American-Canadian Tour – Beech Ridge Motor Speedway – 9/17/2016

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Nick Sweet scored a dominating win Saturday at Beech Ridge. ( photo)





























What Won the Race: Nick Sweet powered around the outside of Eddie MacDonald on lap 65 and pulled away for his second career ACT win at Beech Ridge.


The Finish: 

1 40vt Nick Sweet
2 17ma Eddie MacDonald
3 66vt Jason Corliss
4 5ct Dillon Moltz
5 5vt Bobby Therrien
6 61nh Ryan Olsen
7 37vt Scott Payea
8 30nh Rich Dubeau
9 1vt Devin O’Connell
10 54vt Mike Ziter
11 11qc Claud Leclerc
12 22ri Glen Luce
13 15nh Brad Babb
14 82ma Mark Hudson
15 34me Spencer Morse
16 28me Rowland Robinson, Jr.


The Skinny: Eddie MacDonald led the field to green flag and led the way early on.  He first gave up the lead to Scott Payea on lap 17 before taking it back following a lap 42 restart.  Nick Sweet then took over the lead on lap 65, building up a huge lead over the field.


Winning Quote: “We had a fast race car today and it was really fun to drive.  The car was just hooked up all day long and it was just really nice to show the potential of it in this race.” – Nick Sweet.


Winning Crew Chief: Shayne Sweet (Father)


Winning Chassis: Distance


Winning Shocks: Koni


Winning Engine: Chevy Crate


On the Move: Jason Corliss started 13th and charged to a third-place finish, a gain of 10 positions.


Biggest Loser: Brad Babb started sixth but suffered a flat right front tire and faded to 13th, a loss of seven positions.


Feature Notebook:

-Rowland Robinson, Jr. stopped in turn three to bring out the first caution on lap 33.

-Mike Ziter and Spencer Morse got together on lap 42 to bring out the second yellow flag of the race.

-Nick Sweet took over the lead from Eddie MacDonald on lap 65.

-Brad Babb took his No. 15NH to pit road on lap 78 with a flat left front tire. He returned to the race track two laps down.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Bobby Therrien led the final round of ACT practice.

-Caution laps will count during today’s feature unless the pits are open.


Staring Lineup:

1 17MA Eddie MacDonald
2 5VT Bobby Therrien
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 40VT Nick Sweet
5 61NH Ryan Olsen
6 15NH Brad Babb
7 54VT Mike Ziter
8 30NH Rich Dubeau
9 5CT Dillon Moltz
10 22RI Mark Jenison
11 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
12 1VT Devin O’Connell
13 66VT Jason Corliss
14 11QC Claud Leclerc
15 34ME Spencer Morse
16 82MA Mark Hudson


Heat Race Results:

Heat #1 Unofficial Results

1 61NH Ryan Olsen
2 5VT Bobby Therrien
3 17MA Eddie MacDonald
4 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
5 40VT Nick Sweet
6 34ME Spencer Morse
7 11QC Claud Leclerc
8 22RI Mark Jenison


Heat #2 Unofficial Results

1 15NH Brad Babb
2 30NH Rich Dubeau
3 5CT Dillon Moltz
4 37VT Scott Payea
5 1VT Devin O’Connell
6 66VT Jason Corliss
7 54VT Mike Ziter
8 82MA Mark Hudson


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat #1 

1 61NH Ryan Olsen
2 34ME Spencer Morse
3 28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
4 5VT Bobby Therrien
5 11QC Claud Leclerc
6 17MA Eddie MacDonald
7 40VT Nick Sweet
8 22RI Mark Jenison


Heat #2

1 15NH Brad Babb
2 30NH Rich Dubeau
3 82MA Mark Hudson
4 1VT Devin O’Connell
5 5CT Dillon Moltz
6 37VT Scott Payea
7 66VT Jason Corliss
8 54VT Mike Ziter


Car Count: 16 ACT Late Models


Entry List: 

1VT Devin O’Connell
5CT Dillon Moltz
5VT Bobby Therrien
11QC Claud Leclerc
15NH Brad Babb
17MA Eddie MacDonald
22RI Mark Jenison
28ME Rowland Robinson, Jr.
30NH Rich Dubeau
34ME Spencer Morse
37VT Scott Payea
40VT Nick Sweet
54VT Mike Ziter
61NH Ryan Olsen
66VT Jason Corliss
82MA Mark Hudson


Qualifying Format: There will be two 10-lap qualifying heats qualifying all 16 drivers via ACT’s plus-minus system.


Event Schedule: Racing begins at 1:00 p.m. ET with Sport Series heat races. They will be followed by Valenti Modified Racing Series heats, ACT heats, PASS Modified heats and PASS Super Late Model heats.


The Sports Series will kick off feature racing with a 50-lap race and will be followed by the PASS Modified feature. The first VMRS feature will then take place, followed by the PASS SLM consolation race, the second VMRS feature, the ACT Fall Foliage 150 and the PASS 150.


Who to Watch For: Brad Babb and Eddie MacDonald had a whale of a battle the last time ACT visited Beech Ridge, and both should be considered favorites entering today’s race.


Title Fight: Nick Sweet leads Scott Payea by just two markers at the top of the ACT standings. 


The Track: Beech Ridge is a 3/8-mile NASCAR Whelen All-American Series track located in Scarborough, ME.


Weather: Today’s forecast is perfect for racing with no rain predicted and temperatures in the high 70s.


Next Series Race: The ACT Invitational will be held next Saturday, September 24 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.


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