Practice Day is complete for the first big Late Model Stock Car event of the season, the Icebreaker 200 at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Speedway, and fortunately for all of the teams that showed up it was an uneventful day.


graphic winter showdown order watchMyatt Snider put down the fastest lap of the day in the third session of four held on Friday afternoon.  His best time of the day was a lap of 20.500 seconds around the 0.538-mile oval along the coast.


After being so satisfied with the feel and speed of his car in the first three sessions of the day, Snider and his team loaded up their white No. 2 machine and didn’t turn a lap in the final hour-long session.


“(It went) pretty phenomenally,” Snider told powered by JEGS in assessment of his day.  “The car unloaded fast and we knew it was fast from the start.”


Snider said that being fast on Friday added to his already high level of confidence heading into Saturday afternoon’s 125-lap race.


“I’ve always felt like Myrtle Beach is a track that aligns really well with my driving style,” he said.  “So when the car is driving as well as it is, I feel like I should always be towards the top.  So I already felt good even without knowing the times.”


Sam Yarbrough goes through turn one at speed. ( photo)

Sam Yarbrough goes through turn one at speed. ( photo)

Last year’s Myrtle Beach Speedway track champion Sam Yarbrough had one of the more interesting days out of anybody.  He said he and the team thought they had engine issues earlier in the day, but the team determined they were a little bit too low on fuel.


“We just had a light flutter at the top,” Yarbrough said.  “We were running out of fuel so we bumped the fuel level up, so we’ll be okay.”


Once the team added fuel to their car they were able to work out the handling on the car.  By the end of the day Yarbrough said he is quite confident they have a piece to contend with on Saturday.


“The day was pretty good,” Yarbrough said.  “We made a few changes to the car and it reacted nicely.  I’m pretty happy with it.  It turned the center well and the drive off was fair.  That’s something I think everyone struggles with here.  We also made a mock qualifying run and we were pretty happy with it.  I think we’ll be in good shape.”


Yarbrough’s fastest lap of the day was a 20.739-second lap turned near the end of the final practice session.


The defending NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Champion Lee Pulliam also had some struggles throughout the day to work through, but by the end of the day Pulliam said he too believes he’ll be strong on Saturday.


“This is an interesting place for us,” Pulliam said.  “We’ve been thrashing.  We tried previous setups.  Then we tried new stuff.  It felt pretty good.  We finally got it handling well there at the end of the day.  We struggled most of the day and we weren’t what I felt like could win the race.  But there at the end we finally hit on a pretty decent combination.  If we play our cards right, it’ll work out.”


Full practice results can be found in our Trackside Now coverage presented by here.’s Trackside Now coverage of Icebreaker 200 race day will go live at 11:30 a.m. ET on Saturday.


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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Top 10 Overall in Practice (Of Cars With Transponders):

Pos # Driver Time
1 2 Myatt Snider 20.500
2 27 Tommy Lemons 20.509
3 03 Brendan Queen 20.648
4 02 Justin Milliken 20.723
5 20 Sam Yarbrough 20.739
6 08 Deac McCaskill 20.808
7 5P Lee Pulliam 20.822
8 41 Chase Purdy 20.823
9 27 Tommy Lemons 20.874
10 07 Hayden Humphrey 20.887

Snider Fast, Pulliam “Decent” in Icebreaker Practice at Myrtle Beach