With the holiday season in full swing, Speed51.com powered by JEGS decided to check in with some short track racers from around the country to see what they have on their Christmas wish list this year.  We know that racers aren’t like normal people, because while most people are making trips to the mall to pick up some gifts for the family, they’re already ordering parts off of JEGS.com or they’re in the shop getting ready for the season to start.  But racers still want gifts too, right?


“It’s funny you ask that,” said Stephen Nasse, a two-time winner of the Red Eye 100 at New Smyrna Speedway (FL).  “Earlier when I was sitting on Twitter on my phone I saw that Driven Steering Wheels had just followed me on Twitter.  So that would be something that I’d like for Christmas.  A new steering wheel.  I’d love to get me a new Driven wheel.  That would be nice.”


A steering wheel?  That’s an interesting one, Mr. Nasse.


Surely someone would like a new video game system or something like that, right?  Maybe that’s what the 2013 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion wants this year.


“Tires for Atlantic City,” said Ryan Preece, who is planning on running the Gambler’s Classic indoor races in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  “How about that?”


Tires, really?  That’s the best you can come up with, Ryan?


“Probably a sponsor for the Nationwide Series car, but if it was a realistic thing, I’d say a couple sets of tires for Atlantic City.”


Preece has made three starts in the NASCAR Nationwide Series (Xfinity Series starting in 2015), so a sponsor to allow him to do that full-time makes sense.


Preece is not the only one looking to find a sponsorship agreement underneath the tree on Thursday morning.  Rising Pro Late Model star and 2014 Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville track champion Cole Williams has a similar item on his wish list.


“A big sponsor to take me to the top of NASCAR,” said Williams.  “That’s probably what every racer has said so far.”


One would think, Cole, but apparently some drivers would be content with tires and a steering wheel.


On the other hand, you have 15-year-old Brayton Haws.  He doesn’t just want tires.  He doesn’t just want a steering wheel.  He wants the complete package.


“The first thing that popped into my head was a (NASCAR) K&N (Pro Series) ride,” said the Late Model Stock Car driver and winner of the Autumn Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park (NC).


Wait.  Brayton, do you mean you want to wake up to the sight of a NASCAR K&N Pro Series stock car underneath the tree?


“Yeah a big ol’ K&N car under the tree,” Haws said with a laugh.


The Haws family must have the tree from Rockefeller Center in their house, because it’s going to take a gigantic tree to be able to fit a full-size stock car underneath it.


Let’s check in with Matt Frahm, who finished second in the Granite State Pro Stock Series standings this year, and see what he’d like for Christmas.  He just finished up an ARCA test at Daytona International Speedway (FL) with Andy Seuss Motorsports, so could he want something related to that?


“I’m at the point in my life where I really don’t ask for or need anything for Christmas,” said Frahm.  “I’m completely content with just giving to family and/or friends instead, but if there was one thing right now in my life that I would love to see under the tree it would have to be a plane ticket and a finalized opportunity to be racing Daytona in February.”


It might be fair to say that many racers and race fans alike would love to see a plane ticket to Daytona Beach under their tree come Thursday.


How about two-time All American 400 winner and Southeast Super Late Model star Mike Garvey?  What does the driver of the No. 1 Beef O’Brady’s car want Santa to bring him this year?


“Oh man that’s a good question,” said Garvey.  “We’ve pretty much got everything we need.  Man, you got me here.  I’ve never been speechless before you’ve completely got me.”


We didn’t think we were really putting you on the spot here, Mike.  Christmas is just a couple days away.  You really can’t think of anything?


“All I really want for Christmas is continued good health for my kids and well-being for all my friends and family,” said Garvey.  “Just for everybody to prosper.”


That’s what we at Speed51.com, the 100% Short Track Racing news source, wish for as well.  We hope that all racers, race fans and all of our loyal readers and supporters have a safe and happy holiday this year.

Short Track Racers Fill Out Their Christmas Wish Lists