A special touch will be added to the 50th Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL).


Like in previous years, Late Model teams will be running a windshield decal that will identify whether they’re competing in the Snowflake 100 or Snowball Derby. However, this year’s Super Late Models will have a specially designed 50th Annual Snowball Derby decal designed by Horvath Designs.


300x250 Snowball Derby PPV“50 years is a long time for one race to go.  I’ve been all around the racing world and to see a race go 10 years is impressive.  To see a race that is 50 years in the making deserves something even better,” said Tim Horvath of Horvath Designs.


The unique windshield decals will be gold foiled and will feature the 50th Annual Snowball Derby logo in the center.  Additionally, every driver will have the name of a former race winner and the year they won the race listed on the decal.


“To come up with something that is original and different is a challenge,” Horvath stated.  “I wanted to give back to the winners of the Snowball Derby.  That’s when I came up with the idea to put the previous winner’s names and the years they won the Derby on the windshield banner that way you’re racing more than just yourself.


“When drivers get their windshield banner this year, they’re going to be put upside down and you draw a name.  That person is going to be on your car and that person owns a special spot in Snowball Derby history.  I think it’s going to be cool.  Who does Kyle Busch get?  Who is Kyle Busch racing for?  Which car is Darrell Waltrip’s name going to be on? I think that’s going to be something impressive.”


Tim Bryant, the Promoter of Five Flags Speedway and the Snowball Derby, hopes that the specially designed windshield banners will give the teams competing a memory that they can keep forever.


“We think that the windshield decals are so cool that drivers may want to take the windshields out of their car after the race and hang them on the wall,” Bryant said.


The specially designed windshield decals will be just one of the special touches that will make the 50th running of the Snowball Derby a race to remember.  Those who want to witness all that is in store should make their plans to be in Pensacola, FL on Sunday, December 3.


Race fans unable to make it to Pensacola will be able to watch a live, television-style broadcast of the race on Speed51.com. Live video tickets can be purchased today.


-Text by Speed51.com Staff

-Photo credit: Horvath Designs

Special Edition Windshield Banners Designed for Snowball Derby