ACT Merchants Bank 150 5/8/16

Last Update: 7:20 p.m.

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What Won the Race: Nick Sweet took the lead for the final time on lap 146 and pulled away from Jimmy Hebert to win the Merchants Bank 150.


The Finish:

1 40VT Nick Sweet 150
2 58VT Jimmy Hebert 150
3 37VT Scott Payea 150
4 14VT Phil Scott 150
5 99VT Cody Blake 150
6 5VT Bobby Therrien 150
7 5CT Dillon Moltz 150
8 17MA Eddie MacDonald 150
9 66VT Jason Corliss 150
10 15NH Brad Babb 150
11 16VT Scott Dragon 150
12 31NH Luke Hinkley 150
13 9NH Kyle Welch 150
14 4NY Brandon Atkins 150
15 85VT Trampas Demers 150
16 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr. 150
17 13VT Boomer Morris 150
18 31VT Shawn Fleury 150
19 54VT Mike Ziter 150
20 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr. 150
21 38VT Tyler Cahoon 150
22 9ME Emily Packard 150
23 68VT Brooks Clark 150
24 82MA Mark Hudson 148
25 1VT Devin O’Connell 144
26 29VT Jason Allen 103
27 17VT Darrell Morin 49
28 30NH Rich Dubeau 35
29 34NH Todd Davis 33
30 78NH Quinny Welch 30


The Skinny: Nick Sweet took the lead from Brooks Clark on lap 8 and seemed to on his way to a Sunday cruise to victory lane.  Three cautions over the course of the last 16 laps changed the dynamic of the race and allowed Jimmy Hebert to take the lead on two separate occasions.  Sweet closed the deal on the final restart with four laps to go and pulled away for the victory.


Winning Quote: “I think it got exciting at the end, which is good for the fans.  It’s unfortunate it wasn’t a very beautiful day here today, but we made the best of it here at Thunder Road.” – Nick Sweet



A consistent rain shower wet the track throughout the morning, but the rain has now stopped and track officials have started the track drying process.


David Whitcomb has made the choice to leave the track, as he didn’t want to race in the cooler weather conditions.


Cameron Oullette won the 35-lap Tiger Sportsman feature.


Unofficially, Boomer Morris and Brooks Clark will start from the front row in the Merchants Bank 150.


Tyler Austin won the 25-lap Street Stock feature.


Car Count: 39 ACT Late Models will attempt to qualify for today’s race.


Title Fight:  Unofficially, Bobby Therrien will leave Thunder Road with the points lead after a sixth-place finish.  Wayne Helliwell, who entered the race second in points, battled an ill-handling race car all day and finished 20th.


Winning Chassis: Distance Chassis

Winning Engine: Butler McMaster

Winning Shocks: KONI Shocks

Winning Crew Chief: Shane Sweet (dad)


On the Move: Scott Dragon started 27th on the 30-car grid and made his way to the 11th position, a gain of 16 positions.


Biggest Loser: Todd Davis started the race from the seventh spot and retired after 33 laps to finish 29th, a loss of 22 positions.


Starting Line-Up:

1 13VT Boomer Morris
2 68VT Brooks Clark
3 58VT Jimmy Hebert
4 40VT Nick Sweet
5 66VT Jason Corliss
6 9NH Kyle Welch
7 34NH Todd Davis
8 5VT Bobby Therrien
9 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
10 38VT Tyler Cahoon
11 99VT Cody Blake
12 17MA Eddie MacDonald
13 14VT Phil Scott
14 54VT Mike Ziter
15 37VT Scott Payea
16 17VT Darrell Morin
17 31NH Luke Hinkley
18 4NY Brandon Atkins
19 31VT Shawn Fleury
20 5CT Dillon Moltz
21 1VT Devin O’Connell
22 30NH Rich Dubeau
23 85VT Trampas Demers
24 15NH Brad Babb
25 9ME Emily Packard
26 29VT Jason Allen
27 16VT Scott Dragon
28 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
29 78NH Quinny Welch
30 82MA Mark Hudson


Last-Chance Race Results:

1 9ME Emily Packard
2 29VT Jason Allen
3 16VT Scott Dragon
4 11NY Josh Masterson
5 2VT Mike Bailey
6 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
7 04VT Eric Badore
9 64VT Christopher Pelkey
10 78NH Quinny Welch
11 82MA Mark Hudson
12 49NH Matt Anderson
13 61NH Ryan Olsen
14 22RI Mark Jenison


Consolation Race Results:

1 78NH Quinny Welch
2 68VT Brooks Clark
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon
4 1VT Devin O’Connell
5 85VT Trampas Demers
6 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
7 29VT Jason Allen
8 16VT Scott Dragon
9 42VT Matt White
10 82MA Mark Hudson
11 61NH Ryan Olsen


1 58VT Jimmy Hebert
2 13VT Boomer Morris
3 30NH Rich Dubeau
4 15VT Brad Babb
5 9ME Emily Packard
6 11NY Josh Masterson
7 2VT Mike Bailey
8 64VT Christopher Pelkey
9 49NH Matt Anderson
10 22RI Mark Jenison
11 61NH Ryan Olsen


Heat Race Results:


1 99VT Cody Blake +1
2 54VT Mike Ziter 0
3 14VT Phil Scott +1
4 31NH Luke Hinkley -1
5 78NH Quinny Welch 0
6 30NH Rich Dubeau 0
7 85VT Trampas Demers +2
8 9ME Emily Packard -1
9 29VT Jason Allen +1
10 22RI Mark Jenison -2
1 17MA Eddie MacDonald +1
2 5VT Bobby Therrien +2
3 66VT Jason Corliss +3
4 4NY Brandon Atkins -1
5 68VT Brooks Clark +4
6 11NY Josh Masterson +1
7 49NH Matt Anderson -4
8 82MA Mark Hudson 0
9 04VT Eric Badore -8 


1 34NH Todd Davis +2
2 17VT Darrell Morin -1
3 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr. +2
4 9NH Kyle Welch +3
5 58VT Jimmy Hebert +4
6 1VT Derrick O’Donnell +4
7 2VT Mike Bailey -3
8 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr. -2
9 42VT Matt White -1
10 86VT Marcel Gravel -8


1 40VT Nick Sweet +3
2 37VT Scott Payea +1
3 5CT Dillon Moltz -2
4 31VT Shawn Fleury -1
5 13VT Boomer Morris +5
6 16VT Scott Dragon 0
7 38VT Tyler Cahoon +2
8 15VT Brad Babb 0
9 64VT Christopher Pelkey -4
10 61NH Ryan Olsen -3

Qualifying Events
: There will be four 15- lap ACT qualifying heats each qualifying four to the plus/minus.  There will then be one 15-lap ACT Consi qualifying two to the plus-minus and two to the tail of the feature lineup.  The B-Feature will then qualify two more drivers to the feature.  The field of 28 will be completed with one Thunder Road and one ACT provisional.


Practice Results: Scott Payea led the final round of ACT practice over Eddie MacDonald.


Event Schedule: Rain has pushed back today’s schedule. Racing was set to get underway at 2 p.m. but cars are drying the track at that time.  When racing begins, ACT Late Model qualifying heats will kick things off.  They will be followed by Tiger Sportsman heats, Street Stock heats, ACT consi, Tiger Sportsman consi, a mini-intermission, ACT B-Feature, Street Stock feature, Tiger Sportsman feature and the Merchants Bank 150.


Who To Watch For: Thunder Road regulars including Nick Sweet will be trying to defend their home turf against the ACT regulars.  Sweet has won nearly everything there is to win at Thunder Road and will be a threat to win today.


Three-time ACT champion Wayne Helliwell, Jr. also won this race two years ago and will be tough to beat at the end.


Entry List:

1 1VT Devin O’Connell
2 2VT Mike Bailey
3 4NY Brandon Atkins
4 5CT Dillon Moltz
5 5VT Bobby Therrien
6 9ME Emily Packard
7 9NH Kyle Welch
8 11NY Josh Masterson
9 13VT Boomer Morris
10 14VT Phil Scott
11 15NH Brad Babb
12 16VT Scott Dragon
13 17MA Eddie MacDonald
14 17VT Darrell Morin
15 22RI Mark Jenison
16 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
17 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
18 29VT Jason Allen
19 30NH Rich Dubeau
20 31NH Luke Hinkley
21 31VT Shawn Fleury
22 34NH Todd Davis
23 37VT Scott Payea
24 38VT Tyler Cahoon
25 40VT Nick Sweet
26 42VT Matt White
27 49NH Matt Anderson
28 54VT Mike Ziter
29 58VT Jimmy Hebert
30 61NH Ryan Olsen
31 64VT Christopher Pelkey
32 66VT Jason Corliss
33 68VT Brooks Clark
34 78NH Quinny Welch
35 82MA Mark Hudson
36 85VT Trampas Demers
37 86VT Marcel Gravel
38 99VT Cody Blake
39 04VT Eric Badore


The Track: Thunder Road International Speedbowl is a high-banked 1/4-mile oval located in Barre, Vermont.  The historic race track is best known for its “Widowmaker,” the fourth turn wall that has been known to sneak up on and collect race cars.


Weather: A persistent rain delayed the start of today’s racing program, but the rain has stopped and today’s program is on as scheduled.  It is a bit breezy with temperatures in the lows 40s, but nothing New Englanders can’t handle.


Next Series Race: Next up for the American-Canadian Tour will be the Spring Green 116 at Airborne Park Speedway (NY) on Saturday, May 14.


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