American Canadian Tour Late Models – Thunder Road Speedbowl – 7/21/16

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Dragon Gov Cup



























What Won the Race: A big inside run by Scott Dragon allowed him to get the win over Nick Sweet by a matter of feet.


The Finish:

1 16VT Scott Dragon
2 88VT Nick Sweet
3 66VT Jason Corliss
4 38VT Tyler Cahoon
5 42VT Matt White
6 99VT Cody Blake
7 2VT Mike Baily
8 68VT Brooks Clark
9 11NY Josh Masterson
10 85VT Trampas Demers
11 27VT Kyle Pembroke
12 14VT Phil Scott
13 31VT Shawn Fleury
14 58VT Jimmy Hebert
15 64VT Christopher Pelkey
16 26VT John Donahue
17 25VT Dave Whitcomb
18 17VT Darrell Morin
19 40VT Eric Chase
20 44VT Richard Lowery II
21 72VT Scott Coburn
22 86VT Marcel Gravel
23 9NH Chip Grenier
24 04VT Eric Badore
25 15VT Joey Laquerre
26 17ME Adam Pearson
27 13VT Boomer Morris
28 29VT Jason Allen
29 79VT Mike Foster

The Skinny: Dragon led with ten laps to go after getting the lead from Sweet on a previous restart. But another caution with nine to go put Dragon on the inside and Sweet to the outside. Sweet got the lead back on the restart and controlled the outside line. Dragon worked the inside and got Dragon on the last lap. It is Dragon’s first Vermont Governor’s Cup victory.


Winning Quote: “When we came across the line I was pretty sure I had him.” -Scott Dragon


Winning Engine: Chevrolet Crate


Winning Crew Chief: Joey Becker


On the Move: Jason Corliss started eighth and also had a shot at the win, coming home third,


Biggest Loser: Nick Sweet had the dominant car from pole position, leading most of the laps and lost by a few inches to Scott Dragon.



The field was set last Friday. When the race was set to roll the rain came in and postponed the event to tonight.


Title Fight: Nick Sweet leads by 9 points over Scott Dragon. Trampas Demers, Phil Scott, and Jason Corliss round out the top five.


Starting Lineup:

1 88VT Nick Sweet
2 58VT Jimmy Hebert
3 38VT Tyler Cahoon
4 9NH Kyle Welch
5 99VT Cody Blake
6 42VT Matt White
7 16VT Scott Dragon
8 66VT Jason Corliss
9 11NY Josh Masterson
10 68VT Brooks Clark
11 27VT Kyle Pembroke
12 14VT Phil Scott
13 04VT Eric Badore
14 13VT Boomer Morris
15 31VT Shawn Fleury
16 25VT Dave Whitcomb
17 15VT Joey Laquerre
18 85VT Trampas Demers
19 40VT Eric Chase
20 2VT Mike Baily
21 86VT Marcel Gravel
22 64VT Christopher Pelkey
23 44VT Richard Lowery II
24 72VT Scott Coburn
25 26VT John Donahue
26 17ME Adam Pearson
27 29VT Jason Allen
28 17VT Darrell Morin
29 79VT Mike Foster


Qualifying Format:

Lineup determined by heat races one week ago before rain out.


Car Count:
29 ACT Late Models


Event Schedule:

6:30 pm – Governor’s Cup 150


Who To Watch For: Nick Sweet, Jimmy Hebert, Tyler Cahoon, Scott Dragon


The Track:  Thunder Road – Barre, VT ; 1/4 mile high bank asphalt


Weather: Mid 80’s, Few Clouds, No Breeze


Next Series Race: July 29





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