American Canadian Tour Late Models – Seekonk Speedway (MA) – 7/16/16

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What Won the Race: Scott Payea won his second ACT race of 2016 holding off Dillon Moltz on a green-white-checkered, after Brad Babb and Eddie MacDonald crashed while battling Payea for the lead.

The Finish:

1 37VT Scott Payea
2 5CT Dillon Moltz
3 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
4 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
5 6MA Nicholas Johnson
6 17RI Ray Parent
7 11RI Ryan Vanasse
8 40VT Nick Sweet
9 5VT Bobby Therrien
10 54VT Mike Ziter
11 30NH Rich Dubeau
12 11Ma Nicholas Uhrig
13 3MA Brian Tagg
14 82MA Mark Hudson
15 9ME Emily Packard
16 17MA Eddie MacDonald
17 15NH Brad Babb
18 22RI Mark Jenison
19 2RI Ron Barbosa, Jr
20 71RI Jerry DeGasparre, Jr.
21 4MA William Wall
22 1VT Devin O’Connell
23 4NY Brandon Atkins
24 61NH Ryan Olson
25 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
26 35MA Derek Ramstrom
27 47MA Dylan Estrella
28 77MA James Linardy
29 78CT Walt Sutcliffe
30 2CT Anthony Ryan, Jr.


The Skinny: Scott Payea was battling on the outside of Brad Babb with three laps to go when Eddie MacDonald went three wide on the inside, resulting in MacDonald and Babb tangling once in turn four and retaliating in turn one putting both cars out of commission.


Winning Quote: “It feels great. This team is starting to click, and hopefully we can make a run at the title.”


Winning Engine: Ford Crate


Winning Crew Chief: Rick Paya


On the Move: Wayne Helliwell Jr started 19th and finished fourth.


Biggest Loser: Eddie MacDonald started dead last, got as high as third and then the wreck with Babb took him out of the running.



Eddie MacDonald is competing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway today and will try to make it for the feature, he will start in the rear with a provisional.


Joey Pole and Nick Sweet both qualified through a consi race, both earning top 18 starting spots.


Title Fight: Nick Sweet leads the points by 21 points over Eddie MacDonald.


Starting Lineup:

1 17RI Ray Parent
2 1VT Devin O’Connell
3 5VT Bobby Therrien
4 6MA Nicholas Johnson
5 15NH Brad Babb
6 37VT Scott Payea
7 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
8 4MA William Wall
9 11RI Ryan Vanasse
10 54VT Mike Ziter
11 35MA Derek Ramstrom
12 11MA Nicholas Uhrig
13 5CT Dillon Moltz
14 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
15 61NH Ryan Olson
16 40VT Nick Sweet
17 3MA Brian Tagg
18 4NY Brandon Atkins
19 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
20 82MA Mark Hudson
21 71RI Jerry DeGasparre, Jr.
22 47MA Dylan Estrella
23 22RI Mark Jenison
24 2CT Anthony Ryan, Jr.
25 9ME Emily Packard
26 30NH Rich Dubeau
27 2RI Ron Barbosa, Jr
28 78CT Walt Sutcliffe
29 77MA James Linardy
30 17MA Eddie MacDonald


Qualifying Format:
Heats and consolation events with the ACT +/- System

Heat Race Results

Heat 1

1 4MA William Wall
2 54VT Mike Ziter
3 5VT Bobby Therrien
4 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
5 1VT Devin O’Connell
6 40VT Nick Sweet
7 71RI Jerry DeGasparre, Jr.
8 3MA Brian Tagg
9 78CT Walt Sutcliffe
10 82MA Mark Hudson
11 4NY Brandon Atkins


Heat 2

1 11RI Ryan Vanasse
2 37VT Scott Payea
3 11MA Nicholas Uhrig
4 61NH Ryan Olson
5 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
6 27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
7 30NH Rich Dubeau
8 9ME Emily Packard
9 2RI Ron Barbosa, Jr
10 77MA James Linardy


Heat 3

1 15NH Brad Babb
2 17RI Ray Parent
3 5CT Dillon Moltz
4 35MA Derek Ramstrom
5 6MA Nicholas Johnson
6 47MA Dylan Estrella
7 22RI Mark Jenison
8 2CT Anthony Ryan, Jr.
9 5RI Vincent Arreneajo, Jr.


Car Count:
31 Late Models


Entry List:

1VT Devin O’Connell
2CT Anthony Ryan, Jr.
2RI Ron Barbosa, Jr
3MA Brian Tagg
4MA William Wall
4NY Brandon Atkins
5CT Dillon Moltz
5RI Vincent Arreneajo, Jr.
5VT Bobby Therrien
6MA Nicholas Johnson
9ME Emily Packard
11MA Nicholas Uhrig
11RI Ryan Vanasse
15NH Brad Babb
17MA Eddie MacDonald
17RI Ray Parent
22RI Mark Jenison
27NH Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
30NH Rich Dubeau
35ME Derek Ramstrom
37VT Scott Payea
40VT Nick Sweet
47MA Dylan Estrella
54VT Mike Ziter
61NH Ryan Olson
71RI Jerry DeGasparre, Jr.
77MA James Linardy
78CT Walt Sutcliffe
82MA Mark Hudson
97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.


Event Schedule:

7pm: Heats

8pm: Consi’s

9pm: 150-Lap Feature


Who To Watch For: Nick Sweet, Bobby Therrien, Eddie MacDonald, Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Joey Pole


The Track: 

Seekonk Speedway (MA), 1/3 mile oval



High 80’s, Partly Sunny


Next Series Race:

July 23, White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH)







Speed Central: Babb and MacDonald’s Tangle Leads to Payea Victory