Peyton Sellers and Bobby McCarty came into the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center twin 75-lap Late Model Stock races in the heat of a points battle at South Boston Speedway (VA). Over the night, the two drivers traded dominating performances in the two races.


In the first race, Sellers dominated after starting on the pole, even after slight contact with McCarty. Sellers and McCarty were attached at the hip from the drop of the green on lap 1, but nothing McCarty could do would get him around Sellers who led all but four laps, allowing McCarty to lead one, and Austin Thaxton to lead three laps before regaining the lead and never looking back in the first race.


McCarty and Sellers would trade the lead again on lap 65, but Sellers captured it and ran with it en route to his third win of the season at the historic Virginia short track.


300x250 Seekonk Speedway PPV 2017.07.19The only times McCarty came close to Sellers, other than the brief lead exchanges, were the few debris cautions throughout the first 75-lap race. Sellers and McCarty did make slight contact during the race with both drivers bumping into each other, but neither wrecked and there were no hard feelings.


“We had a good car.  We’ve got to make some adjustments because the track tightened up a lot, more than any of us gave credit for.  So far this year we have had cool nights and the track has tightened up some, with this hot night, I thought the track would loosen up some and it didn’t,” Sellers told powered by JEGS after the first race.  “We have some good competition tonight.  Bobby McCarty is good, Austin Thaxton is good.  Bobby gave me a hall pass on carrying him up the track there; I absolutely didn’t mean to, it’s just racing.”


“We were racing real hard, and we are going to bump fenders,” McCarty said of the contact between the two drivers.  “I know he didn’t mean to intentionally do that; it’s just good, hard racing.  We will get it back together and come back for the next one.”


Sellers also touched on the need to be aggressive in the second race after an invert.


“With these short races, I don’t think we are going to get a lot of cautions, those cautions we got there won’t be there in the second race. I think everybody settled in, you gotta go hard.”


In the second race, it was all McCarty, who started seventh after the invert.  Only 14 laps after the green flag, McCarty took the lead from Eric Winslow who had started on pole due to the invert. Sellers was able to catch McCarty, and used everything imaginable to pass his points rival, even trying the high side of the track to no avail.


The one slip up McCarty had in race two was on a late-race restart when he was called for jumping the start.  He was not sent to the rear and on the second restart, he did what he had been doing all race and pulled away to win the second 75-lap feature.


“Peyton gave us a run for our money, he definitely had a really good car but our car seemed to fire off better.  We were able to keep pace those last 30 laps there.” McCarty said. “Everybody on this team makes it possible for me and they make my job really easy.


“They said I jumped, but I went at the double red, but you can’t argue about that so we did it again and had the same result,” McCarty added, “I’m really happy with the way this weekend turned out. I think this is the first set of twins I actually finished.”


“I’m very pleased with the night no doubt, to put a front clip on it last week, Forrest Reynolds worked his butt off, to come back with a first and a second and to qualify on pole, we are right where we need to be right now,” Sellers said at the end of the night.


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-By Reese Nobles, Mid-Atlantic Correspondent

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Late Model Stock Race 1 Unofficial Results:

South Boston Speedway (VA) – July 15, 2017

  1. Peyton Sellers
  2. Bobby McCarty
  3. Austin Thaxton
  4. Danny Willis Jr
  5. Brandon Pierce
  6. Stuart Crews
  7. Raymond Pittman
  8. Eric Winslow
  9. Dusty Ellington
  10. Mark Keessee Jr
  11. Chris Carroll
  12. Jason Pittman
  13. Thomas Scott


Late Model Stock Race 2 Unofficial Results:

South Boston Speedway (VA) – July 15, 2017

  1. Bobby McCarty
  2. Peyton Sellers
  3. Austin Thaxton
  4. Thomas Scott
  5. Stuart Crews
  6. Danny Willis Jr
  7. Brandon Pierce
  8. Eric Winslow
  9. Raymond Pittman
  10. Dusty Ellington
  11. Jason Pittman
  12. Mark Keessee Jr
  13. Chris Carroll

Sellers, McCarty Trade Wins and Runner-Ups at South Boston