If you had to put money on the drivers in the 47th Annual Snowball Derby presented by JEGS, what type of odds would you get?  Well the heavy hitters would not pay as much as those who still have an outside chance.  We at Speed51.com have taken the entry list for the Snowball Derby and have broken it down as to who we think has the best shot to land in victory lane on Sunday, December 7.  There is no disrespect meant here, the odds are simply based off past performances and have been created to have some fun.


3 to 1 – The Favorites

Chase Elliott, Erik Jones


5 to 1 – The Front Runners

Bubba Pollard, Daniel Hemric


7 to 1 – Keep an Eye On

Mike Garvey, Augie Grill, Donnie Wilson, John Hunter Nemcheck, Grant Enfinger, Jeff Choquette, Ross Kenseth, TJ Reaid


10 to 1 – Good Money

Travis Braden, Steve Dorer, Johanna Long, Anderson Bowen, Stephen Nasse, Austin Theriault, Casey Roderick, Johnny VanDoorn, Casey Smith


12 to 1 – Contenders

Corey LaJoie, David Rogers, Spencer Davis, Hunter Robbins, Clay Rogers, Preston Pelltier, Kyle Grissom, Chad Finley, Dennis Prunty, Derek Thorn


15 to 1 – Under the Right Conditions

Logan Boyett, Harrison Burton, Spencer Gallagher, DJ Vanderley, Jeremy Pate, Josh Bragg, Brian Hoar, Dennis Schoenfeld, Dalton Sargeant, Paul Shafer, Jr., Mason Mingus, Garrett Jones, Ty Majeski, Ben Kennedy, JJ Haley


20 to 1 – Would Pay Off Well

Kyle Plott, Dwayne Buggay, Rick Turner, Gus Dean, Cole Timm, Will Gallaher, Kyle Bryant, Scotty Ellis, Mark Kraus, Clay Jones, Bayley Currey, Derek Griffin, Zack Hausler, Jacob Gomes


25 to 1 – Big Money Bets

Charles Price, Allen Karnes, Chris Fontaine, Jordan Sims, Jerry Artuso, Roger Reuse


-Speed51.com Staff Story. Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Handicapping the Field for the 47th Annual Snowball Derby