It’s that time of year, the time where all of America comes down with Super Bowl Fever.  All across the land, football fans are making their picks and giving their takes on the outcome of Sunday’s contest. It’s much the same for race car drivers, whether they’ve got their team in the big game or they’re just deciding who they want to win out of spite.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)This year’s match up for Super Bowl LI features the Atlanta Falcons going for their first Lombardi Trophy against the New England Patriots who are out for their fifth. We went around and asked 26 different short trackers who their pick is to win the big game.


Eighteen of the 26 drivers we asked picked the New England Patriots to complete their drive for five; six drivers picked the Falcons, while one driver didn’t really care either way.


Here are the results:


Kyle Benjamin: I think Atlanta has the best offense in pro football right now. Their defense has also stepped up in post season play.  The Falcons may be the underdog, but they will prevail Sunday night.  This game has been compared to the Clemson/Alabama matchup.  We all know how that turned out.


DJ Shaw: Patriots, because Brady wants to make Goodell hand him that trophy.


Joey Polewarczyk, Jr:  Well of course the Patriots! I’m a huge Pats fan and I just think it would be great to see Tom Brady get his fifth Super Bowl. Love them or hate them you have to respect what the Patriots have been able to do. Go Pats!


Brett Hearn:  New England. I like new records.


Brandon Setzer: I am thinking New England. They seem to be really tough.


Jimmy Blewett: Falcons, because all my friends want the Patriots.


Bubba Pollard:  Falcons for sure. Grown up a Falcons fan and being a underdog.


Trevor Huddleston: I’m going for Patriots because Tom Brady is cool, calm and collected and he has some mad skills.


Ryan Preece:  Patriots because Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. Actually, because I just want to see Goodell hand the Lombardi Trophy over to Brady #Deflated.


Noah Gragson: I want the Falcons but Pats will win. They have a good program.


Zane Smith: Patriots for sure. Brady and that whole duo is just unreal. But it would always be cool to see the underdogs win.


Tyler Dippel: My pick for the Super Bowl would be the Patriots because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been almost unstoppable over the years. How can you argue with seven Super Bowl starts?


Ty Majeski: Pulling for the Patriots. I envy the winning legacy of Belichick and Brady.


Mike Looney: Put me down for the Falcons. Year of the underdog!


Max Zaxhem: New England Patriots. Supporting the hometown team and the dynasty. In Belichick we trust!


Josh Berry: Patriots, because Tom Brady is the GOAT.


Jimmy Zacharias: Patriots, because I live in New York and I’m a Patriots fan.


Derek Griffith:  The Pats are my pick! Growing up in New England watching them dominate has been awesome. Before I started racing I played Pop Warner football. So I looked up to those guys!


Harrison Burton: My pick for this year’s Super Bowl is the Patriots.  They have a high powered multi-dimensional offense and a defensive which I believe is under rated, plus they are playing my least favorite team so that comes into play as well.


Brad Babb: Been a Pats fan for life, can’t bet against them. I think it will be a tough game but they’ve got more big game experience and Bill Belichick is a genius.


Burt Myers: NEW ENGLAND!!! Because they are the best team/coach in NFL history. They find a way to win.


Casey Roderick: I’m going with Falcons. Defense is looking strong and also have a powerful offense. But you can never count out the Patriots, extremely good coaching with also a powerful offense but I think Falcons defense will be better.


Chuck Hossfeld: New England!  Go Brady!


Chase Purdy: Atlanta Falcons!!! And because I like them a lot better than the other team and the state is closer.


Brandon McReynolds: Falcons 30, Patriots 21.


Derek Thorn: I’ll enjoy the game but not a die hard fan of either team.

-By Connor Sullivan, CT, MA & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

Short Track Racers Make Their Picks for Super Bowl LI