Throughout the history of sport, “David vs Goliath” matchups have provided some of the most compelling upsets in history, such as Appalachian State beating Michigan, but now, Rusty Smith winning the Short Track Super Series Working Man’s 50 at Afton Motorsports Park (NY) can be added to that list.


Smith, a native of Oxford, NY is a former Race Of Champions Modified competitor, and with the win, becomes the tenth different driver to win the Short Track Super Series SuperNationals Working Man’s race.


300x250 Network Dirt ModsSmith started fifth, and immediately began to advance up the field and worked his way to the lead after passing Jordan Watson on lap 11, prior to a caution coming out.


From there, Smith fended off a challenge from Andy Bachetti, but it was apparent that the dominant car was Smith’s number 34,  the only real challenge for Smith came towards the end of the race, from Bachetti on a late-race restart.


Smith put his car all over the track, and caught lapped traffic multiple times, but heated battles for the runner up spot allowed Smith to walk away from the field, due in part also to Smith’s experience at the track, as he is an Afton regular as he continues his transition to dirt from asphalt.


For Smith, it’s the victory of a lifetime and that was obvious after the race.


“I run better in longer races. With the shorter races, we are always coming at the end but the darn things just end too early. But tonight being 50 laps, who would have thought I’d have the lead in the first five or six laps,” Smith told powered by JEGS “It was probably ten years ago, when this race was at Five Mile Point (NY) I was in the stands right now, and I was that way up until the last four of them I was sitting up there drinking Keystone Light by the 18-pack, so to be in the race the last couple of years and to make it, we never imagined we would come out here among 60 cars and kick their ass.”


Racing can be fickle, it can make you doubt yourself, and then surprise you with a big win, and that was evident in Smith’s post-race interview.


“There’s a lot of work that goes into these darn things. My wife just said to us last week ‘It doesn’t seem like you are getting results worth all of the hours you are putting into it,’ but here we are now,” Smith said.


Second-place went to Bachetti, with third being Mike Gular, with a pair of Ricci’s rounding out the top five, with Mike in fourth, and Rich Jr in fifth.


While Bachetti didn’t score the win, the night was still good for him as far as the points standings go, as he kept the points lead.


“It was a big picture night for us. The car was pretty good. We might have had a shot in lapped traffic but (Smith) was really good tonight,” Bachetti said.


-By Reese Nobles, Mid-Atlantic Correspondent – Twitter: @RNobles51


Working Man’s 50 Results


1          34        Rusty Smith

2          4          Andy Bachetti

3          2m       Mike Gular

4          17m     Mike Ricci

5          406      Rich Ricci Jr.

6          76        Bobby Varin

7          6nn      Nick Nye

8          51        Billy Pauch Jr.

9          1w       Jordan Watson

10        15        Brett Tonkin

11        3t         Tommy Meier

12        44p      Anthony Perrego

13        55        Allison Ricci

14        10        Rich Eurich

15        16x      Danny Creeden

16        20r       Nick Rochinski

17        46        Jeremy Smith

18        6h        J.R. Hurlburt

19        13        Steve Davis

20        9k        Ken Titus

21        19x      Chris Stull

22        02        Cory Costa

23        16r       Richard Smith

24        21s      Shawn Walker

25        16b      Alan Barker

26        2g        Mitch Gibbs

27        20c      Craig Hanson

28        22k      Kevin Jordan

29        187      Steve Young

Smith Slays Goliath in Short Track SS Working Man’s 50