Seuss’ Story Proves Hard Work Can Pay Off in Racing

The next chapter in the ongoing underdog story of Andy Seuss and Our Motorsports is about to unfold at Daytona International Speedway over the next two weeks, starting with Saturday’s ARCA Menards Series Lucas Oil 200 before moving on to the team’s main show for 2020, the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The 300-mile opener for the Xfinity Series will mark Our Motorsports’ debut in the Series, with Brett Moffit driving then and the following three races.


While Seuss will drive the Xfinity car at times during the year, he is working closely with team owner Chris Our, new crew chief Joe Williams, and the crew behind the scenes to get the operation off to as smooth a start as possible. After enjoying the ongoing challenge of the ARCA Menards Series the past few years, Seuss is looking forward to the next step.


“I think the biggest thing is to continue to challenge ourselves, not that we’re not challenged in ARCA. Chris Our is goal oriented, I’m goal oriented. The opportunity to get good equipment, the Hendrick chassis with GMS shutting down was a big part of it, just knowing we could do it right. There were a few factors, Chris and I are both short trackers, and we enjoy the challenge at the big tracks, that’s been kind of neat. We just want to keep climbing the ladder like everyone else in racing, I wouldn’t be shocked if the boss man calls me someday saying he bought a Cup car,” Seuss said on The Bullring on Monday.


As for the team’s ARCA effort, there are no solid plans past Daytona this coming weekend, but they are leaving their options open going forward.


“It’s all kind of up in the air, we’re going to Daytona, but we weren’t certain about all that. We’re very fortunate about the reputation of Our Motorsports, a lot of people called us about preseason testing, and we really didn’t have solid plans about that, so when a few people called we decided to take part in the test, and then it was taking two cars to the test, because there was enough people interested. We got two cars going to the race, myself and Benny Chastain. It will kind of be up in the air after that, we don’t want to take any of our focus from the Xfinity program.”


Overall, Seuss’ racing career and life are a lot different than he envisioned nearly a decade ago.


“It’s a dream come true for sure. We’ve upgraded our shop from being literally at my house, and I can’t overstate Chris Our’s investment in this team, we bought a shop after talking about moving closer. I came down south with basically a two-year plan then go back home. I was going to focus on racing Modifieds with Eddie Harvey, and here we are seven years later. I’m very fortunate.”


As a driver who has not had the kind of high level backing that is regarded by many as a requirement to succeed in the highest levels of racing these days, Seuss is also working towards breaking that taboo.


“I didn’t think I’d have people interested in keeping me around, I’m 33 next month, without money and backing it’s unlikely in this day and age. There’s one thing that drives me up a wall, on social media when people make the reference that you can’t do it without money. I try to stick my nose in it anywhere I can. Money helps, it’s huge, and you can do it with only money. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It really scares me that the next generation, a young guy that has the work ethic but not all the money behind him might be deterred by reading something like that, or being told that,” Seuss explained.


“I try to kind of preach that it can be done without a lot money. Takes a ton of sacrifice for sure. A lot of my career the starts did align, but it wasn’t by chance. I recognized I didn’t have the money early on or the greatest luck finding sponsors. What was paying off that car owners were looking for was work ethic, I bought my shop and it just happened to come with a house. That’s why we bought it. I offered my labor, housing the car, and it has been huge for Our Motorsports. It’s unlikely, but I want everyone to know it is possible, it takes some sacrifice, and commitment. But if you sacrifice enough, anything’s possible.”


For all of Seuss’ entire interview from Monday, watch the replay of the latest of “The Bullring” by clicking here.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Our Motorsports

Seuss’ Story Proves Hard Work Can Pay Off in Racing