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    • Wed

      All Times are Central Standard Time
      9:00Rig Parking
      11:00SLM/PLM Tech Open
      2:00Pure Stock Parking
      3:00Pure Stock Tech Open
      4:30Pure Stock Practice
      5:15Pure Stock Drivers Meeting
      5:45Pure Stock Qualifying
      6:00SLM/PLM Qualifying Draw
      7:00Pure Stock 50
      8:00Green Flag Party
      10:00Pits Closed
    • Thu

      All Times are Central Standard Time
      8:00Pits Open
      9:00SLM/PLM Driver's Meeting
      10-11:00SLM Practice
      11-11:45PLM Practice
      12:!5-1:15SLM Practice
      1:15-2:00PLM Practice
      2-3:00SLM Practice
      3-4:00PLM Practice
      4:30Sportsman/Outlaw Stock
      Driver's Meeting
      5-6:30Sportsman/Outlaw Stock Practice
      6:45Sportsman/Outlaw Stock Qualifying
      7:45Pre-Race Festivities
      8:00B-Mains (if necessary)
      Sportsman 50
      Outlaw Stock 50
    • Fri

      All Times are Central Standard Time
      8:00Pits Open
      9:00SLM/PLM Driver's Meeting
      10-10:45SLM Practice
      10:45-11:30PLM Practice
      11:30-12:30Modified Practice
      12:00SLM/PLM Tech Closes
      SLM Qual. Tires Released
      1:00SLM Practice
      2:00PLM Practice
      Modifieds Pre-Qual. Tech
      3:00Modified Qualifying
      SLM Pre-Qual. Tech
      4:30Modified Driver's Meeting
      6:0051st Snowball Derby Qualifying
      7:45Pre-Race Festivities
      8:00Modifieds B-Main
      Modifieds 75
    • Sat

      All Times are Central Standard Time
      8:00Pits Open
      8:30PLM Tires Released
      9:00SLM/PLM Driver's Meeting
      10-11:00PLM Practice
      11-11:45Pro Truck Practice
      11:30PLM Pre-Qual. Tech
      11:45-12:45SLM Practice
      1:30Pro Truck Qualifying
      2:00Snowflake 100 Qualifying
      Snowflake Qualifier (50)
      Snowball Derby Qualifier (50)
      Pro Truck B-Main
      Pro Truck Driver's Meeting
      7:00Allen Turner
      Snowflake 100
      Pro Truck 50
    • Sun

      All Times are Central Standard Time
      7:00Early Pit Open (Teams Only)
      Hauler Exit Begins
      (All Hauler Must be Out by 9am)
      8:00Pits Open
      9:30Driver's Meeting
      10:00Worship Service
      12:00Engine Warm Up
      Pre-Race Festivities
      12:3051st Snowball Derby Class Photo
      Recognition of 2018 FFS Champions
      1:15Driver Introductions
      1:45Pre-Race Festivities
      2:0051st Snowball Derby