Short Track Racers Make Their Picks for Super Bowl LIV

This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will meet in Miami for Super Bowl LIV, a sporting event that has reached international acclaim far beyond the reach of the football world.


Short track racers may be highly focused on their next race on the calendar, especially at the start of a new season.   However, racers will still certainly tune in to Sunday’s big game, and we asked several for their predictions going into the contest.


Former American-Canadian Tour champion Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. is prepared for an exciting game between the two teams, but expects San Francisco to secure the win.


“I think Kansas City has been relying on Mahomes to much and San Fran is a better team overall,” explained Polewarczyk.  “Either way I think it’s going to be a good game, probably high scoring too. I’m excited to watch it! I’m going with San Fran.”


Kenny Wallace has always been outspoken in his support for sports teams close to his home state of Missouri.  Therefore, it’s probably little surprise who he is picking to win the Super Bowl.


“I am going with the Kansas City Chiefs because the stadium is in Missouri.”


Jack Dossey, III, like “Joey Pole,” thinks the 49ers will have what it takes to slow down the Kansas City Chiefs for their sixth Super Bowl title in franchise history.


“The 49ers all the way,” said Dossey.  “The Chiefs offense isn’t going to break the 49ers defense.”


Meanwhile, Florida’s Daniel Webster believes Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense will be able to overpower the 49ers in their first time playing for the NFL championship since 1969.


“ I think I’m going with KC,” said Webster.  “With Mahomes being such an electric player, if there’s anyone that can solve the stifling 49ers defense, he will be the one.”


Modified racer Woody Pitkat is picking the 49ers to take the win.  However, he believes a former New England Patriot will be key in the victory.


“38-35 Niners,” predicts Pitkat.  “Defense wins championship. Jimmy G is Tom Brady’s successor and hasn’t had to throw the ball all playoffs until now and that’s why they will win. #thepatriotway”


Another Northeastern racer, Connecticut’s Ray Christian, III., is taking the Chiefs in this year’s big game.


“KC 30-23,” said Christian.  “Too many offensive weapons for the 49ers to handle, I think, and the chiefs defense was ranked number 1 in the league over the last month.  They are hot and they have the better QB.  Go Bears!”


You can always count on Paul Shafer, Jr. to give you a memorable quote.  However, the Indiana native warned us that pigskin prognostication was not his strong suit.  The good sport that he is, however, “Paulie” still gave us his Super Bowl prediction.


“If the sun is shining and the sun sets in the west and the 49ers are on the west coast, then in theory the 49ers are a shoe-in to win the super bowl,” offered Shafer.  “Weather dependent, of course.”


Weather may have been a factor when the Indianapolis Colts played the Chicago Bears in Miami in Super Bowl XLI 13 years ago, but it looks like the Chiefs and 49ers will get to enjoy some of Florida’s finest weather at kickoff for now.  Whether or not these picks will be as sunny will have to wait until game day.


-Text by Speed51 Staff

Short Track Racers Make Their Picks for Super Bowl LIV