NAPA 250 – White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) – 9/16/18

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Eddie MacDonald holds the $10,000 check in White Mountain victory lane. ( photo)

















What Won the Race: Eddie MacDonald powered to the inside of Scott Payea on Lap 193 and held onto the lead through the final 57 laps to win the inaugural NAPA 250.  MacDonald picked up a $10,000 check and a big trophy for the win.


The Finish: 

1 17MA Eddie MacDonald
2 58VT Jimmy Hebert
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
5 66VT Jason Corliss
6 40VT Nick Sweet
7 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
8 78NH Quinny Welch
9 16VT Scott Dragon
10 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
11 0NH Max Dolliver
12 22NH Andy Hill
13 3NH Mike Kenison
14 48QC Alex Guenette
15 22 Mark Jenison
16 83 Stacy Cahoon
17 91QC Patrick Laperle
18 38VT Tyler Cahoon
19 41VT Chris Pelkey
20 26VT John Donahue
21 2VT Stephen Donahue
22 99VT Cody Blake
23 10ME Jesse Switser
24 32NH Jeff Marshall
25 21NH Oren Remick
26 10NH Bryan Mason
27 11QC Claude Leclerc
28 04VT DJ Shaw
29 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
30 12 Chris Roberts


The Skinny: Alex Guenette jumped out to the early lead before Quinny Welch took over the lead on Lap 9.  Welch led until Lap 71 when Joey Pole stuck a nose out in front at the line, but Welch fought back to reclaim the lead on Lap 72.  Jonathan Bouvrette took over the lead on Lap 87 and led until a Lap 117 restart when Welch retook the lead once again.  Welch led the way until Lap 155 when he visited pit road for four fresh tires, but he wasn’t a factor upon returning to the race track.  Nick Sweet inherited the lead on Lap 156 and led until Lap 174 when Scott Payea nipped him at the line.  The two drivers swapped the lead until Payea took control on Lap 184.  Payea then held onto the top spot until Lap 193 when Eddie MacDonald took the lead for good.


Winning Quote: “We definitely needed this.  We haven’t quite had the year we were hoping for this year but this definitely helps out.” – Eddie MacDonald


Winning Crew Chief: Rollie Lachance


Winning Chassis: Dale Shaw Racecars


Winning Shocks: Koni


Winning Engine: Butler MacMaster


On the Move: Eddie MacDonald started 25th after needing to race his way into the race through the B-Main and charged to victory lane, a gain of 25 positions.


Biggest Loser: Bryan Mason started ninth after a strong run in his qualifying race but finished 26th, a loss of 17 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-After finishing second in last night’s PASS North 150, Joey Pole will be looking to do one spot better and win the $10,000 today.


-Current PASS North points leader DJ Shaw will be piloting the No. 04VT Late Model today.


-A strong contingent of drivers from Quebec have made the trip across the border.  Alex Guenette, Jonathan Bouvrette, Mathieu Kingsbury, Patrick Laperle and Claud Leclerc will be representing our friends to the north.


-Alex Guenette was fastest in the final round of Late Model practice. He was the only driver to crack the 14-second mark, recording a fast lap of 12.955 seconds.


-Scott Payea was disqualified (too wide) after finishing second in his qualifying heat. He’ll be forced to race his way in through a consolation race.


-Unofficially, a pair of Canadians will lead the field to the green flag today.  Alex Guenette earned a plus-six rating in his heat race to secure the pole, while Jonathan Bouvrette (+5) will start to his outside.


-Jerry Lesage was disqualified (too wide) from the first consolation race and will now have to race his way in through the B-Main.


-Eddie MacDonald was disqualified (weight infraction) from the second consolation race and will also head to the B-Main.


Starting Lineup:

1 48QC Alex Guenette
2 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
3 78NH Quinny Welch
4 66VT Jason Corliss
5 58VT Jimmy Hebert
6 83 Stacy Cahoon
7 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
8 2VT Stephen Donahue
9 10NH Bryan Mason
10 99VT Cody Blake
11 0NH Max Dolliver
12 22NH Andy Hill
13 41VT Chris Pelkey
14 26VT John Donahue
15 3NH Mike Kenison
16 04VT DJ Shaw
17 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
18 37VT Scott Payea
19 16VT Scott Dragon
20 40VT Nick Sweet
21 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
22 91QC Patrick Laperle
23 10ME Jesse Switser
24 38VT Tyler Cahoon
25 17MA Eddie MacDonald
26 21NH Oren Remick
27 32NH Jeff Marshall
28 11QC Claude Leclerc
29 22 Mark Jenison
30 12 Chris Roberts


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results (Top Four Transfer)

1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (+1)
2 0NH Max Dolliver (0)
3 22NH Andy Hill (0)
4 58VT Jimmy Hebert (+3)
5 66VT Jason Corliss (+4)
6 04VT DJ Shaw (-1)
7 16VT Scott Dragon (-3)
8 91QC Patrick Laperle (-2)
9 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury (-1)
10 40VT Nick Sweet (+1)
11 10ME Jesse Switser (-7)


Heat 2 Unofficial Results (Top Four Transfer)

1 2VT Stephen Donahue (+1)
2 78NH Quinny Welch (+4)
3 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette (+5)
4 48QC Alex Guenette (+6)
5 3NH Mike Kenison (-1)
6 74VT Jerry Lesage (+3)
7 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr. (-5)
8 22 Mark Jenison (+3)
9 32NH Jeff Marshall (-4)
10 12 Chris Roberts (-3)
11 37VT Scott Payea (-8) – DQ


Heat 3 Unofficial Results (Top Four Transfer)
1 10NH Bryan Mason (+1)
2 41VT Chris Pelkey (-1)
3 99VT Cody Blake (+1)
4 26VT John Donahue (-1)
5 83 Stacy Cahoon (+2)
6 17MA Eddie MacDonald (+5)
7 11QC Claude Leclerc (-2)
8 38VT Tyler Cahoon (-1)
9 21NH Oren Remick (-1)
10 49NH Matt Anderson (-4)
11 27 Robby Gordon Douglas (-1)


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 0NH Max Dolliver
3 22NH Andy Hill
4 10ME Jesse Switser
5 04VT DJ Shaw
6 91QC Patrick Laperle
7 58VT Jimmy Hebert
8 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
9 66VT Jason Corliss
10 16VT Scott Dragon
11 40VT Nick Sweet


Heat 2

1 2VT Stephen Donahue
2 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 3NH Mike Kenison
5 32NH Jeff Marshall
6 78NH Quinny Welch
7 12 Chris Roberts
8 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
9 74VT Jerry Lesage
10 48QC Alex Guenette
11 22 Mark Jenison


Heat 3

1 41VT Chris Pelkey
2 10NH Bryan Mason
3 26VT John Donahue
4 99VT Cody Blake
5 11QC Claude Leclerc
6 49NH Matt Anderson
7 83 Stacy Cahoon
8 21NH Oren Remick
9 38VT Tyler Cahoon
10 27 Robby Gordon Douglas
11 17MA Eddie MacDonald


Consolation Race Results:

Consi #1 Unofficial Results (Top Five Transfer)

1 83 Stacy Cahoon
2 66VT Jason Corliss
3 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
4 16VT Scott Dragon
5 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
6 10ME Jesse Switser
7 11QC Claude Leclerc
8 12 Chris Roberts
9 21NH Oren Remick
10 27 Robby Gordon Douglas
11 74VT Jerry Lesage (DQ)


Consi #2 Unofficial Results

1 3NH Mike Kenison
2 04VT DJ Shaw
3 37VT Scott Payea
4 40VT Nick Sweet
5 91QC Patrick Laperle
6 22 Mark Jenison
7 38VT Tyler Cahoon
8 32NH Jeff Marshall
9 49NH Matt Anderson
10 17MA Eddie MacDonald (DQ)

Consolation Race Lineups:

Consi #1

1 66VT Jason Corliss
2 83 Stacy Cahoon
3 74VT Jerry Lesage
4 16VT Scott Dragon
5 11QC Claude Leclerc
6 23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
7 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
8 21NH Oren Remick
9 12 Chris Roberts
10 10ME Jesse Switser
11 27 Robby Gordon Douglas


Heat #2

1 3NH Mike Kenison
2 04VT DJ Shaw
3 17MA Eddie MacDonald
4 22 Mark Jenison
5 91QC Patrick Laperle
6 38VT Tyler Cahoon
7 32NH Jeff Marshall
8 40VT Nick Sweet
9 49NH Matt Anderson
10 37VT Scott Payea


B-Main Results:

Unofficial Results (Top Eight Transfer)

1 10ME Jesse Switser
2 38VT Tyler Cahoon
3 17MA Eddie MacDonald
4 21NH Oren Remick
5 32NH Jeff Marshall
6 11QC Claude Leclerc
7 22 Mark Jenison
8 12 Chris Roberts
9 49NH Matt Anderson
10 74VT Jerry Lesage
11 27 Robby Gordon Douglas


B-Main Lineup: 

1 10ME Jesse Switser
2 22 Mark Jenison
3 11QC Claude Leclerc
4 38VT Tyler Cahoon
5 12 Chris Roberts
6 32NH Jeff Marshall
7 21NH Oren Remick
8 49NH Matt Anderson
9 27 Robby Gordon Douglas
10 74VT Jerry Lesage
11 17MA Eddie MacDonald


Car Count: 33 ACT-type Late Models are in the pit area.


Entry List: 

0NH Max Dolliver
04VT DJ Shaw
2VT Stephen Donahue
3NH Mike Kenison
9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
10ME Jesse Switser
10NH Bryan Mason
11QC Claude Leclerc
12 Chris Roberts
16VT Scott Dragon
17MA Eddie MacDonald
21NH Oren Remick
22 Mark Jenison
22NH Andy Hill
23ME Dave Farrington, Jr.
26VT John Donahue
27 Robby Gordon Douglas
32NH Jeff Marshall
37VT Scott Payea
38VT Tyler Cahoon
40VT Nick Sweet
41VT Chris Pelkey
41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
48QC Alex Guenette
49NH Matt Anderson
58VT Jimmy Hebert
66VT Jason Corliss
74VT Jerry Lesage
78NH Quinny Welch
83 Stacy Cahoon
91QC Patrick Laperle
97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
99VT Cody Blake

Qualifying Format: 
There will be three 15-lap qualifying race, each qualifying four to the plus/minus (passing points). There will then be two 15-lap consolation races, each qualifying five to the plus/minus.  A 15-lap B-Feature will set the remainder of the field, with the top-six finishers qualifying to the rear of the field.  Provisionals are available to both Jimmy Hebert and Jesse Switser, who both won races at White Mountain to lock themselves into today’s race.


Event Schedule: Today will be a jam-packed day of action with qualifying heats beginning at noon.  Qualifying heats will be run for the Late Models, Mini Stocks and Legends.  There will also be consolation races and a B-Main for Late Models mixed in with the Mini Stock and Legends features.  The second 75-lap Tiger segment will be completed before a 30-minute Monster Truck show.  All that leads into the inaugural $10,000-to-win NAPA 250.


Who to Watch For: You can’t watch a race at White Mountain without keeping an eye on seven-time track champion Quinny Welch.  He’ll be looking to defend his home turf against a stout field of invaders including ACT championship contenders Scott Payea, Eddie MacDonald and Jimmy Hebert.  A strong contingent of Thunder Road drivers including Nick Sweet, Scott DragonJason Corliss and Cody Blake will also be tough to beat.


Title Fight: Today’s race is not a points-counting race for any series or the race track.


The Track: White Mountain Motorsports is a quarter-mile, high-banked oval located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire.


Weather: It’s a picture-perfect day for racing with temperatures in the low to mid 80s and blue skies above the race track.


Speed Central: $10,000 NAPA 250 at White Mountain (NH)