While it seems like the racing season just ended, it’s already time for Christmas.  That’s right, the big day is just four short days away.  Many are still braving the cold to do some last minute shopping.  Others are travelling to far away lands to visit family.


But it’s not too late to ask some racers what they want from Santa Claus.  His elves can make the magic happen, even with only a few days to spare.


Last year we called up Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model series driver Jared Landers.  He told us last year that he wanted to go on a hunting trip with his kids to make memories.  We were expecting a similar answer this year, but that wasn’t what we got.

300x250 PFC 2017 Jan

“I really want a drone,” said Landers.


Yeah, so do we.  Drones are awesome.  Hopefully Santa can fly in and deliver you a drone.


We decided to make some calls to drivers in the northwestern states to see what they want.  Speed51.com is based in the southeast, so we don’t really know what people in the northwest like.  We figured Santa might be the same way so we wanted to help our northwestern friends out.


“I want a Montana 200 win and a new pair of Oakley sunglasses,” said Tayler Riddle.


Tayler, we hope you get those new sunglasses.  Your current ones that you always wear around the pits are pretty sweet, but a new pair couldn’t hurt.


Meanwhile, 61-year-old Garrett Evans asked for something only Santa can help with.


“I would like to unwrap another 10 years of youthful driving,” Evans said.


Hey Santa, can you please help with that?  We cover short track racing.  We haven’t been looking for the key to immortality, but we’d love to see Evans race for another 10 years.


After we finished calling the northwestern guys we decided it was time to call up the President of the Modifieds, Max Zachem.


“I want a house with a race car shop, a sponsor to run the NASCAR Tour, and a miracle for both to happen,” he said.


We’re hoping for a miracle too, Max.  The president of the Modifieds can’t be left without a Modified to race.  It would be like if the President of the United States was without Air Force One. It just doesn’t make sense.


Pro All Stars Series Late Model racer Travis Benjamin asked for something similar, but not for himself.  He asked if Santa could bring his son a special gift this year.


“I’d like for Santa to bring my son Kaiden a new race car,” Benjamin said.  “He’s done well in go-karts and I’d like to see what he could do in a race car.”


Newly-married Super DIRTcar Series driver Larry Wight said he just wants to spend his first Christmas as a married man with his wife.


Larry, all we’re going to say is that’s probably a very smart idea.


Chase Briscoe dominated the ARCA Racing Series en route to the championship in his first season with the series.  We weren’t sure what kind of answer to expect from Briscoe, but he didn’t let us down.  He went back to his dirt racing roots with his answer.


“I would like a Chili Bowl Golden Driller.”


A win at the Chili Bowl Nationals would be the perfect way to cap off a dream season for Briscoe.


For Zane Smith, the answer was simple.  He still wants a win in the Snowball Derby.  Unfortunately for him, he will have to wait until 2017 because Christian Eckes took the win this year.


Speaking of Eckes, what does the newly crowned 16-year-old Snowball Derby champion want to see under his Christmas tree?


“The Tom Dawson Trophy definitely completed my Christmas list.”


Okay, as awesome as that is, you already have it so it won’t be under the tree. Unless you plan on putting it there?


“Yeah, I may wrap it and put it under the tree.  I may just do that.”


Okay, now it’s even more awesome, Christian.


As we got off the phone with Christian, our phone rang and it was Travis Benjamin again.  He said he had one more item on his wishlist.


“I just want peace on earth, in the pits and on the track.”


We hope for peace on earth as well and we’d like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our fans and friends!


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount


Short Track Racers Give Santa Their Christmas Wish Lists