American-Canadian Tour – White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) – 8/4/18

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Jimmy Hebert celebrates a hard fought win over Scott Payea at White Mountain. ( photo)

















What Won the Race: After climbing to the top two spots over the first 130 laps, Jimmy Hebert faced off with Scott Payea on a restart with nine laps to go. The two Vermont drivers traded the lead four times over a five lap period, before Hebert secured the lead with four laps to go.


The Finish (Unofficial): 

1 58vt Jimmy Hebert
2 37vt Scott Payea
3 17ma Eddie MacDonald
4 99vt Cody Blake
5 1nh Corey Mason
6 78nh Quinten Welch
7 2vt Stephen Donahue
8 11ny Josh Masterson
9 21nh Oren Remick
10 72ma Ryan Kuhn
11 15vt Craig Bushey
12 10nh Bryan Mason
13 3nh Mike Kenison
14 7nh Dylan Payea
15 22nh Scott Corey
16 74vt Jerry Lesage
17 11qc Claude Leclerc
18 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
19 9ma Brian Tagg
20 26vt John Donahue
21 77ma James Linardy
22 30nh Rich Dubeau
23 04nh Shawn Swallow
24 83vt Stacy Cahoon
25 61nh Ryan Olson
26 9vt Chip Grenier
27 22ri Mark Jenison
28 9nh Matt Morrill
29 10me Jesse Switser
30 22vt Peyton Lanpher


The Skinny: Josh Masterson led the race from the pole, but soon after for much of the first two-thirds of the race it was Cody Blake and Rich Dubeau leading the pack, while Payea and Hebert started in the sixth row because of the race winner’s handicap. Both Blake and Dubeau would get burned by lapped cars and yellow flags, allowing Hebert, Payea, and MacDonald to work up into the podium, and giving Hebert and Payea a chance to break away and battle among themselves.

It is the second straight win on the ACT for Hebert after getting back to victory lane for the first time in five years, last race out at Speedway 51. It’s the fourth career ACT win for Hebert and first at White Mountain.


Winning Quote: “I knew I had to rough (Payea) up to get the lead. I see him coming, he’s going to come back, and I deserve it. He got me up, so I had to do it again. – Jimmy Hebert


Winning Crew Chief: Keith Clark


Winning Chassis: Dale Shaw Racecars


Winning Shocks: Koni


Winning Engine: Redline


On the Move: Jimmy Hebert went from 12th to win the race after all 150 laps.


Biggest Loser: After starting second and leading briefly, Rich Dubeau ground to a halt with nine to, finishing 22nd and out of the race.


Feature Notebook:

-Rich Dubeau dropped out of the race with nine laps to go after being an early factor.

-Cody Blake was unhappy with lapped cars after the race, saying that it cost him ground after leading the most laps.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Mike Kenison and Quinten Welch led the two practice sessions.

-Brian Tagg crossed the line fourth in heat two, but was penalized for contact with Shawn Swallow on the last lap.

-Jody Sicard is the first retirement of the day after a heavy hit with right side in the turn one wall.

-Bryan Mason and Shawn Swallow advanced through the B-Main.

-ACT officials have upped the starters to 30 cars.


Starting Lineup:

1 11ny Josh Masterson
2 30nh Rich Dubeau
3 22ri Mark Jenison
4 99vt Cody Blake
5 72ma Ryan Kuhn
6 1nh Corey Mason
7 3nh Mike Kenison
8 78nh Quinten Welch
9 7nh Dylan Payea
10 17ma Eddie MacDonald
11 37vt Scott Payea
12 58vt Jimmy Hebert
13 22nh Scott Corey
14 10me Jesse Switser
15 2vt Stephen Donahue
16 61nh Ryan Olson
17 83vt Stacey Cahoon
18 21nh Oren Remick
19 74vt Jerry Lesage
20 9nh Matt Morrill
21 15vt Craig Bushey
22 9ma Brian Tagg
23 11qc Claude Leclerc
24 77ma James Linardy
25 9vt Chip Grenier
26 10nh Bryan Mason
27 04nh Shawn Swallow
28 22vt Peyton Lanpher
29 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
30 26vt John Donahue


Heat Race Results:

Heat One

1 99vt Cody Blake
2 58vt Jimmy Hebert
3 30nh Rich Dubeau
4 37vt Scott Payea
5 74vt Jerry Lesage
6 15vt Craig Bushey
7 9nh Matt Morrill
8 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
9 77ma James Linardy


Heat Two

1 72ma Ryan Kuhn
2 3nh Mike Kenison
3 11ny Josh Masterson
4 7nh Dylan Payea
5 57nh David Lebrecque
6 7vt Mike Foster
7 04nh Shawn Swallow
8 9ma Brian Tagg
9 21vt Reilly Lanpher


Heat Three

1 1nh Corey Mason
2 78nh Quinten Welch
3 22ri Mark Jenison
4 22nh Scott Corey
5 9vt Chip Grenier
6 61nh Ryan Olson
7 10me Jesse Switser
8 54vt Mike Ziter
9 41vt Christopher Pelkey

Heat Four

1 17ma Eddie MacDonald
2 83vt Stacey Cahoon
3 21nh Oren Remick
4 2vt Stephen Donahue
5 10nh Bryan Mason
6 11qc Claude Leclerc
7 26vt John Donahue
8 22vt Peyton Lanpher
9 91nh Jody Sicard


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat One

1 99vt Cody Blake
2 74vt Jerry Lesage
3 58vt Jimmy Hebert
4 9nh Matt Morrill
5 77ma James Linardy
6 15vt Craig Bushey
7 30nh Rich Dubeau
8 37vt Scott Payea
9 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.


Heat Two

1 72ma Ryan Kuhn
2 04nh Shawn Swallow
3 3nh Mike Kenison
4 9ma Brian Tagg
5 7nh Dylan Payea
6 7vt Mike Foster
7 57nh David Lebrecque
8 21vt Reily Lanpher
9 11ny Josh Masterson




Heat Three

1 54vt Mike Ziter
2 1nh Corey Mason
3 78nh Quinten Welch
4 41vt Christopher Pelkey
5 22nh Scott Corey
6 61nh Ryan Olson
7 22ri Mark Jenison
8 10me Jesse Switser
9 9vt Chip Grenier
Heat Four
1 83vt Stacey Cahoon
2 21nh Oren Remick
3 11qc Claude Leclerc
4 2vt Stephen Donahue
5 17ma Eddie MacDonald
6 26vt John Donahue
7 22vt Peyton Lanpher
8 10nh Bryan Mason
9 91nh Jody Sicard


Consolation Race Results:

Consi One

1 15vt Craig Bushey
2 74vt Jerry Lesage
3 9nh Matt Morrill
4 9ma Brian Tagg
5 77ma James Linardy
6 57nh David Labrecque
7 7vt Mike Foster
8 04nh Shawn Swallow
9 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
10 21vt Reilly Lanpher

Consi Two

1 61nh Ryan Olson
2 10me Jesse Switser
3 11qc Claude Leclerc
4 9vt Chip Grenier
5 54vt Mike Ziter
6 10nh Bryan Mason
7 26vt John Donahue
8 22vt Peyton Lanpher
9 41vt Christopher Pelkey


Consolation Race Lineups:

Consi One

1 74vt Jerry Lesage
2 57nh David Labrecque
3 15vt Craig Bushey
4 7vt Mike Foster
5 9nh Matt Morrill
6 04nh Shawn Swallow
7 7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
8 21vt Reilly Lanpher
9 77ma James Linardy
10 9ma Brian Tagg

Consi Two

1 9vt Chip Grenier
2 10nh Bryan Mason
3 61nh Ryan Olson
4 11qc Claude Leclerc
5 10me Jesse Switser
6 26vt John Donahue
7 54vt Mike Ziter
8 22vt Peyton Lanpher
9 41vt Christopher Pelkey



Car Count: 36 ACT Late Models


Entry List: 

1nh Corey Mason
2vt Stephen Donahue
3nh Mike Kenison
7ma Paul Newcomb Jr.
7nh Dylan Payea
7vt Mike Foster
9ma Brian Tagg
9nh Matt Morrill
9vt Chip Grenier
10me Jesse Switser
10nh Bryan Mason
11ny Josh Masterson
11qc Claude Leclerc
15vt Craig Bushey
17ma Eddie MacDonald
21nh Oren Remick
21vt Reilly Lanpher
22nh Scott Corey
22ri Mark Jenison
22vt Peyton Lanpher
26vt John Donahue
30nh Rich Dubeau
37vt Scott Payea
41vt Christopher Pelkey
54vt Mike Ziter
57nh David Labrecque
58vt Jimmy Hebert
61nh Ryan Olson
72ma Ryan Kuhn
74vt Jerry Lesage
77ma James Linardy
78nh Quinten Welch
83vt Stacey Cahoon
91nh Jody Sicard
99vt Cody Blake
04nh Shawn Swallow


Qualifying Format: Four 12-lap heats, top four transfer to ACT plus/minus. Two 12-lap consi races, top two to plus/minus with third and fourth to the rear of feature. B-Main laps TBA, top two to the rear. Two ACT provisionals, one White Mountain provisional (if unused additional qualifiers will be added.


Event Schedule: 

-Kids Truck Heats (8 laps)

-Dwarf Cars Heat (8 laps)

ACT Heats (12 laps)

-Mini Stock Heats (10 laps)

-Tiger Sportsman Heats (10 laps)

-Dwarf Car Feature (25 laps)

-Kids Truck Feature (15 laps)

-ACT Consi’s (12 laps)

-Mini Stock Feature (20 laps)

ACT B-Main (TBA)

-Tiger Sportsman Feature (30 laps)

ACT Feature (150 laps)


Title Fight: Scott Payea leads the standing with 664 points, while Eddie MacDonald (616) and Jimmy Hebert (614) are trying to catch Payea while battling each other for second.


The Track: White Mountain Motorsports Park (1/4 mile, high-banked oval), North Woodstock, NH


Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds. Hot and a little muggy.


Next Series Race: Bacon Bowl 200 at Autodrome Chaudiere, QC; Saturday, August 18


Speed Central: American-Canadian Tour at White Mountain (NH)