54th Vermont Milk Bowl – Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl (VT) – 9/2/16

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Nick Sweet lays a smooch on Miss Velvetta after winning his third career Milk Bowl. (Speed51.com photo)




























What Won the Race: Nick Sweet made his way from 10th to first in the final segment, doing all he could do to win the Milk Bowl.  But behind him Jason Corliss was on the move and needed to finish fourth or better. Corliss challenged Alex Labbe and Cody Blake for that fourth position before being trapped in traffic and finishing seventh.


The Skinny: Nick Sweet won the first segment with Bobby Therrien finishing behind him. After a 24-car invert for the second segment, Therrien charged to finish eighth while Sweet finished 15th.  Meanwhile, Jason Corliss recorded a pair of sixth-place finishes to put himself in the running.  When Therrien suffered transmission problems during the final segment, it came down to Sweet and Corliss. Sweet needed to finish at least four spots ahead of Corliss, and he did just that to win his third career Milk Bowl.


Winning Quote: “I gave her two kisses. (She fought me) on the second one. I’m kind of like that, my wife even has to push me off once in a while.” – Nick Sweet on kissing Miss Velvetta, the Vermont dairy cow, in Victory Lane.


Winning Crew Chief: Shayne Sweet (Dad)


Winning Chassis: Distance Racing


Winning Shocks: Koni


Winning Engine: Chevy Crate


On the Move: Jeremy Davis started 28th in segment one and ended up finishing 16th in the final standings, a gain of 12 positions.


Biggest Loser: Vermont’s Lt. Governor Phil Scott started ninth but saw his day go downhill after a suspension issue in segment two. He finished 22nd, a loss of 13 positions.


Feature Notebook:

-Bobby Therrien jumped out to the early lead in segment one, before giving up the lead to Nick Sweet on a lap 10 restart.

-Polesitter Joey Polewaraczyk, Jr. and Scott Dragon made contact battling for third on lap 32. Pole spun out of the position and was forced to restart from the rear.

-Six cautions slowed the pace in the first 50-lap segment.

-Nick Sweet took the lead on lap 10 of the first segment and held off Bobby Therrien for the win. He’ll start 24th in the second segment after the invert.

-Only one caution on lap 35 slowed the pace during the second 50-lap segment.

-Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. took the early lead and never looked back en route to winning the second segment.

-Bobby Therrien gained 15 positions, going from 23rd to eighth in the second segment.

-Segment one winner Nick Sweet finished 15th in the second segment, putting him six points behind Therrien going into the final segment.

-Bobby Therrien suffered a transmission failure during the final segment.


Unofficial Finish

Pos # Driver Points
1 88VT Nick Sweet 17.000
2 66VT Jason Corliss 19.000
3 85VT Trampas Demers 22.000
4 99VT Cody Blake 24.000
5 27VT Kyle Pembroke 25.000
6 16VT Scott Dragon 26.000
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert 29.000
8 37VT Scott Payea 30.000
9 31VT Shawn Fleury 32.000
10 48QC Alex Labbe 33.000
11 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 34.000
12 2VT Mike Bailey 36.000
13 5VT Bobby Therrien 36.000
14 26VT John Donahue 37.000
15 86VT Marcel J. Gravel 42.000
16 55NH Jeremy Davis 44.000
17 1VT Devin O’Connell 45.000
18 9VT Chip Grenier 48.000
19 42VT Matt White 53.000
20 34NH Todd Davis 55.000
21 40VT Eric Chase 58.000
22 14VT Phil Scott 62.000
23 29VT Jason Allen 63.000
24 3VT Ricky Roberts 68.000
25 68VT Brooks Clark 68.000
26 25VT Dave Whitcomb 69.000
27 17VT Darrell Morin 73.000
28 17NH Lance Allen 79.000
29 31NH Luke Hinkley 79.000
30 13VT Boomer Morris 86.000

Segment #1 Unofficial Results:

Pos # Driver
1 88VT Nick Sweet
2 5VT Bobby Therrien
3 16VT Scott Dragon
4 85VT Trampas Demers
5 99VT Cody Blake
6 66VT Jason Corliss
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert
8 14VT Phil Scott
9 48QC Alex Labbe
10 31VT Shawn Fleury
11 68VT Brooks Clark
12 27VT Kyle Pembroke
13 26VT John Donahue
14 9VT Chip Grenier
15 34NH Todd Davis
16 2VT Mike Bailey
17 55NH Jeremy Davis
18 37VT Scott Payea
19 1VT Devin O’Connell
20 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
21 42VT Matt White
22 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
23 31NH Luke Hinkley
24 40VT Eric Chase
25 25VT Dave Whitcomb
26 3VT Ricky Roberts
27 17VT Darrell Morin
28 13VT Boomer Morris
29 17NH Lance Allen
30 29VT Jason Allen


Segment #2 Unofficial Results

Pos # Driver
1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 37VT Scott Payea
3 55NH Jeremy Davis
4 2VT Mike Bailey
5 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
6 66VT Jason Corliss
7 1VT Devin O’Connell
8 5VT Bobby Therrien
9 27VT Kyle Pembroke
10 85VT Trampas Demers
11 16VT Scott Dragon
12 9VT Chip Grenier
13 31VT Shawn Fleury
14 99VT Cody Blake
15 88VT Nick Sweet
16 58VT Jimmy Hebert
17 34NH Todd Davis
18 42VT Matt White
19 40VT Eric Chase
20 29VT Jason Allen
21 48QC Alex Labbe
22 26VT John Donahue
23 25VT Dave Whitcomb
24 3VT Ricky Roberts
25 17NH Lance Allen
26 17VT Darrell Morin
27 14VT Phil Scott
28 31NH Luke Hinkley
29 68VT Brooks Clark
30 13VT Boomer Morris


Segment #3 Unofficial Finish: 

Pos # Driver
1 88VT Nick Sweet
2 26VT John Donahue
3 48QC Alex Labbe
4 27VT Kyle Pembroke
5 99VT Cody Blake
6 58VT Jimmy Hebert
7 66VT Jason Corliss
8 85VT Trampas Demers
9 31VT Shawn Fleury
10 58VT Jimmy Hebert
11 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
12 16VT Scott Dragon
13 29VT Jason Allen
14 42VT Matt White
15 40VT Eric Chase
16 2VT Mike Bailey
17 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
18 3VT Ricky Roberts
19 1VT Devin O’Connell
20 17VT Darrell Morin
21 25VT Dave Whitcomb
22 9VT Chip Grenier
23 34NH Todd Davis
24 55NH Jeremy Davis
25 17NH Lance Allen
26 5VT Bobby Therrien
27 14VT Phil Scott
28 68VT Brooks Clark
29 31NH Luke Hinkley
30 13VT Boomer Morris


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Wayne Helliwell, Jr. is not attempting the Milk Bowl due to a recent sickness.

-J.F. Dery, Jason Corliss and Nick Sweet were fastest in the three practice sessions on Saturday.

-Alex Labbe and Joey Polewarczyk led the way in Sunday morning’s practice sessions.

-Devin O’Connell time trialed fifth and was very happy with the speed of his No. 1VT, but will start 19th after being involved in an incident during one of Saturday’s 50-lap qualifying races.


Starting Lineup:

Pos # Driver
1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 5VT Bobby Therrien
3 88VT Nick Sweet
4 66VT Jason Corliss
5 85VT Trampas Demers
6 16VT Scott Dragon
7 99VT Cody Blake
8 58VT Jimmy Hebert
9 14VT Phil Scott
10 31VT Shawn Fleury
11 27VT Kyle Pembroke
12 37VT Scott Payea
13 48QC Alex Labbe
14 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
15 42VT Matt White
16 2VT Mike Bailey
17 34NH Todd Davis
18 68VT Brooks Clark
19 1VT Devin O’Connell
20 26VT John Donahue
21 31NH Luke Hinkley
22 3VT Ricky Roberts
23 29VT Jason Allen
24 17NH Lance Allen
25 25VT Dave Whitcomb
26 9VT Chip Grenier
27 17VT Darrell Morin
28 55NH Jeremy Davis
29 40VT Eric Chase
30 13VT Boomer Morris

Time Trial Results: 

Pos # Driver Time
1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 13.169
2 5VT Bobby Therrien 13.224
3 85VT Trampas Demers 13.241
4 16VT Scott Dragon 13.280
5 1VT Devin O’Connell 13.283
6 58VT Jimmy Hebert 13.303
7 48QC Alex Labbe 13.319
8 66VT Jason Corliss 13.354
9 88VT Nick Sweet 13.360
10 2VT Mike Bailey 13.361
11 99VT Cody Blake 13.367
12 31VT Shawn Fleury 13.370
13 26VT John Donahue 13.373
14 86VT Marcel J. Gravel 13.383
15 27VT Kyle Pembroke 13.387
16 68VT Brooks Clark 13.394
17 31NH Luke Hinkley 13.400
18 3VT Ricky Roberts 13.403
19 14VT Phil Scott 13.413
20 37VT Scott Payea 13.419
21 29VT Jason Allen 13.428
22 17NH Lance Allen 13.431
23 25VT Dave Whitcomb 13.445
24 9VT Chip Grenier 13.456
25 72VT Scott Coburn 13.471
26 64VT Christopher Pelkey 13.482
27 34NH Todd Davis 13.483
28 40VT Eric Chase 13.490
29 11NY Josh Masterson 13.493
30 17VT Darrell Morin 13.513
31 42VT Matt White 13.532
32 21QC Dave Whitcomb 13.580
33 82MA Mark Hudson 13.595
34 55NH Jeremy Davis 13.650
35 13VT Boomer Morris 13.681
36 79VT Mike Foster 13.682
37 55MA Brandon Warren 13.690
38 4NY Fred LaGoy 13.705


Qualifying Race #1 Unofficial Results:

Pos # Driver
1 88VT Nick Sweet
2 85VT Trampas Demers
3 99VT Cody Blake
4 14VT Phil Scott
5 27VT Kyle Pembroke
6 48QC Alex Labbe
7 42VT Matt White
8 34NH Todd Davis
9 25VT Dave Whitcomb
10 72VT Scott Coburn
11 29VT Jason Allen
12 1VT Devin O’Connell
13 13VT Boomer Morris
14 55MA Brandon Warren
15 82MA Mark Hudson
16 11NY Josh Masterson
17 26VT John Donahue
18 31NH Luke Hinkley
19 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.


Qualifying Race #2 Unofficial Results:

Pos # Driver
1 66VT Jason Corliss
2 16VT Scott Dragon
3 58VT Jimmy Hebert
4 31VT Shawn Fleury
5 37VT Scott Payea
6 86VT Marcel J. Gravel
7 2VT Mike Bailey
8 68VT Brooks Clark
9 17VT Darrell Morin
10 40VT Eric Chase
11 55NH Jeremy Davis
12 17NH Lance Allen
13 21QC Jean-Francois Dery
14 64VT Christopher Pelkey
15 79VT Mike Foster
16 4NY Fred LaGoy
17 3VT Ricky Roberts
18 5VT Bobby Therrien
19 9VT Chip Grenier

Last Chance Race Results

1 17VT Darrell Morin
2 55NH Jeremy Davis
3 40VT Eric Chase
4 13VT Boomer Morris
5 72VT Scott Coburn
6 21QC Jean-Francois Dery
7 64VT Christopher Pelkey
8 55MA Brandon Warren
9 82MA Mark Hudson
10 4NY Fred LaGoy
11 79VT Mike Foster
12 11NY Josh Masterson


Last Chance Race Lineup:

Pos # Driver
1 17VT Darrell Morin
2 72VT Scott Coburn
3 40VT Eric Chase
4 55NH Jeremy Davis
5 13VT Boomer Morris
6 21QC Jean-Francois Dery
7 55MA Brandon Warren
8 64VT Christopher Pelkey
9 82MA Mark Hudson
10 79VT Mike Foster
11 11NY Josh Masterson
12 4NY Fred LaGoy


Car Count: 38 Late Models


Entry List: 

Car # Driver
1VT Devin O’Connell
2VT Mike Bailey
3VT Ricky Roberts
4NY Fred LaGoy
5VT Bobby Therrien
9VT Chip Grenier
11NY Josh Masterson
13VT Boomer Morris
14VT Phil Scott
16VT Scott Dragon
17NH Lance Allen
17VT Darrell Morin
21QC Dave Whitcomb
25QC Jean-Francois Dery
26VT John Donahue
27VT Kyle Pembroke
29VT Jason Allen
31NH Luke Hinkley
31VT Shawn Fleury
34NH Todd Davis
37VT Scott Payea
40VT Eric Chase
42VT Matt White
48QC Alex Labbe
55MA Brandon Warren
55NH Jeremy Davis
58VT Jimmy Hebert
64VT Christopher Pelkey
66VT Jason Corliss
68VT Brooks Clark
72VT Scott Coburn
79VT Mike Foster
82MA Mark Hudson
85VT Trampas Demers
86VT Marcel J. Gravel
88VT Nick Sweet
97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
99VT Cody Blake


Qualifying Format: Time trials set the front row for Sunday’s first Milk Bowl segment. A pair of 50-lap qualifying races set positions 3-18, while positions 19-25 were set by time trial results. Positions 27-29 will be set on Sunday via a 50-lap last chance race. The 30th and final spot on the grid will serve as a provisional starting spot for a driver in the top 20 in Thunder Road points.


Event Schedule: The final round of Late Model practice will take place at 11:20 a.m. Late Model drivers will have one last chance to qualify for the Milk Bowl through a last chance race at 12:15 p.m. The entertaining pre-race ceremonies will take place at 1 p.m. before the first 50-lap Milk Bowl segment gets underway at 12:30. Milk Bowl segments for the Street Stocks and Tiger divisions will break up the second and third Milk Bowl segments.


Who to Watch For: Nick Sweet is always the driver to watch at Thunder Road, especially in the track’s biggest races. He will be looking for his third career Milk Bowl win.  Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. will also be a driver to keep an eye on as he looks to join the list of two-time Milk Bowl winners. 2016 “King of the Road” Scott Dragon impressed all year long and should also be a threat to kiss the cow on Sunday.


Title Fight: This is not a points-counting event for either the American-Canadian Tour or Thunder Road. It is an open race with $10,000 going to the winner.


The Track: Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl is known as the “Nation’s Site of Excitement.” The high-banked quarter-mile race track is known for side-by-side racing and its “widow maker” in turn four.


Weather: Temperatures are expected to be in the mid 50s come race time on Sunday. A few clouds will fill the sky, but overall its expected to be a good day for short track racing.


Next Series Race: The American-Canadian Tour championship will be decided on October 15 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Connecticut.


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