Seekonk Road Trip Returns to Action on Speed51 Thursday

SEEKONK, Mass. — Seekonk Speedway returns to action on Thursday, virtually, for the second race of the iRacing Road Trip Tour at Southern National Motorsports Park. It’s the second of eight stops in the series and will air live on’s website and through their Facebook page. Racing begins with the feature at 7:30 p.m., while all qualifying will be completed a day prior.


In the opener, real-life spotter Brandon Wilkinson held off Richard Regan Jr. and Ryan Doucette to score the win. All three will be in the field and are seen as favorites to score the checkered at Southern National. Forty-two drivers will be aiming to make the maximum 26-car starting field.


Former Seekonk track champions entered include Ryan Kuhn (Late Models, 2018), Richie Murray (Sport Trucks, 2019), Evan Marchand (SYRA), Chase Belcher (Sport Trucks), Dylan Estrella (Late Models, twice) and Jake Matheson (Legends Cars). The star-filled list of Seekonk regulars, and crew members, includes names like Derek Gluchacki, Jake Johnson, Ryan Vanasse Jr., Tyler Tomassi, Jake Vanada, Brittany Campbell and more. The full list is available at the bottom of the story.


Circuit Cryptocurrency, “the world’s first competitive racing cryptocurrency,” is comprised of highly dedicated and passionate professionals who represent the ultimate mission of advocating for the continuous growth of the competitive racing industry. You can visit them on the web at for more information, or follow their Twitter channel, @CircuitSociety.


Seekonk drivers will also continue to race for contingency support from various different local companies who have offered up awards. Watermark Electric sponsors heat race winners, with $8 per winner, while Team V Racing supports the B-Main winner, giving $11 to the victor. In the race, the top five drivers will earn a payout courtesy of Circuit, while a full list of contingency awards is also up for grabs. See below for the full list.


As part of this event, Circuit is also offering additional prize money in the form of cryptocurrency. They will provide 50,000 $CRCT to the winner, with $15 bitcoin, along with 25,000 $CRCT for second, and $10 bitcoin. Third-place will earn 10,000 $CRCT and $5 bitcoin, while all racers that qualify for the race will earn 2,000 $CRCT.




Homerun Heats: Each heat race winner will earn $8 courtesy of Watermark Electric
B-Main Winner: Team V Racing will award the winner of the B-Main a prize of $11
Crime To Pay More Than A Dime 10th Place Feature Finisher: $100 to the 10th place finisher in each feature
“Hard Luck” Award Courtesy of Atlantic Yacht Rigging: $25 to the hard luck driver by Mike Floyd & Atlantic Yacht Rigging
MID-PACK MANIAC: A&A Auto Parts will sponsor the 12th place finisher in each feature with a $12 prize named the “Mid-Pack Maniac”
Halfway Bonus: Anchor Paws Rescue will provide $25 to the driver that leads the halfway lap at each championship event
Leading The White: One Free Paint Scheme To the Driver That Leads the White Flag Lap in All Events Courtesy of Trent Goodrow Designs
Helger’s Southcoast Power Move Of the Race Award: $25 to the driver that improves the most positions in the feature


“Seekonk is thankful for all sponsors like Circuit that support racing in all its forms,” Ed St. Germain, Seekonk’s Director of Business Development, said. “We’re excited to get back to racing this week.”


“We’re grateful for Circuit coming on board to help support the Seekonk racers,” Kyle Souza, Seekonk’s News Manager and iRacing Event Coordinator, said. “Southern National is one of the most competitive tracks on iRacing, because it’s difficult to find the right line, and be consistent behind the wheel. We’re looking forward to watching our competitors compete for glory during quarantine.”


Fans can watch the race live on, or visit the track on Facebook, where the live Facebook feed will be shared once underway at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. For more information on Seekonk Speedway, visit and follow the track on Facebook.


00 — Nick Chaber Jr.
02 — Tom Scully III
03 — Derek Gluchacki
07 — Nick Wood
08 — Richie Murray
4 — Darryl Church
4 — Reese Bogue
5 — Austin Flanagan
7 — Giovanni Ruggerio
8 — Brittany Campbell
10 — Andrew Gomes
11 — Ryan Vanasse Jr.
12 — PJ Evans
13 — Thomas Axsom
15 — Jake Johnson
15 — Evan Marchand
17 — Reagan Parent
18 — Steve Bowden
29 — Jake Vanada
31 — Trent Goodrow
31 — Brad Sousa
35 — Chase Belcher
39 — Richard Regan Jr.
40 — Eddie LeClerc
41 — Nate McCombe
42 — Mason Tessier
42 — Dave Gargaro Jr.
43 — Joe Kohler
44 — Karlin Levesque
46 — Dylan Estrella
48 — Tyler Duhancik
52 — Jake Matheson
55 — Nathan Smith
56 — Brandon Wilkinson
64 — Robert Rund
72 — Ryan Kuhn
76 — Tyler Tomassi
77 — Ryan Doucette
78 — Collin Vanasse
116 — Jimmy “Pepe” Silvia
178 — Jake Silvia


-Seekonk Speedway Press Release

Seekonk Road Trip Returns to Action on Speed51 Thursday