American-Canadian Tour – Speedway 51 (NH) – 6/2/18

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The podium of Laperle, Payea, and Dubeau. ( photo)























What Won the Race: After making an aggressive pass on Rich Dubeau on Lap 94, Patrick Laperle survived lap traffic, a late restart, and a hard charging Scott Payea to win at Speedway 51.


The Finish: 

1 91QC Patrick Laperle
2 37VT Scott Payea
3 30NH Rich Dubeau
4 1NH Corey Mason
5 3NH Mike Kension
6 55NH Russ Clark
7 15VT Craig Bushley
8 04NH Shawn Swallow
9 9VT Chip Grenier
10 7NH Dylan Peyea
11 22VT Peyton Lanphear
12 17MA Eddie MacDonald
13 41VT Christopher Pelkey
14 11QC Claude Leclerc
15 10NH Bryan Mason
16 0NH Miles Chipman
17 00MA TJ Moreshead
18 77MA James Linardy
19 9MA Brian Tagg
20 21VT Reilly Lanphear
21 33QC Remi Perreault
22 4NY Brandon Atkins
23 58VT Jimmy Hebert


The Skinny: Brandon Atkins took the lead early from polesitter Miles Chipman. A Lap 49 yellow put Jimmy Hebert right on Atkins tail. When the two got side by side on Lap 62, Atkins and Hebert got into each other, lost control and both slammed the outside wall head on, ending their night, and collecting Eddie MacDonald and Shawn Swallow.

Their misfortune handed the lead to Rich Dubeau who soon had to deal with Patrick Laperle who avoided the carnage after moving up from the 11th starting spot. Laperle pursued Dubeau for 30 laps, before making an aggressive move to the inside for the lead in turns three and four on Lap 93.

Laperle held a large lead as Scott Payea moved past Dubeau for second. In the late laps, lapped cars erased Laperle’s lead and a yellow with four laps to go made things even tougher for the former ACT champion. After an aborted restart for a Shawn Swallow spin, the final restart had Payea hanging on Laperle’s outside for more than two laps, before Laperle finally got clear and opened up a car length for the win.

It is Laperle’s first win in the U.S. since winning the non-points International 500 at Airborne Park Speedway in 2014, it’s also his first ACT U.S. points win since 2010, and the first ACT win for Laperle at Speedway 51.


On the Move: Laperle was the night’s biggest mover, gaining 10 spots after starting 11th to the win.


Biggest Loser: Brandon Atkins started second and Jimmy Hebert started fourth, after battling for the lead, both ended the night on the wrecker.


Feature Notebook:

-Race distance 151 laps


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Eddie MacDonald, Corey Mason, and Scott Payea each led three of the ACT practice sessions.

-Corey Mason used a bit of a pinch move from the outside line on Eddie MacDonald to his inside on a restart to win Heat Two.


Starting Lineup:

1 0NH Miles Chipman
2 4NY Brandon Atkins
3 04NH Shawn Swallow
4 58VT Jimmy Hebert
5 3NH Mike Kension
6 1NH Corey Mason
7 30NH Rich Dubeau
8 9MA Brian Tagg
9 15VT Craig Bushley
10 37VT Scott Payea
11 91QC Patrick Laperle
12 55NH Russ Clark
13 7NH Dylan Peyea
14 17MA Eddie MacDonald
15 41VT Christopher Pelkey
16 11QC Claude Leclerc
17 22VT Peyton Lanphear
18 10NH Bryan Mason
19 9VT Chip Grenier
20 77MA James Linardy
21 00MA TJ Moreshead
22 33QC Remi Perreault
23 21VT Reilly Lanphear


Heat Race Results:

Heat One

1 3NH Mike Kension
2 9MA Brian Tagg
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 11QC Claude Leclerc
5 04NH Shawn Swallow
6 41VT Christopher Pelkey
7 22VT Peyton Lanphear
8 33QC Remi Perreault

Heat Two

1 1NH Corey Mason
2 17MA Eddie MacDonald
3 58VT Jimmy Hebert
4 0NH Miles Chipman
5 55NH Russ Clark
6 7NH Dylan Peyea
7 10NH Bryan Mason
8 9VT Chip Grenier



Heat Three

1 30NH Rich Dubeau
2 91QC Patrick Laperle
3 4NY Brandon Atkins
4 15VT Craig Bushley
5 77MA James Linardy
6 00MA TJ Moreshead
7 21VT Reilly Lanphear


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat One

1 3NH Mike Kension
2 11QC Claude Leclerc
3 9MA Brian Tagg
4 22VT Peyton Lanphear
5 41VT Christopher Pelkey
6 37VT Scott Payea
7 33QC Remi Perreault
8 04NH Shawn Swallow




Heat Two

1 17MA Eddie MacDonald
2 1NH Corey Mason
3 10NH Bryan Mason
4 9VT Chip Grenier
5 55NH Russ Clark
6 7NH Dylan Peyea
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert
8 0NH Miles Chipman

Heat Three

1 30NH Rich Dubeau
2 91QC Patrick Laperle
3 21VT Reilly Lanphear
4 77MA James Linardy
5 15VT Craig Bushley
6 4NY Brandon Atkins
7 00MA TJ Moreshead


Consolation Race Results:

1 04NH Shawn Swallow
2 55NH Russ Clark
3 41VT Christopher Pelkey
4 7NH Dylan Peyea
5 22VT Peyton Lanphear
6 10NH Bryan Mason
7 9VT Chip Grenier
8 77MA James Linardy
9 00MA TJ Moreshead
10 33QC Remi Perreault
11 21VT Reilly Lanphear


Consolation Race Lineup:

1 04NH Shawn Swallow
2 55NH Russ Clark
3 77MA James Linardy
4 41VT Christopher Pelkey
5 7NH Dylan Peyea
6 00MA TJ Moreshead
7 22VT Peyton Lanphear
8 10NH Bryan Mason
9 21VT Reilly Lanphear
10 33QC Remi Perreault
11 9VT Chip Grenier


Car Count: 23 ACT Late Models


Entry List: 

0NH Miles Chipman
1NH Corey Mason
3NH Mike Kension
4NY Brandon Atkins
7NH Dylan Payea
9MA Brian Tagg
9VT Chip Grenier
10NH Bryan Mason
11QC Claude Leclerc
15VT Craig Bushley
17MA Eddie MacDonald
21VT Reilly Lanphear
22VT Peyton Lanphear
30NH Rich Dubeau
33QC Remi Perreault
37VT Scott Payea
41VT Christopher Pelkey
55NH Russ Clark
58VT Jimmy Hebert
77MA James Linardy
91QC Patrick Laperle
00MA TJ Moreshead
04NH Shawn Swallow


Qualifying Format: Three 12-lap heats, top four transfer with plus/minus points. One 12-lap consi, top four transfer with plus/minus points. Remaining cars will set the lineup. Previous 2018 race winners cannot start higher than 10th position.


Event Schedule: 

6pm – Heats

9pm – Feature


Who to Watch For: Eddie MacDonald, Scott Payea, Jimmy Hebert are the top three in points and have been the guys to watch so far. Patrick Laperle leads the Quebec contingent.


The Track: Speedway 51 (3/8 mile high-bank oval), Groveton, NH


Weather: Sunny to start in the low 70’s. Temperatures falling into the 50’s and 60’s.


Next Series Race: Saturday, June 16 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (CT)




Speed Central: American-Canadian Tour at Speedway 51 (NH)