SEEKONK, Mass. — The Pro Stocks compete at race tracks in New England and throughout the country by their original name, and at some tracks & racing series as Super Late Models. The Pro Stocks/Super Late Models race as a weekly racing division, or as a racing touring series which compete at multiple race tracks on an alternating schedule.


The Pro Stocks/Super Late Models were created by and introduced to racing by the original builder and promoter of Seekonk Speedway, D. Anthony Venditti in 1978. This initiative sanctions Seekonk Speedway as the race track with the right to host: The U.S. Pro Stock/Super Late Model Championship Race.


The race date of Tuesday July 12, with inclement weather days of Wednesday July 13 and Thursday July 14, is selected to correspond with the New Hampshire Sprint Cup Weekend of July 16-17. This schedule will facilitate the potential participation of a Sprint Cup or Xfinity Series Driver by providing additional days to promote the event due to inclement weather during this week. This schedule will also facilitate race teams who travel a great distance from other regions of the United States or Canada.


The racing format, (we are considering two (2) one hundred (100) lap segments); total purse which includes lap money, and the rules; (will be similar to the recently completed open show rules from the 2015 DAV Fall Festival of Racing), will be published by February 1, 2016.  The winner’s share of the race will be $10,000 with the rest of the purse to be announced in the future.


We welcome your comments or questions. Please direct them to Gary Sagar, President, Kraze Korlaki Korlacki Speed Equipment, Inc. by e-mail only to: [email protected] Please include where you race.


-Seekonk Speedway Press Release. Photo credit: Seekonk Speedway

Seekonk to Host $10,000-to-Win U.S. Pro Stock Nationals