All good things at one time or another must come to an end, and that is true for even the most dynamic combinations in the history of motorsports. Friday afternoon one of those great chapters reached its end as NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Andy Seuss and longtime car owner Eddie Harvey announced that they have mutually decided to part ways, effective immediately.


After joining Eddie Harvey racing midway through the 2011 racing season, Seuss brought the No. 11 team their first win together in just their third race. In time the driver/team combination raked in victory after victory on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, culminating in back-to-back championships in 2014 and 2015.


But NASCAR Modified racing changed at the start of the 2017 season, and the visions of both Seuss and Harvey changed as well. While it was tough for both men, they have decided that this is what is best going forward.


“Right now myself and Eddie Harvey aren’t going to race with each other. I don’t know what the future will hold but right now we are going to do separate things. It’s been cordial and professional between myself and Eddie. But that’s basically it, I’m looking for a Modified to drive if there’s anyone that wants me to drive their car,” Seuss announced to powered by JEGS.


Harvey mirrored the announcement, also adding that everything on a personal level is still good between the two, and that the two simply have different ideas of what to do next.


“It’s all good, we just hit that point in our lives to where we just are heading down different roads at this point,” Harvey said. “He’s got a different direction he wants to head at this time and I do to, but we also spoke and the way our relationship is we said nothing lasts forever and you never know about the future. But, we can highly agree we got a special group.”


300x250 Summer Thunder 2017.07.22 (2)While there are multiple reasons for the parting, both felt that the absorption and demise of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour was one of them.


“It definitely changed some things,” Seuss admitted. “There’s la lot more travel going on to do the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and not all our guys can do that. It changed things, whether it had been all good if it had still been in place, I don’t know.”


“That really hurt,” Harvey said. “Seven years with Andy and 16 wins, a shootout and the two championships, the relationship, you couldn’t ask for anything better. It was a total team effort. The team we had, there was no I involved at all.”


Seuss is looking for a willing car owner going forward to run on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.


As for his Stock Car future with owner Chris Our, which got a huge boost back in the spring with a second-place finish at Talladega Superspeedway in the ARCA Racing Series, that also remains unclear. Currently Our Motorsports is constructing a new racecar while restoring and adapting others. While Seuss isn’t sure of the next appearance, he assures everyone there is plenty to come.


“Still looking at the schedule, we’re a small team and it’s tough to do that stuff. Basically every time we’ve been going out we’ve been building cars,” Seuss explained. “It’s a lot of work. We’re a smaller team composed of volunteers, so it’s just taking a long time. We put a lot of work into those cars, especially adapting older cars to the newer bodies and motors. But definetly looking to do more and there will be news in the future about Our Motorsports standing. A lot of things going on my side, but as far as the Modified racing, I definitely want to find something to drive.”


Harvey’s plans for the No. 11 include some appearances in the Southern Modified Racing Series with Zach Brewer in the short term. But his plans for 2018 include getting back into the Whelen Modified Tour, which includes finishing a deal still in the planning stages to team up with another owner who is running part time currently.


“The game plan right now is working and talking with Rob Fuller and LFR about working to put a deal in concrete to run Chase Dowling together for the championship next year,” Harvey said. “Teaming up is feasible. It’s hard to do without teaming up; it’s hard for me to get the team up north all the time between work and all.”


While the plans continue to grow, the memories still remain fresh for both driver and owner, with Seuss and Harvey each wishing nothing but the best for each other and the people around them.


“It’s a great team and I appreciate everybody that’s been a part of it. It’s been tough with the decision because we got some beautiful race cars over there, building our LFR cars the last year. It’s tough to know I won’t be a part of that, but it’s a great opportunity for whoever ends up driving for them and I wish them the best of luck,” Seuss said of Harvey and the team.


“We couldn’t of done it without him; his family brought a lot to the table. They are amazing, a class act, you can’t beat the Seuss family at all. It was fun, we just hit that time in our lives where we are just choosing different paths and hopefully our paths will cross again,” Harvey said with emotion.


Harvey also closed with one additional thought.


“You can never tell with the future, you might see us back together.”


-By: Connor Sullivan, CT, MA & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Seuss, Harvey to Part Ways on NASCAR Modified Tour