 31ME John Donahue 32.386
29 15ME Brian Tarbell 32.423
30 97MA Adam Gray 32.471
31 32NH Jeff Marshall 32.559
32 77MA James Linardy 32.590
33 38VT Tyler Cahoon 32.630
34 21QC Jean-Francois Dery 32.760
35 59QC Jean-Pierre Ouimet 32.766
36 5QC Patrick Cliché 32.843
37 3VT Ricky Roberts 32.888
38 78NH Quinny Welch 33.068
39 6QC Simon Roussin 33.141
40 10VT Jim Zullo II 33.333
41 80QC Donald Theetge 48.773


Car Count: 41 ACT Late Models


Entry List: 

3MA Brian Tagg
3VT Ricky Roberts
4VT Chris Riendeau
5CT Dillon Moltz
5MA Tom Carey III
5QC Patrick Cliché
5VT Bobby Therrien
6QC Simon Roussin
9NH Kyle Welch
10VT Jim Zullo II
11NY Josh Masterson
15NH Brad Babb
15ME Brian Tarbell
17MA Eddie MacDonald
17RI Ray Parent
19QC Dany Trepanier
21QC Jean-Francois Dery
22RI Mark Jenison
26NH Bucky Demers
28ME Rowland Robinson Jr.
29NH Aaron Fellows
31ME John Donahue
32NH Jeff Marshall
38VT Tyler Cahoon
40VT Nick Sweet
41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
48QC Alex Labbe
49NH Matt Anderson
54VT Mike Ziter
58VT Jimmy Hebert
59QC Jean-Pierre Ouimet
61NH Ryan Olson
77MA James Linardy
78NH Quinny Welch
80QC Donald Theetge
91QC Patrick Laperle
93CT Ray Christian III
97MA Adam Gray
97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
03MA Joel Monahan
07MA Woody Pitkat


Qualifying Format: Lineup set by practice speeds and pre-race draw.


Event Schedule: 

Practice 8 p.m.

Race 5 p.m. ET


Who to Watch For: Eddie MacDonald is a four-time winner of the event and is considered a favorite by many fans and drivers entering today’s race. Canadian invaders Patrick Laperle and Alex Labbe will be tough to beat, as will former ACT champion Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.


Title Fight: Today’s race is an exhibition race and does not count towards the ACT point standings.


The Track: New Hampshire Motor Speedway is located in Loudon, New Hampshire. The track is referred to as “The Magic Mile” due to it’s mile length.


Weather: Sunny, Mid 60’s.


Next Series Race: Vermont Milk Bowl at Thunder Road (Barre, VT), October 1-2



Speed Central: American-Canadian Tour Invitational at New Hampshire