Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) announced today, a change in rules regarding the Chevrolet 604 crate engine.  In the last year, the Ford packages received an upgrade in the ring/piston package that was necessary due to a supplier’s discontinued part.  As a result of the change, there was a measured increase in performance.  To aid in a return to parity, and following extensive research, teams will be allowed a cam change in the Chevrolet 604.


S.E.A.L. approved rebuilders will now be allowed to install the Chevrolet Performance FastBurn upgrade cam part ##24502586.  This cam upgrade provides a mild horsepower increase that puts the Ford and Chevy engines back on a level playing field in the area of performance.  This change comes as a result of multiple back to back dyno comparisons, utilizing multiple dynos for verification.


To aid teams that will NOT have a chance to make this change prior to the start of their racing, Chevrolet teams that do NOT have the cam upgrade will be allowed a 25lb weight deduction.  These guidelines go into effect immediately.


S.E.A.L. is an organization founded in 2008 to oversee the sealed engines used in Super Late Model racing, which has led to consistency and substantial cost savings for the racers.  Racing officials from North and South make up the organization which more recently moved forward with efforts to unify and nationally recognize a group of certified re-builders for pavement crate late model racing.  The S.E.A.L. leaders also oversee the rules packages that lead to parity for all approved crate engines.


-S.E.A.L. Press Release

Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders Announce Changes for Sake of Parity