On Thursday afternoon, families all over the United States will sit down at the dinner table and share stories about what they are thankful on Thanksgiving Day. We at Speed51.com decided we’d host our own Thanksgiving dinner (with all of the fixings) and invite over some short track racers to see what they’re thankful for this year.


While all of the drivers we spoke to are thankful for their family, friends and good health, a few drivers decided to mix it up a little bit and get creative with the things they’re thankful for.


We hope you enjoy this feature on Speed51.com and we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Dillon Moltz (2014 Granite State Pro Stock Series Champion)

“Obviously I’m thankful for my family, good health and the people around me. I’m also very thankful that I met up with (car owner) Mark Brackett when I start racing at Waterford and him giving me the opportunity to run this year. It’s a dream come true to be able to win a championship for him and myself at the touring level. I’m also thankful for the 10 inch rubber and 500 horsepower under the hood that allows me to race around the track each week.”

“It’s a dream come true to be able to hook up with people like Mark and Ricky (Rolfe). It’s something a lot of people wait a long time for or never have happen. To have it happen really soon, and have people like them want me to drive for them, is really cool and I’m thankful for that.”


Harrison Burton (Super Late Model & Pro Late Model Driver)

“I’m really thankful for my parents who dedicate so much time from their lives to my racing and helping me get better. I can’t do it without them. I can’t thank my guys enough either for all their work on the car.”


JJ Haley (Super Late Model, Pro Late Model, ARCA, K&N East)

“Many things, I can’t pin point any in particular. They are all equal. I’m thankful for my family’s health, along with my own health. I’m thankful for the opportunity I have been given the past few years to race as much as possible. That is knowledge I will be able to put forward and use in my career. Certainly all of the people around me that helped, supported and given up their time for me. I’m thankful for having the lord watch over me, and guide me in the right direction.”


JJ Pack (2014 Super Cup Stock Car Series champion)

“All of the support it took to accomplish what we did throughout the season. The competition and how we race each other in the (Super Cup Stock Car) series and how (Director of Competition) Joe (Schmaling) has run the Super Cup series and listens to the competitors.”


Justin Bonsignore (2014 Valenti Modified Racing Series Champion & NWMT Race Winner)

“I am thankful to have a great family and friends, as well as very thankful to be a part of great race teams, where the crews have turned into second families, and the best part of these second families is that they give me really fast racecars on a weekly basis. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!”


Kyle Bryant (Southeast Super Late Model Driver)

“I would say support from short track fans and a strong effort by track promoters to keep grass roots racing alive and make it possible for racers like myself to do what we love. Happy Thanksgiving to all.”


Matt Sever (Motordrome/Jennerstown Keystone Cup Late Model winner)

“I’m thankful for many things, but mainly my family as well as all the support on and off the racetrack.”


Scott Heckert (Two-Time NASCAR K&N East Winner in 2014)

“I’m most thankful for the people I got the opportunity to work with at Turner Scott Motorsports because they turned into really great friends. It was one of my best years in racing because I got the chance to experience these moments with those same people.”


Spencer Davis (2014 NWSMT Rookie of the Year and Speedweeks PLM Champion)

“I am thankful for the year I’ve had in racing. This year, I had a great opportunity to drive for one of the best Modified teams and we won the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Rookie of the Year and won the Pro Late Model championship at New Smyrna Speedweeks. Just the season itself and the opportunity I’ve had all year with the Modified and Late Model crew.”


Travis Braden (ARCA/CRA Super Series powered by JEGS Champion)

“I’m thankful for a lot. I have an enormous family and friends who are all so proud of me and support me in every way they can. Without these people, I definitely would not be still racing. But I also would probably not be pursuing the career in engineering that I am, because my main motivation in doing so comes from seeing how much effort people put into helping me in my dream.

“This year in particular, I’m thankful to have stumbled upon the current group of guys I call my crew. Starting with meeting (crew chief) Gary (St. Amant) in the early spring, and then building the rest of the team around us, we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time, considering the smaller size of a budget we had to work with. A number of wins on the track, and a very huge championship. I think what made everything work, was everyone’s willingness to sacrifice as much as they have to make ends meet on and off the track. And that’s something to be thankful for too.”


Travis Cope (2014 Florida Governor’s Cup Winner)

“My health, my family and this race right here (Governor’s Cup win). That’s all you can ask for.”


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Short Track Stars Share What They’re Thankful For