American-Canadian Tour – Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl – 6/11/17

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Your podium ( photo)

Your podium ( photo)














What Won the Race: When Bobby Therrien crashed and Dillon Moltz pitted, both on Lap 128, the lead went to Scott Payea, who held off Rowland Robinson, Jr. for the his second straight ACT win.


The Finish: 

1 37VT Scott Payea
2 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
3 5CT Dillon Moltz
4 40VT Nick Sweet
5 38VT Tyler Cahoon
6 66VT Jason Corliss
7 16VT Scott Dragon
8 30NH Rich Dubeau
9 21NH Oren Remick
10 58VT Jimmy Hebert
11 5VT Bobby Therrien
12 54VT Mike Ziter
13 27VT Kyle Pembroke
14 04VT Eric Badore
15 9NH Kyle Welch
16 82MA Mark Hudson
17 86VT Marcel Gravel
18 68VT Brooks Clark
19 17MA Eddie MacDonald
20 11NY Josh Masterson
21 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
22 34ME Spencer Morse
23 99VT Cody Blake
24 0NH Miles Chipman
25 93CT Ray Christian III



The Skinny: After getting caught in a Lap 30 wreck, the RPM No. 37 crew patched up the right side, with Payea picking his way through the field, surviving the searing heat and tricky track to take the win.


Winning Quote: “This is a hot day, we went to the back after we got caught  up in a wreck early, flat tire. Battled all the way back up there, had some good cars up there. We just fought hard, pushed it when we could and saved when we could.” -Scott Payea


Winning Crew Chief: Rick Paya


Winning Engine: RPM


On the Move: Tyler Cahoon started 22nd and survived to finish fifth and last on the lead lap.


Biggest Loser: Bobby Therrien had the dominant car and lost a tire causing a crash in turn four, finishing 11th.


Feature Notebook:

-150 Lap distance

-Competition yellow scheduled Lap 75-80, teams will take on new right-side tires. This is with tire-wear concerns with new asphalt.

-A crash on Lap 30 involved many in the top of the field including Scott Payea and Rowland Robinson, Jr. Both came back to top the podium.

-Bobby Therrien lost a tire while leading and crashed head on in turn four, he climbed from his car.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Jason Corliss topped the first practice, Bobby Therrien topped the last two.

-While there are concerns about tire wear, conditions have improved over short runs.


Starting Lineup:

1 5VT Bobby Therrien
2 86VT Marcel Gravel
3 11NY Josh Masterson
4 58VT Jimmy Hebert
5 30NH Rich Dubeau
6 54VT Mike Ziter
7 40VT Nick Sweet
8 66VT Jason Corliss
9 5CT Dillon Moltz
10 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
11 16VT Scott Dragon
12 37VT Scott Payea
13 04VT Eric Badore
14 93CT Ray Christian III
15 21NH Oren Remick
16 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
17 99VT Cody Blake
18 17MA Eddie MacDonald
19 68VT Brooks Clark
20 27VT Kyle Pembroke
21 9NH Kyle Welch
22 38VT Tyler Cahoon
23 82MA Mark Hudson
24 34ME Spencer Morse
25 82MA Mark Hudson



Heat Race Results:

Heat One

1 30NH Rich Dubeau
2 16VT Scott Dragon
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 93CT Ray Christian III
5 58VT Jimmy Hebert
6 99VT Cody Blake
7 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
8 34ME Spencer Morse
9 82MA Mark Hudson


Heat Two

1 5VT Bobby Therrien
2 21NH Oren Remick
3 04VT Eric Badore
4 40VT Nick Sweet
5 86VT Marcel Gravel
6 17MA Eddie MacDonald
7 68VT Brooks Clark
8 27VT Kyle Pembroke
9 9NH Kyle Welch
10 0NH Miles Chipman
11 77MA James Linardy


Heat Three

1 54VT Mike Ziter
2 11NY Josh Masterson
3 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
4 66VT Jason Corliss
5 5CT Dillon Moltz
6 38VT Tyler Cahoon



Heat Race Lineups:

Heat One

1 30NH Rich Dubeau
2 16VT Scott Dragon
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 93CT Ray Christian III
5 99VT Cody Blake
6 34ME Spencer Morse
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert
8 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
9 82MA Mark Hudson


Heat Two

1 21NH Oren Remick
2 0NH Miles Chipman
3 04VT Eric Badore
4 17MA Eddie MacDonald
5 40VT Nick Sweet
6 27VT Kyle Pembroke
7 5VT Bobby Therrien
8 86VT Marcel Gravel
9 77MA James Linardy
10 68VT Brooks Clark
11 9NH Kyle Welch


Heat Three

1 54VT Mike Ziter
2 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon
4 11NY Josh Masterson
5 66VT Jason Corliss
6 5CT Dillon Moltz



Consolation Race Results:

1 17MA Eddie MacDonald
2 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
3 99VT Cody Blake
4 68VT Brooks Clark
5 27VT Kyle Pembroke
6 9NH Kyle Welch
7 38VT Tyler Cahoon
8 82MA Mark Hudson
9 34ME Spencer Morse
10 0NH Miles Chipman



Consolation Race Lineup:

1 99VT Cody Blake
2 17MA Eddie MacDonald
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon
4 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
5 68VT Brooks Clark
6 34ME Spencer Morse
7 27VT Kyle Pembroke
8 82MA Mark Hudson
9 9NH Kyle Welch
10 0NH Miles Chipman



Car Count: 26 ACT Late Models


Entry List:

0NH Miles Chipman
5CT Dillon Moltz
5VT Bobby Therrien
9NH Kyle Welch
11NY Josh Masterson
16VT Scott Dragon
17MA Eddie MacDonald
21NH Oren Remick
27NH Kyle Pembroke
28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
30NH Rich Dubeau
34ME Spencer Morse
37VT Scott Payea
38VT Tyler Cahoon
40VT Eric Chase
41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
54VT Mike Ziter
58VT Jimmy Hebert
66VT Jason Corliss
68VT Brooks Clark
77MA James Linardy
82MA Mark Hudson
86VT Marcel Gravel
93CT Ray Christian III
99VT Cody Blake
04VT Eric Badore



Qualifying Format: Five cars will be taken from the three heats on the ACT plus/minus system. Another three from the consi event on +/-. Remaining cars fill out the field.


Event Schedule: 

1pm Post Time starting with heats


Who to Watch For: Bobby Therrien won the Memorial Day Classic at Thunder Road two weeks ago. Dillon Moltz and Scott Payea have won the first two ACT points races of 2017.


Title Fight: After two races Moltz leads by 16 points over Payea. Dubeau, Therrien and Masterson round the top five.


The Track: Thunder Road International Speedbowl (1/4 mile high banks, new asphalt) Barre, VT


Weather: Hot (high 80’s) and sunny, but breezy.


Next Series Race: White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH), June 17



Speed Central: American-Canadian Tour at Thunder Road (VT)