Skylar Holzhausen would tell you that he has had a good season with top-five finishes and not repairing a damaged car. But, he hasn’t visited victory lane yet in 2014. He changed that statistic on Sunday afternoon by winning the Yellow River Racing Series 100 at Marshfield Motor Speedway in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

It was a banner day for the Holzhausen family as Skylar’s father, Steve, finished third to collect his third straight Yellow River Racing Series title.

Skylar Holzhausen took the lead from Natalie Decker on lap 16 and drove away from the rest of the field to a dominating win at the half-mile oval in Central Wisconsin.

“It’s nice to get the first feature win of the year,” Skylar Holzhausen said in victory lane. “We are having a good year and keeping the car in one piece. I hope this is a good tune up for Oktoberfest, that is what matters to me.”

Steve Holzhausen wins his third straight Yellow River Racing Series title. ( photo)

Steve Holzhausen wins his third straight Yellow River Racing Series title. ( photo)

Steve Holzhausen battled with Eugene Gregorich Jr. for the second spot in the second half of the race, but Gregorich was able to get the runner up position at the checkered flag. The elder Holzhausen held off a late charge from Dalton Zehr for the final podium position.

“He (Zehr) saved his tires in the first half, which was a smart thing to do,” Steve Holzhausen said after the race. “We had to fight for third and we did get it. The car went away from me and I am not used to that.”

Steve Holzhausen was also asked about winning his third YRRS title in a row and what it meant to him.

“Probably time to quit,” Steve Holzhausen said with a smile in victory lane. “It was pretty impressive to see that 78 up front. We have been working on that car in the last couple of weeks trying some new stuff. It seems to be working pretty well.”

Gregorich was hoping to challenge Holzhausen for the win, but had an issue in the second half of the race.

“The car was alright, we lost our brakes about 20 laps into the last segment,” Gregorich said. “I don’t know if we were strong enough to beat Skylar, the car was just not good enough today.”

Zehr was challenging Holzhausen not only for third, but for the YRRS championship as well. He finished fourth.

Claire Decker, who won a feature at Marshfield Motor Speedway earlier this year, finished fifth

The final event for the 2014 season will be on Saturday, September 27th for their Eve of Devastation. Trackside Now Replay – Click Here

Yellow River Racing Series 100 Results

1 78 Skylar Holzhausen
2 14 Eugene Gregorich Jr.
3 97 Steve Holzhausen
4 119 Dalton Zehr
5 01 Claire Decker
6 45 Jim Sauter Jr.
7 21 Kyle Gennett
8 3 Jeff Weinfurter
9 97 Robby Iverson
10 2 Sawyer Effertz
11 88 Jacob Van Wazer
12 15 Dean LaPointe
13 12 Derrick Van Dreel
14 04 Natalie Decker
15 2 Clint Sillars
16 33 Jack Greenwood
17 97 Pete Kempf

– Kevin Ramsell, Director of Business/Midwest Editor. Twitter: @KevinRamsell

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Skylar Holzhausen Dominates Yellow River Finale at Marshfield