Snowball Derby Winner Signs Sponsor for Rowdy Series

Reigning Snowball Derby champion, Travis Braden, has a new primary sponsor onboard his virtual #26 super late model in the Rowdy Energy Super Select Series.


Braden, a super late model standout, has traded in his firesuit and helmet for a computer monitor and gaming steering wheel while the 2020 race season is on pause. Like many real-world drivers, he began iRacing to stay sharp while racetracks across the country are closed due to COVID-19.


Braden and PropMe LLC, both hailing from West Virginia, joined forces just before the series’ 3rdevent last Saturday night at Lucas Oil Raceway.  The first-of-its-kind contest saw a wealth of new entrants and a first-time winner.


“It’s very exciting anytime a new sponsor enters motorsports, and this is no different,” Braden noted.  “I’m extra-pumped and proud to be working with a company based in my home state of West Virginia. PropMe brings huge potential to add a new layer of fun and excitement to esports races with their prop betting smartphone app.  It’s really fun to play, and right now it’s FREE to enter and play to win cash and other prizes!  PropMe is currently working towards being the first WV-based betting application in WV”


PropMe LLC is a new gambling platform for esports and social wagering such as peer to peer betting. Their app can be found in the App Store and Google Play.


PropMe LLC will be hosting a contest every Saturday during each Rowdy Energy Super Select Series iRacing event. Players can pick prop bets prior to the green flag. Here’s some examples:


“Which driver will have a better starting position? Travis Braden OR Chris Dilbeck


“When will the first caution of the race happen?” Lap 10 or earlier OR Lap 11 or later


“Car number of race winner?” Odd OR Even


The contests include 25 prop bets worth various point values. The app’s leader board will update in real time. There will be a grand prize cash giveaway of $100 once the checkered flag waves, and is giving away three 1-month premium memberships each week. The best part? It’s totally free to play.


Fans can watch the Rowdy Energy Super Select Series qualifying and features LIVE for free on The series races every Saturday at 7:30pm ET.


“To be able to go out and compete just like most normal race weekends, but in a racing simulator, is extremely cool.  This is the type of thing I dreamed of growing up.  Who would’ve thought my “job” would be to basically play computer games?” He joked.  “It’s a very unfortunate set of circumstances that have made this a reality, but I’m grateful put this series together for the racers and fans to be able to enjoy at a time when there’s not a lot else for many to look forward to,” he added.  “I truly think this is making a positive impact on people’s lives, which is the most valuable thing anyone could do.”


To learn more about PropMe, visit


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Snowball Derby Winner Signs Sponsor for Rowdy Series