Soon-to-Be Retired Hossfeld Hungrier Than Ever

Despite announcing his retirement from racing following the conclusion of the 2019 season, Chuck Hossfeld is keeping busy on the Modified front in the Northeast. From substituting for an injured Jimmy Blewett on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, to taking home wins on the Race of Champions Asphalt Sportsman Series, the Ransomville, New York racer is giving it his all and not skipping a beat.


This weekend, the focus turns to a packed weekend at his home track of Lancaster National Speeedway near Buffalo, and the U.S. Open weekend. An already busy weekend has been made even longer with the postponed final 104 laps of the Tommy/Tony 110 for the RoC Modified Series being run this Friday, prior to the regularly scheduled events on Saturday and Sunday.


“We got those races and we also got a Sportsman Mod race on Saturday, so we got a full weekend,” Hossfeld said on Speed51’s Morning Bullring on Monday.  “We’ll be racing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fortunately, we’ve been able to win on this weekend, the U.S. Open, eight times. So, we’re looking at nine or ten with the two races we’ve got this weekend.”


While Hossfeld has been a main force in Sportsman competition, he’ll have his work cut out in Friday’s Tommy/Tony Race, as well as Sunday’s U.S. Open 125. Running second in RoC Modified points to Andy Jankowiak, Hossfeld knows that “Andy J” will be a prime target all weekend long at Lancaster.


“He’s been having a star year, running really well, and we’re a close second. We’re just tuning on ours, trying to do smart things and do everything in our power to try and win this championship,” Hossfeld stated.  “It would be our fifth RoC championship, and he’s been a tough competitor lately. The race Friday is in his father’s honor, but I’d like to steal a win there and get the U.S. Open.”


Of course, the amount of hard work isn’t stopping the good natured ‘Hot Shoe’ from having a good time along the way.


“We’re going to try hard, take our campers and have a good time this weekend. They’ll be tons of fans, lots of race cars and lots of fun.”


On the championship side, Hossfeld’s points have come through a combination of great qualifying and consistency, with the No. 22 team missing out on RoC Modified feature wins so far in 2019.


“The way it works, we get points for our time trial run, that sets us up for the heats. Our car is fast in qualifying and it puts us on the pole for the heat. I didn’t know we won seven, but we get some points for that. Like I said, Andy has been fast, but he’s missed out on a lot of the qualifying and heat race points, but he’s got those race wins. With a couple of races left, we want to win them and still get those qualifying points. We just got to have a fast car at the end and come home with the checkered flag.”


Now with just three races to go in the season, two of which will take place this weekend, Jankowiak leads Hossfeld by 47 points.  With the sunset of his racing career close by, the drive to win is at an all-time high for Hossfeld, but he knows it will be one the biggest fights of his career.


“I know in my heart that we’re going to, that’s always the goal, and our car has gotten faster and faster. We’re not missing by much, but as you travel around with Modifieds, you’ll find that the RoC Series is highly competitive. You can’t be off a little bit, you got Mike Leaty, Matt Hirschman, Patrick Emerling, a bunch of fast cars, including Jankowiak, and more. It’s at a good level as far as competitive racing.”


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Soon-to-Be Retired Hossfeld Hungrier Than Ever