The 2016 Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes ballot was completed by 37 short track insiders, including media members, team and driver development professionals, track and series promoters and officials, product and industry representatives, NASCAR National Series drivers, crew members and more.  The voters could select as few as 10 and as many as 51 drivers on their ballot, ranked in order that they would choose the drivers to compete for their Driver Development team in the top levels of the sport. used a scientific equation that factored in total number of votes, quality votes, first-place votes, top-five votes and top-1o votes in order to determine the top-51 picks in the 2016 Short Track Draft.  The #1 Pick was announced on April 28.  Picks 2-10 were announced on Friday morning, April 29.  Picks 11-25 were announced on Friday evening, April 29.  The Best of the Rest will come on Tuesday, May 3 at 5 p.m.

Here are the 2016 Short Track Draft Picks #26 through #51.


26 kensethPick #26
Ross Kenseth
Age: 22
Hometown: Little Chute, Wisconsin
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @RossKenseth

When you are the son of a champion and you follow your dad’s footsteps, there are bound to be some opportunities to get your name out there. Ross Kenseth is no exception. Kenseth has been able to make the most of his opportunities, winning Super Late Model events since reaching the age to drive race cars. He has also had a few chances to show off his talent in stock cars, winning on the big stage at Michigan International Speedway in the ARCA Racing Series.


But make no mistakes, Kenseth wasn’t fed his racing opportunities with a silver spoon.  He’s had to earn all of his opportunities throughout the years despite being the son of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.


Pros: Kenseth knows how to handle himself both on and off the track. He has gotten a taste of the big time and recorded a top-10 finish in his NASCAR XFINITY Series debut in 2015.


Cons: The opportunities have not been coming his way lately, with Kenseth running mostly Late Model competition.  In a sport in which it’s important to stay relevant, his absence can be viewed as taking a step back in the eyes of some in the racing industry.


27 solomitoPick #27
Timmy Solomito
Age: 24
Hometown: Islip, New York
Series: NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Twitter: @TheNatural99


Many of the players selected in the 2016 NFL Draft will end up being traded a handful of times during their professional career.  While Timmy Solomito wasn’t necessarily traded following the 2014 season, he joined a new team.  His first year with Flamingo Motorsports wasn’t anything to write home to mom about, and he would even tell you that himself.  He expected more and he was left wanting more.


Fast forward to 2016 and Solomito is now the driver that many believe can beat two-time defending NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby in the battle for the championship.  He kicked off his 2016 season by winning the Icebreaker at Thompson and that win could very well give him the confidence to be a championship contender


Pros: A very personable driver that has a large fan base and a good group of people supporting him.  He goes out of his way to talk to the media, sign a shirt for a young fan and talk to his fellow drivers.


Cons: He’s racing in a division that doesn’t breed a whole lot of stars for NASCAR’s top three series.  Ryan Preece made it to the XFINITY series in 2016, but you have to go all the way back to Steve Park to find a NWMT star that “made it” at the next level.


28 sheppardPick #28
Brandon Sheppard
Age: 23
Hometown: New Berlin, Illinois
Series: Dirt Late Models
Twitter: @B5Sheppard

Brandon Sheppard rocked the World in 2013 by winning the World Dirt Track Championship in Portsmouth, Ohio as a substitute driver for Josh Richards.  Last year he and his family-run team set out on their first attempt at a traveling circuit with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.  The long, tough grind netted him a single victory, 11 top-five finishes and the honor of being the series Rookie of the Year. To close out the year, he also won a race at the prestigious World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway in a ride he had never stepped foot in before that weekend.  That team picked him up as their full-time chauffeur to challenge for the LOLMDS title in 2016.


Pros: The kid has cojones.  He’ll run up against the best of them without backing off an inch.  Sheppard adapts quickly to different track conditions.  He’s also likable and he has Rocket Chassis behind him as one of their main men in Dirt Late Model Racing.


Cons: He’s a dirt track racer by trade and by heart; nothing wrong with that, but if he ever wanted to advance to NASCAR he would need to do some pavement racing.  Needs a little clean-up to become a sponsor’s dream.


29 barnesPick #29
Austin Barnes
Age: 21
Hometown: Escondido, California
Series: Lucas Oil Modified Series
Twitter: @AustinBarnes51

Austin Barnes is smooth as silk behind the wheel of a race car.  Barnes is kind of like that elusive running back that just can’t be tackled.  He knows how to feather the throttle in his Modified. He has incredible car control and that leads to a lot of wins.


Barnes is a two-time champion in the Lucas Oil Modified Series, which is his primary discipline.  At most events you can expect to see Barnes wheel his No.51A to the front of the field and stay there.


Pros: Extremely nice and down to earth. Anybody can walk up to Barnes and he’s always happy to talk.


Cons: Barnes has a noticeable twitch when he speaks, but he still manages to overcome that quite well.


30 armstrongPick #30
Dalton Armstrong
Age: 21
Hometown: New Castle, Indiana
Series: ARCA/CRA Super Series
Twitter: @DArmstrong7

Dalton Armstrong is a quietly impressive race car driver.  He’s not going to blow you away with an amazing pass or aggressive move like Kyle Busch.  Instead, he’ll just win races in a quiet manner like Matt Kenseth.


Armstrong burst onto the scene by winning the Pro Late Model championship during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway a year ago.  He followed that up by winning two races and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour championship later in 2015.
Now Armstrong has graduated to Super Late Models in which he’s already scored a win in 2016 at Nashville and he’s second in the points standings.


The only big drawback to Dalton Armstrong is he’s extremely quiet.  He never sounds like he’s excited to be where he is, even after he scores a win.


Pros: He knows how to win, whether it’s a Super or a Pro Late Model.


Cons: Too quiet and shy.

31 gralaPick #31
Kaz Grala
Age: 17
Hometown: Westborough, Massachussets 
Series: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
Twitter: @KazGrala

2016 could end up being a make or break year for Grala.  He’s due for a win in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East ranks and that needs to come soon in order for people to realize the talent that he has.  He’s been seventh in points twice now and needs to step that up to raise his stock.


He’s a proven Late Model winner at Hickory and Caraway against some deep fields.  More recently he took a Super Late Model win at South Boston Speedway (VA) last year in the PASS South ranks.  He’s still running laps in Late Models and that is keeping him fresh as the K&N schedule has several gaps in it from week to week.


Pros: You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone on this list that has the enthusiasm that Grala has.  He’s always willing to talk to fans and the media and he does it with a big smile.  Even on a bad night he is there to fill the role as a fan’s driver.


Cons:  Winning can take you further and Grala needs some more W’s across the board.  His luck could change and he could rattle off a few in a row.

32 eckesPick #32
Christian Eckes
Age: 16
Hometown: Greenville, New York
Series: SLM/LMSC/Stock Cars
Twitter: @christianeckes

Christian Eckes has turned a lot of heads in the past two years.  The now 15 year-old amassed 25 wins in just 67 Legend Car races before climbing behind the wheel of several different forms of Late Models in 2015.  In his rookie campaign, the New York native scored a victory and amassed eight top-five and 12 top-10 finishes.


In 2016, Eckes is getting a wide-variety of racing experience with some heavy hitters behind him.  He will compete in Late Model Stock Cars for JR Motorsports, Super Late Models with LFR, a couple NASCAR K&N East Series races also with LFR and some ARCA competition with Venturini Motorsports.


Pros: He’s determined and eager to do whatever he needs to make his career successful.  He understands the benefits of what he will learn by driving a wide-range of cars and is accepting of any advice people give to him.  He’s got talent; there’s no doubting that.


Cons: He’s shy on camera, or during interviews.  It’s something that Eckes is working on and knows that he needs to excel at to advance his draft ranking in 2017.

33 theriaultPick #33
Austin Theriault
Age: 22
Hometown: Fort Kent, Maine
Series: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
Twitter: @AustinTheriault

In nearly every sport there are comeback stories, and in 2016 one of those comeback stories in racing featured Austin Theriault.


After a frightening crash in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (NV) last October, Theriault has returned to a regular racing schedule in the K&N Pro Series East for Hattori Racing Enterprises.


Theriault started his career in Super Late Models both in his native Maine and down South. He has experience racing stock cars in both ARCA and NASCAR, including a part-time NASCAR Camping World Truck Series effort with Brad Keselowski Racing.


Pros: Theriault has experience racing in the upper levels of NASCAR.  He’s also very mature, intelligent and friendly.


Cons: He had a big chance with Brad Keselowski Racing and didn’t fully capitalize on it.  Now he’s in a position where he needs to start winning again in order to stay relevant.

34-cappelloPick #34

Dylan Cappello
Age: 23
Hometown: Peoria, Arizona
Series: Lucas Oil Modified Series
Twitter: @DylanCappello11

Dylan Cappello is another one of those smooth running backs that every team wants.  He can lead you laps and get you wins, much like that running back can get you touchdowns and wins.


There’s just something about those Lucas Oil Modified guys, because of the high horsepower and skinny tires that causes them to have excellent car control.  Cappello uses that excellent car control to win races.  He’s scored two wins in each of the last two seasons, propelling him to a championship in 2014 and a runner-up finish in the points in 2015.


He also is a calm driver that can overcome adversity.  In 2014 he finished 21st and 11th to start off the season.  In the remaining eight races he finished outside of the top five just one time as he went on to take the championship.


Pros: Has a “never give up” attitude.


Cons: 2016 hasn’t been too kind to Cappello. He has two finishes of 20th or worse.

35 mcreynoldsPick #35
Brandon McReynolds
Age: 24
Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina
Series: No Full-Time Ride in 2016
Twitter: @Bmcreynolds28

Like a football player that leaves college early to enter the NFL Draft, McReynolds seems to be shifting his focus to NASCAR’s top-three series.   After recording two NASCAR K&N Pro Series West wins last year, the son of NASCAR broadcast “Larry Mac” has made just one NASCAR XFINITY Series starts thus far in 2016 with JGL Racing.


McReynolds falls to the 35th pick in this year’s draft after being selected 16th in 2015 and 21st in 2014.


Pros: He knows how to win big races.  He has an ARCA win at Talladega (AL) and a pair of NASCAR K&N Pro Series wins at Iowa on his resume.


Cons: He needs to get back behind the wheel of something on a more consistent basis to be relevant.  Until a recent start at Talladega, nobody had heard the name “Brandon McReynolds” in 2016.

36 doironPick #36
Joey Doiron
Age: 24
Hometown: Berwick, Maine
Series: Pro All Stars Series
Twitter: @JoeyDoiron73

Joey Doiron continues to build his name up in his home state of Maine with each passing season, earning win after win in the northern half of the Pro All Stars Series Super Late Models. In the past year Doiron gained extra attention by winning at tracks he had not been to previously.. He scored wins in PASS North’s inaugural visit to both Thunder Road International Speedbowl (VT) and Airborne Park Speedway (NY).


Doiron also left a large footprint in the southern part of the country by winning two PASS South races at Greenville Pickens Speedway and the 2015 PASS National Championship.


Pros: Doiron has shown the ability to run out of his comfort zone, whether it be at new tracks or far from home.  He never seems to lack speed at any of the tracks that he visits.


Cons: The majority of Doiron’s racing experience is within the State of Maine, specifically the PASS North series. Doiron could gain more attention by mixing it up in other big Late Model races across the country.

37 moranPick #37
Devin Moran
Age: 21
Hometown: Dresden, Ohio
Series: Dirt Late Models
Twitter: @DevinMoran99

Sometimes greatness is a family attribute.  Much like how Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning were all great football players, that’s how it can go in racing also.  Devin Moran is the son of legendary Dirt Late Model driver Donnie Moran, but even at just 21 years old Devin is making a name for himself.


Moran scored a pair of wins last year during Buckeye Late Model Dirt Week, and scored a win in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in 2013 at Muskingum County Speedway beating out the likes of Earl Pearson Jr., Steve Francis, Jared Landers, and his own father.


Pros: Moran can get the job done even though he and his team are very budget conscious.


Cons: Some feel that he needs to be more aggressive in the bigger money races.

38 gomesPick #38
Jacob Gomes
Age: 23
Hometown: Manteca, California
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @JacobGomes

Gomes, the 2015 SRL Southwest Tour Series champion, has established himself as one of the top dogs in the Super Late Model ranks on the West Coast.  His success on the track speaks for himself, but he’s also a humble 23 year old who has a love for the sport of stock car racing.


In order for his stock to rise, he’s going to need to win more to garner more attention against a tough field of West Coast Super Late Model racers.


Pros: His ability to get the job done behind the wheel and be consistent goes a long ways.


Cons: While the competition on the West Coast is tough, he just doesn’t have a lot of people looking at him despite his success.  He could also improve his stock by becoming more active on social media, which in return will also get more eyes from the East Coast looking at him.

39 williamsPick #39
Josh Williams
Age: 22
Hometown: Port Charlotte, Florida
Series: ARCA Racing Series
Twitter: @Josh6williams

Josh Williams has become a name familiar to those who follow the ARCA Racing Series.  He has been in multiple rides since coming to the series in 2010, including a self-owned ride which has gained momentum little by little. In 2015 he ran 19 of the 20 races with his own equipment, finishing third three times on his way to finishing third in the championship standings.


Just a few weeks ago, Williams’ dream was realized when he collected his first win at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN).


Pros: Williams knows the responsibility of team ownership and everything that goes along with it.  He also knows how to interact with people off the track.


Cons: Williams has not spent much time outside of ARCA, and while he has had some notable rides with certain teams in ARCA he could not capitalize on them at the time.

40 bassettPick #40
Dillon Bassett
Age: 18
Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Series: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
Twitter: @Dillon_Wayne44

In the era of the super-teams in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, it was super-refreshing to see a family team win a race when teenager Dillon Bassett took his dad’s No. 44 Ford to victory lane at Motordrome Speedway (PA) in 2015.  It gave the “little guys” hope and perhaps caught people off guard, but anyone who has watched this North Carolinian in Late Models knew he wouldn’t go winless without a fight.


Once dubbed “Spark Plug” in his Bandolero days, the younger Bassett brother (older bro Ronnie Bassett, Jr. is his teammate in the K&N East scene) once was one of the most decorated Late Model Stock Car racers in the Carolinas, scoring 14 wins in 2014 alone.


Pros: Gritty and gutty.  Aggressive when he needs to be, but patient as well, as noted by his past wins in tire-conservation Late Model events around the Carolinas.


Cons: He and his brother have the reputation of taking the aggression up a notch over the years.  Also, in the age of programs like NASCAR Next and high-dollar Cup satellite teams in the K&N East circuit, it’s hard for a family team like Bassett’s to get the attention they deserve right now.

41 connerPick #41
Kodie Conner
Age: 15
Hometown: Salisbury, North Carolina
Series: PASS South 
Twitter: @KodieConner

Known as “Tiger Kid” for his orange and black tiger-striped car and firesuit, Kodie Conner has started to show that he may have the eye of the tiger also.  The 2015 PASS Pro Late Model champion has made the jump to Super Late Models and is running quite well in 2016 with two top-five finishes in PASS South competition, and he’s leading the points.


But Conner still has a lot to learn at just 15 years old.  He needs to be a little more patient, and understand that he’s just 15.  If he continues to work hard and race well, the accolades will come.  He also needs to be more appreciative of the accolades that have already been sent his way. In addition to that, he needs to improve his interview skills as he comes off too shy, and that will turn away potential fans and sponsors.


Pros: Conner runs well with the limited budget that he and his family have.


Cons: He may be a champion, but he only beat 10 cars on a week-to-week basis.  He needs to prove he can beat full fields.

42 timmPick #42
Cole Timm
Age: 17
Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina
Series: CARS Tour – Super Late Models
Twitter: @ColeTimm57

How the defending CARS Tour Super Late Model champion fell to the 42nd pick may come as a surprise to many. Timm is like an untested running back from a small college, but his racing success is D-1 level.  The CARS Tour drew a huge number of Super Late Model teams and Timm raced with the leaders each and every week to earn his championship.


Prior to his experience with the CARS Tour, Timm was a Pro Late Model winner and a Super Late Model winner in the PASS ranks.  He did finish 18th in the Snowball Derby two years back, but was a DNQ in 2015.  His enthusiasum after his championship shows his passion for the sport.


Pros: Has great ability to take care of his stuff.  He finished within the top 10 in every CARS Tour race a year ago and finished all but one lap.


Cons: His success has come only in his region.  The Derby efforts need to improve for his stock to rise, but at least he’s not rushing up the ladder like so many other drivers.

43 bearPick #43
Quinnton Bear
Age: 19
Hometown: Avon, Indiana
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @QuinntonBear94

Think of any great linebacker and what they all have in common.  They’re tenacious.  They’re aggressive.  That’s Quinnton Bear.  Bear proves each and every time that he gets on the race track that if you’re going to pass him, you’re going to have to work for it.  There’s a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver by the name of Ryan Newman that has a similar reputation, and he’s a Daytona 500 champion.


But while it may be hard to pass Bear, that doesn’t mean he’s currently doing a whole lot of winning.  That’s Bear’s biggest drawback right now.  He finished second in JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour points in 2015, but scored no wins.  His last win came in Late Model Sportsman racing in 2014.


Pros: Even though he’s from Indiana he has that West Coast look, but in a professional way.


Cons: He just needs to win more. Simple as that.

44 mayPick #44
Reagan May
Age: 22
Hometown: DePere, Wisconsin
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @ReaganMayRacing

For the first time in her racing career, 22-year-old Reagan May has cracked the top 51 in the Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes.  May, a member of the Kulwicki Driver Devlopment Program in 2015, used a season that included a Super Late Model championship at Golden Sands Speedway (WI) to earn votes from’s panel of industry experts.


In addition to her on-track performance, draft experts credited her good looks and status as a mechanical engineering student as qualities that could make her a fit in the big leagues.


Pros: Gains credibility for her ability to get it done on the track.  Also an attractive 22 year old who could mesh very well with potential sponsors.


Cons: Her antics during a TUNDRA race at Golden Sands last season, which earned her a two-race suspension, shows that she still has some maturing to do in order to become a true professional and role model.

45 rameyPick #45
Derrick Ramey
Age: 23
Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina
Series: Southeast Dirt Modified Series
Twitter: @Derrick_Ramey

Derrick Ramey knows how to win races, but also how to be consistent to win a championship.  He won the Renegades of Dirt championship in 2015 even though he didn’t run two of the races.  He scored 22 top-10 finishes in 24 of his starts in 2015.


This year it’s a lot of the same for Ramey.  He’s committed to the Southeast Dirt Modified Series where he’s currently leading the points. He’s got one win under his belt, but eight top-10 finishes in eight starts.


Pros: He’s as consistent as they come.


Cons: The Southeast Dirt Modified Series isn’t known for breeding NASCAR talent.

46 purdyPick #46
Chase Purdy
Age: 16
Hometown: Meridian, Mississippi
Series: Late Model Stock Cars
Twitter: @chasepurdy12

Looking for a driver that is on fire?  You’ve got one here.  With wins already in Limited Late Models and Late Models at Greenville, the Hawk-McCall Motorsports driver is already turning heads. Chase Purdy could be the next big thing in Late Model Stock Cars.  He’ll get a true test of it this year racing the CARS Tour, a tour which is loaded with veterans for him to race against.


Prior to making the jump to Late Models, Purdy was a Legends champion at the Summer Shootout at Charlotte where so many young drivers have cut their teeth.  He won four straight races and six overall in 10 starts.  He’s well spoken and eager to learn, and has done so fast


Pros: Has showed no signs of slowing at all.  He jumped in and was winning right away in Late Models much like Legends cars.


Cons:  There is a lot of pressure on Purdy being in such a high-profile ride so early.  So far there has not been much of a problem.  The finishes should get better with more laps, but still he has some big shoes to fill after the likes of Ben Rhodes and Brayton Haws.

47 sniderPick #47
Myatt Snider
Age: 21
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Series: CARS Tour – Late Model Stocks
Twitter: @MyattSnider

When the talented drivers fall down the board someone is bound to snatch them up.  Tom Brady was the 199th overall pick for the New England Patriots and is now considered one of the best in the game.  Like Brady, Snider’s selection as the No. 47 could prove to be a steal for any “team owner” that drafted him.


Wins didn’t come by the bunches in 2015, but Snider was in the CARS Late Model Stock title fight until the very end.  He’s run every race in the top 10, but has yet to score a win as of April.  It’s only a matter of time before he gets one and maybe more.  His dad, Marty,  is in broadcasting so you know he’s already well spoken and that’s an added bonus.


Pros: Clean and smooth.  He’s always a factor no matter where he goes.  He logged 26 top 10’s at Southern National when he finished second in points two years back.


Cons: If you don’t beat the best then you can’t be the best.  His win at Myrtle Beach was against all the best in the region in the Late Model ranks, but it needs to be more of a regular thing for the main stream guys to take notice.

48 houffPick #48
Quin Houff
Age: 18
Hometown: Weyers Cave, Virginia
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @P1_Houff

Houff is one of the classic examples of a late first round draft choice. While his career to this point doesn’t have any major marks as far as clutch moments, there is potential for that down the road.  One of the best things that can come for a late draft pick is a good team with the right people to bring out the best in an athlete. Houff is in such a position for 2016, teaming the LFR Development Program, where he will drive Super Late Models.


He’s already off to a hot start with a CARS Tour victory at Southern National Motorsports Park in the season opener.


Pros: Houff has shown a lot of consistency in the opportunities he has been given, and is becoming a favorite with the media and fans for his time off the track.


Cons: He has not had the opportunity to prove himself in a championship scenario in a major series and has yet to achieve success that captures the attention of big-time observers.

49 griffithPick #49
Derek Griffith
Age: 19
Hometown: Hudson, New Hampshire
Series: Granite State Pro Stock Series/PASS North
Twitter: @DerekGriffith12

One year ago, Derek Griffith was a driver who nobody would have ever expected to be selected in the Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes.  In three years of Super Late Model competition leading up to the 2015 season, Griffith had never won.  But with hard work and the dedication to get better, he won four races on the Granite State Pro Stock Series in 2015 on his way to winning the championship.


In 2016, he’s already trying to take the next step by becoming competitive in Pro All Stars Series (PASS) competition.  His second-place finish in the PASS opener at Thompson turned heads and proved that he’s a young driver to keep an eye on moving forward.


Pros: Griffith’s eagerness to learn and become a better driver will continue to help him succeed on the race track.  He’s not content where he is and has his focus set on getting even better.


Cons: He needs to be able to prove himself more outside of the Granite State Pro Stock Series.  A runner-up finish at Thompson was a great start, but he needs to continue to improve on that and perform well in other areas of the country as well.

50 lessardPick #50
Raphael Lessard
Age: 14
Hometown: St-Joseph de Beauce, Quebec, Canada
Series: Super Late Models
Twitter: @raphael_lessard

One year ago, Raphael Lessard was circling the short tracks in the Northeast just trying to do his best to stay out of the way.  With one year of experience under his belt and the right people behind him, the 14-year-old racer has become a driver to watch in the Southeast Super Late Model ranks.


Lessard teamed up with David Gilliland Racing and won his first Pro Late Model race in the states during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway (FL).  He followed that up by battling 2015 #1 Short Track Draft pick Christopher Bell for the CARS Tour Super Late Model win at  Orange County Speedway (NC).


Pros: He has a great group of supporters around him including those at David Gilliland Racing and the dedicated racing fans from Quebec.


Cons: It should come with time, but if Lessard is to make it in the NASCAR ranks he needs to continue improving his English speaking and interviewing skills.

51 thomasPick #51
Kevin Thomas, Jr. 
Age: 24
Hometown: Cullman, Alabama
Twitter: @kevinthomasjr

A pair of USAC National Midget Series victories highlighted the 2015 racing season for open-wheeled racing standout Kevin Thomas, Jr.  In addition to his USAC success, Thomas has also attempted to sprinkle in starts in asphalt Late Models and the ARCA Racing Series in an attempt to make the transition to the next level.


“KT” has been able to establish a very solid social media following and has been able to build his “brand” well in recent years.  Those are two things that would help in the transition to NASCAR.


Pros: He’s a marketable driver who has proven that he has the ability to go fast and win races.


Cons: His foray into pavement racing has come with limited success thus far.  He’ll need to display better results in future starts to get the attention of team owners in the top levels of NASCAR.

– Text by staff

Short Track Draft Presented by PFC Brakes: Picks 26-51