When it comes to indoor Three-Quarter Midget racing in the Northeast, one driver’s name that always has to be mentioned as a threat to win is Jimmy Blewett.  But while the man they call “Showtime” is always up front at the end of the day, he’s still searching for his Gambler’s Classic triumph.


He’ll get another shot at it this Friday and Saturday night at Boardwalk hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


“It would mean a lot (to win),” Blewett told Speed51.com powered by JEGS.  “Just because of how much I put into it.  I put a lot of time into it, and I know a lot of other people do too.”


Blewett hopes to add a trophy from the Gambler's Classic to his collection (Speed51.com photo).

Blewett hopes to add a trophy from the Gambler’s Classic to his collection (Speed51.com photo).

Blewett’s best finish in the prestigious TQ race was a second-place run in 2013, according to Speed51’s The Third Turn.  But that stat can be a bit misleading considering Blewett has actually only run the Classic twice.


Whether he’s racing in Atlantic City or Trenton in a TQ, he’s always fast.  It just seems that something happens to Blewett and then he has to try to rally back to the front.  These race tracks are tight spaces, so when something happens it’s usually hard to miss.  That makes patience a virtue, according to Blewett.


“When you’re coming through the field and a guy comes down in front of you, you cut him some slack,” he said.  “I started last in a race and drove to the front.  You have to use a little bit of patience.  You have to be there at the end of the race to win.”


Some drivers, according to Blewett, don’t share that same level of patience in this type of racing.


“The toughest part about these races is guys like Anthony Sesely who come all the way from the back of the pack and gets to second-place and goes down into the turn and just spins you out,” he said.  “It’s tough.  You’re patient and you work your way up and you get taken out.”


Blewett is known for being an aggressive driver in the asphalt Modified world.  He knows the reputation that he has, so he understands that some people might find it strange for him to be talking about using patience on the race track.


“Am I a rough driver?” asked Blewett?  “Yeah, I can be.  Do I agree with it in there?  No.  You’re going too fast around those tight quarters.  I guess I just have to take a different approach at it the next time I go.”


Regardless of what approach Blewett takes on Friday and Saturday, his goal is the same as it’s always been and that’s to win.  He’s hoping this year things will finally go his way.  But even if it doesn’t, there’s still a way Blewett can leave Atlantic City with a smile on his face.


“I’m just happy when I go there if my cars are fast and they run up front,” he said.  “That’s where I get my satisfaction.  Of course I want to win the race and that’s the only reason I go there, but to come out of there knowing you were strong and you opened a couple eyes and they knew you were there then I’m happy.  And if I don’t win one this weekend I’ll back next year to try to win it again.”


Speed51.com will be on hand both Friday and Saturday at Boardwalk Hall to capture all of the action from time trials to match races to heats and features with live Trackside Now coverage.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Northeast Editor  -Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Jimmy ‘Showtime’ Blewett Facebook

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