Do you hear what I hear? I think it’s the sound of Santa’s elves banging away with their hammers in Santa’s workshop. After all, Christmas is just five days away and some wish-lists are just making their way to the North Pole because snail-mail is slow. Does the North pole accept email? We don’t know the answer to that one, but we do know that most short track racers are busy building their race cars for the 2018 season and are just now getting around to filling out their Christmas lists.


We decided to make some calls to short track racers around the country to see if we could help Santa out by getting the messages to him quicker.


One of our first phone calls was to the west coast to find out what 16-year-old Hailie Deegan is looking to find under the tree.


300x250-51-network-2017“I want a new iPhone because I took mine to the races and dropped it and it got ran over by a car and now it’s all shattered,” said Deegan laughing.


Our thought is that Santa has probably had many requests for new cell phones, so we think he will probably be able to hook you up, Hailie.


After we spoke with Miss Deegan we decided to give Jeff Choquette a call down in Florida and see what he’s looking for. Choquette finished second in the Snowball Derby this year to Kyle Busch, so we were assuming it might be related to that. Well, we were wrong.


“It would definitely be something for my daughter that will be here in March. Probably diapers. That’s what I’ve asked for from everybody. My birthday is on December 22nd and everyone is like ‘Oh, what do you want for your birthday?’ I’m like listen just get me diapers. That’s it.”


Diapers were definitely not the answer we were expecting, but we definitely had an “awwww” moment when we heard that. Happy birthday to you, Jeff, and congratulations on the new addition coming soon to the family.


One of Choquette’s main competitors in the Southeast asked for something similar this Christmas.


“I wish for my niece to have a good first Christmas,” Casey Roderick said.  “She’s nine months old now and I just want her to have a good time with the family. I get Christmas every day doing what I love to do, which is racing. It’s nice to kick back and enjoy family time.”


After checking in with a few pavement drivers, we decided to check in with some of our dirt friends to find out what they’re hoping to see under the Christmas tree on Monday.


“I’m hoping for a happy and healthy year,” said Dirt Modified legend, Brett Hearn.  “We had a bunch of teammates go down for part or all of last year with different injuries. We started to call it the injured reserve. It would be nice to be at full strength in 2018.”


Injuries are never fun. Hopefully Hearn can get his wish for next season.


“I want a big gator at Volusia,” said Max McLaughlin.


A big gator would be cool if it’s one that you get within the track walls. That pond out in the pit area can get dangerous if you’re not careful, Max.


“My Christmas wish this year is to win the Short Track Super Series next year,” Danny Creeden claimed.  “I had a great season, but not a lot of luck with that series. I have a lot of great support coming this year, so we should have a great chance.”


Creeden is not the only one asking Santa for a championship in 2018. Jeremy Doss is also hoping for a championship with the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series after finishing second twice.  Timmy Solomito is also seeking his first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship after finishing second to Doug Coby this year.


Solomito also added that he’d love a subscription for iRacing, “if I actually had time to play.”


Finding time is a difficult thing, Timmy. We get that, for sure.


Brandon Setzer told us that he asked Santa for a jack. And not just any jack. “A Brunnhoelzl jack to use at the shop and the track.”


Setzer is apparently a poet and he didn’t even know it. Hopefully Santa will be as amused at that as we are and will deliver that jack.


We also asked the 2017 Lucas Oil Modified Series champion, Taylor Miinch, what he’s looking to find under the tree. His response was a contract from potential sponsors.


“My Christmas wish is to get more sponsorship for all of next season. And it is looking pretty good after I went to a future sponsor’s company Christmas party last week.”


2017 CARS Late Model Stock Tour champion Josh Berry said he’s also seeking some more sponsorship, and the one trophy that has eluded him: A grandfather clock from Martinsville.


Brittney Zamora, the first woman to win a touring Super Late Model championship in the Northwest, said she would love to unwrap a new MPI steering wheel on Monday.


“I don’t have much on my wish list, but I’ve been asking for that custom wheel, so hopefully that will be under the tree.”


We hope that Santa brings every racer and race fan what they’re asking for on Monday. But as for us at, we are just hoping everyone has a safe, healthy and merry Christmas.


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount


Short Track Racers Look to Santa for the Best Gifts